♫ Ahh ♫ Ahh ♫ Ahh♫ – Okay, who’s going second? – I’ll go second.
– Okay. Alright – I’ll go second.
– Wait, go. Okay wait. Millie. Wait, wait, start over. – Sorry. – Okay you’re go. (laughing) (electronic music) – Can you hand me the pink icing? – Well, I’m using it at the moment. – You know what Millie? – I think we became friends when we started that group chat. And just when we started shooting. We just started having
a great time on camera. And it just like, we just had fun and we just became friends
right away, you know? – Scenes where I have to be serious and then Gaten makes you laugh. Those are the– – I used to do that a lot. – Yeah, you still do it. – Yeah, watch out for next season, guys. – Probably the school scene when we.. When I was like, you know, dying. Which was really fun. (laughing) – Oh that was kind of fun, yeah. – In a way, cause like, Gaten
got to carry me and then– – I did. – I didn’t have to walk. – I’m like Superman. I had an injured ankle and
an injured knee that day. Same leg. And Finn couldn’t carry Millie. – Obviously. – He couldn’t carry her. And I had to carry her, which
was pretty funny actually. – Finn’s a weakling. (Gaten laughs)
Sorry. Sorry Finn.
– We’re so mean to Finn. – Yeah. – Who’s more.. Oh, Gaten.
– Me. – Dustin.
– Totally. – I mean Gaten. Gaten’s the most like his character. (Gaten laughs) – [Gaten] Caleb. – Me. – That guy right there.
– I couldn’t stop laughing. I had a problem. A laughing problem. – When they made me laugh, I’d have to cut for break, it’s too much. So I’d have to like, I’d have to go and– – And we made you laugh a lot. – Made me laugh all the time. But then I think I was the serious one. – Yeah she was. – I’d tell them to stop. – She would tell us to
shut up and we would. Cause she scares us.
– And I would be like I’m sorry Millie, you
wanna be friends again? (laughs) – Be like, no! – [All] Yes. – We would just sing on set for no reason. – Really just harmonize– – [Caleb and Millie] Out of nowhere. – Ready? ♫ Ahh ♫ Ahh ♫ (laughing) – What was that? – That was awesome guys. – Okay, so mine is basically like Eleven. She’s a hot mess. And that’s it, that’s it right there. There you go. – This is a loose Lucas
Sinclair dish, right. You got your gummy worms,
he loves gummy worms. – It’s very organized. – No, yeah very organized, yeah. Lucas is very picky, you know? – Great, okay what I
have here, I don’t know. But I think it looks awesome. – I’m gonna try mine, why not? – [Caleb] Food’s free. – Wow it tastes disgusting. – [Gaten] Well, yeah,
cause you put so much of that food spray on there. – Oh, it actually doesn’t taste too bad. – Thank you guys, so much.