– Do it, put it in your mouth,
and it pops in your mouth. – Oh no, I’m scared, I don’t know. – No no, really, it’s so much fun. (Galen laughs) (gags) (laughter) (upbeat music) – I know what that thing is.
– I know the thing! It’s from the movie–
– Furby? Furby thingie? – Is it like a Gremlin? – Looks like a Furby
thing and you like press, it’s a kid’s toy.
– Oh, it’s scary. – It’s really creepy
– And then they grow and they get older, and bigger, and then that movie where it was like– – That’s the Gremlins. – No I think it’s, I genuinely
do think it’s the Gremlin. – Is it a Gremlin Furby?
– Is it a Gremlin? – Yeah! [Woman] – It’s a Furby. – I said Furby. Whoo! – For real? (upbeat music) – Ohhh!
– Ohh! – What is it? (bracelet snaps) – I was just about to do that. – [Galen] Got it! – Those things that snap on your wrist. – These are great chokers, guys. – [Galen] Yeah, that’s not
what they’re for Millie. (upbeat music) – What is this? – It’s like Silly String goo. (all gasp) – Oh my God, no way.
– Goo. – Little bebe! – I saw the– – This my new–
– I saw that it said, like, that weird like, Gak? [Caleb] – Yeah, Gak!
– That stuff’s nasty! – Gonna have a cheesburger!
– Super string! – It sounds like a type of like, burp that you have that’s like, really nasty–
– Oh, it’s like– [Woman] – Mille, what do
you think it’s called? – The slime from the upside down. (upbeat music – What is it? I mean, what does it do? – Do it, put it in your mouth,
and it pops in your mouth. – Oh no, I’m scared, I don’t– – No, no, really!
– No, no. – It’s so much fun. (upbeat music) (Galen laughs) (gags) (laughter) – Oh! Oh! Oh, no! (Galen laughs) – It’s supposed to do that, don’t worry. – They need to leave my mouth. Right now. (sings) Ahhhhh! (Galen harmonizing) Ahhhh! Ah! Ahhhhhh! (Caleb harmonizing) Ahhhh!! (all singing harmony) [Woman] – Beautiful. (upbeat music) (sign squeaks)