Hey everyone! I have two words for you:
happiness balls. And this is gonna be a really happy episode because I have
another two words for you: Melissa Hemsley! *snap* -Hey Melissa! -Hello! God she’s good, isn’t she? -Haha! Thank you for having us into your home as well. -My pleasure. -Your place is amazing. We are going to make a recipe from your new cookbook… Yeah! So Katie said to me, “can I come over to your new place and make some recipes?” And I was flipping through my book and I was like, which recipe feels like Katie would love it? And I thought the Happiness
Balls! The chocolate-covered cheerful balls. So what I would do is if I have a
dinner party, I have my cocktail and I stir the mix then I put it in the fridge.
We eat dinner and then I get them out and we all sit and roll the balls
together and eat them. And everybody –who doesn’t have audience interaction? -You’re acing the dinner party thing! -No because I’m just delegating it, so I have less to
do. -Yeah that’s so good. -Key tip for dinner parties is: don’t think not to have
people around because you think so much effort — give them that effort! -Yeah
-People love to do stuff. -They feel like they’re helping! -Yeah, exactly. -They ARE helping! -Alright let’s go make these happiness balls, shall we? -Let’s go! Okay Katie, Happiness
Balls coming. Incoming over here, into the kitchen! So we’ve got nut butter,
we’ve got maple syrup, we’ve got cocoa powder, coconut oil and it’s gonna be
gorgeous and luscious and did I mention they’re vegan? So we have a vegan friend
coming over later, right, so this is perfect. But if you’re not vegan, doesn’t
matter, it’s just really good whole food ingredients and completely delicious and
everybody loves them and everybody gets happy! All that we need to do is
basically get everything to melt and get completely luscious and mixed through. This is a really small spoon — you can see I’m not really measuring things out. That’s about 8
tablespoons of coconut oil, 8 tablespoons of maple syrup, then I want
about 240 grams of nut butter so this is about 500 grams and I want half of it, so
in I go. 180 grams of cocoa powder. I’ve got some salt in here, any salt you like,
I like the flaky salt. Then all you’re doing is just stirring
this together. You’ve got kids, or you’ve got God kids — I’ve got four God kids —
this is quite a nice one for them to do because the heat is low they’re
basically just stirring. You could let them stir with you, could let them add things. It’s rich! You can have one ball — I’m sure we’ll have more than one ball… just so that we can show you how delicious they are and try all the different toppings… but that’s
about it now! Look, it’s all mixed, that was just a nice low heat. It is melted, it is
luscious, it is gooey. It took all of five seconds. -It really did! -Then take
your dish… now, the wider your dish is, the quicker it’s gonna set, so
you know don’t use a small bowl because it will take ages for the different heights to set, so it’s gonna go all in. Okay, that’s your bit. -Ooo! You know, good ingredients cost money; we mustn’t waste a thing, so we’re just
gonna get it all. There’s always little ways you can tweak things to save a bit more time,
make things efficient, which is what you want because you want to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying. And if you are in the kitchen, you want
it to be as stress-free as possible. I have lots tips for things like changing
it up, so you know, making it maybe some the cinnamon, like I’m saying
Mexican spice little balls, that would be really good. Could put a bit of lime in there, too – that would be amazing! Or, speaking of citrus, orange
extract you could put in, add a bit of peppermint extract in there, which would
be divine. You can add a bit of rum! You could add a bit of whiskey! Any of these
things, you just chuck it into that pan. -However you like to be happy! -Whatever makes you happy! If you’re short on time, chuck it in the
freezer, but we’ve got a bit of time because! … one sec… -I made them already!! *laughs! -Woo! So have a little look, Um, I knew you wouldn’t be able to wait, so I put this in the fridge just before you arrived, so
this has been in there for like 30 minutes. So Katie, we need to do toppings! We have got pistachio nuts, which I’m gonna chop
over here. We’ve got hazelnuts and we have got coconut, desiccated coconut — or as somebody said to me other day, she was calling it “designated coconut.” I was like, “that still works!” This is about two tablespoons of pistachios and then a few
tablespoons of desiccated, or shredded, coconut. -Those are our three toppings. You can also do things like freeze-dried raspberries, you might have to order
those online, not all shops have them. Freeze-dried raspberries, which are what they say on the tin: raspberries freeze-dried. They’re bright pink and luscious. You
could use rose petals, you could get a gorgeous array. And now
we’re quite simply roll! So this is the bit where I’m saying delegate to your
guests. Pour them a glass of wine, get them to
wash their hands and roll all the balls and coat them, and they can eat as they
go along. You can make a gorgeous platter. A nice cake stand would be good,
if you’ve got one, or just pick your prettiest plate, pile it high, a bit of marble…I mean, it looks so good at a party. -And you can do all of these things in
advance! -I popped in to help Melissa roll; it’s so fun and easy! *Melissa counting the truffles* …20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 32, 33… Oh my god, 33! 30 for me, 3 for you! *laughter* Hello! Hello… -I made her happy. -Oh my god. I’m so happy. -Sorry for talking with our mouth full. -Oh my god. -Isn’t that good and rich?! -This is all I want after a meal. -Melissa, these are amazing. -So we’ve got our pistachio ones, our coconut ones, our hazelnut ones. You can roll them with
whatever you like, you can even just simply do a dusting of cocoa powder. -You can have so much fun with these, you really can personalize them. Tell
everyone where they can find you. In London! You can find these recipes in my book, “Eat Happy.” Katie’s gonna make ’em, you will be
making them all the time. Keep these, actually, make them really small and
bite-size and put them in a glass jar tied with a ribbon and give it to
someone you love. That’s a really good present. Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, the works. Or like, if you have to go and have a review with your boss, yeah, you could take in a little jar. That’s not sucking up, people need to eat! -Lastly, Melissa tell these fine folks what
not to forget. – Keep it quirky! -Mm-hmm! If you guys enjoyed this video, go listen to
the interview I did with Melissa for my podcast, Keep It Quirky! I’m linking to it
in the description box below. It’s available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher,
SoundCloud and wherever you find your podcasts. I hope you enjoy these
Happiness Balls, they really are delightful.