This happened already. I’ll just repeat it. We just discovered something. They have Soju. The weather for today is…WOW! What a view! Wow. This is only for night. Are you… kidding me? Okay. Thank you. This happened already. I’ll just do it again. Cause it reads… E | Lighting? C | Elec – What? Electrical and Lighting E | What’s the electrical for? Charger? C | I thought it has the thing (Wire). That thing right here. This is the… for Beauty Vlogs. You see? I can’t see it, It’s facing the other side (Camera). Ta-da! This is what they use for… commercials. Look. Song Hye Kyo. This is so cool. Cause It’s facing backwards I got curious. I think the owner is Korean. I wish. Cause they have Soju. Get the Soju. First ever AIRBNB? First timer. AIRBNB Experience. Is this your first time? Yes. Why are we speaking in English? We’re not even starting yet. I’m just getting ready. Warm up. I thought that was a cockroach. Wait. Do a tour. We discovered something. There’s nothing here. It’s just water. We discovered something. They have Soju! We don’t know…Did you check if this is really Soju? This is the expiration date…November… It’s still on November. [Didn’t see that it expires at 2017 lol] This is not ours. We just saw it. We just saw I’m hunger, How do we deliver food? The weather for today is…Wow! What a view. Windy Rainy. The view is nice there. There…at the pool. Raining. ~Don’t go away like the rain, Oh~ [One More Chance – Super Junior] She’s going to edit. That’s what she came here for. She’s just going to edit. They have a video call. I’ll try this. [Shooketed] [Didn’t understand what she said lol] I know right? We will make an AIRBNB account. We will be one of the hosts too. The restroom is pretty. Dim Lights! Like the type of video editor’s lights. Dental Kit. What’s this? Look at this. This is the shot I’m talking about. What? What’s this? Never mind. Wow! They have Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash! WOW! Worth it! It’s pretty cheap and it has a lot of stuff. They even have Soju. This is the Dining area. They have a Cooking area. C | Yes. E | Is 5mbps slow? I’m not sure. Japan. Chinese. Oh, It’s Japan. They even have slippers. Thank you to Gabe. Thank you to Harold. Zhiyun! Sponsored by Harold. Unpacking Unpacking Zhiyun. YES… I only borrowed this. He’s not giving it to me. I hope he gives it to me. Kidding. E | Maybe they are establishing… It’s so windy. Wait. The architecture design. E | Cause look at that, There are a lot of condominiums and… C | How much is this? E | Hey, we’re here for grocery. Then… E | Decide already if we will go to a restaurant or… Restaurant Iced tea. Iced tea is healthy. They don’t have the one’s with zero sugar. Oh, It’s packed. We can’t finish this. It’s Pororo. Where? I already tried this. I want to get for the house but, I want to get kiddie groceries. Wow. That’s just for one night. It looks like were really going to extend. Butter. We still don’t have butter. Where is the butter? I like this. Butter, Butter. Where is the butter? Where is the butter? There! It’s expensive. E | Is it bright? C | Testing. We just saw another light. Is that it? Here. My face looks pretty there. Beauty Vlog. All the lights here are for Beauty Vlogs. Close up. Cause why did we even book an AIRBNB If, we just shoot on a white background. Wow. We have a lighting. It’s scary. Are we really going to put it down? Are you pooping? I can’t even poop. Hello! (Korean) We will just laugh and close up. Welcome to our Beauty Vlog. Hi ~ I’m… (Korean) Right! (Korean) We will include that. We should have a clapper. E | You can also put graphics there. Yeah Yeah Right! (Korean) I almost fell. I fall down. Geez~ (Korean) E | Nice. C | I know right? E | Yeah. E | But we also need light here. Ohhhh~ right? E | There we go! It’s equal. C | Wow. Thank you, Gabe. PD [Production Design] Again. Again. Take 2. 1, 2, 3. (Korean) C | She’s the problem. E | I’m starting to cringe. Hello! (Korean) 1, 2, 3. (Korean) Hello! (Korean) Am Chiarra. (Korean) E | I. (Korean) C | I am Chiarra (Korean) Again. C | Hello! (Korean) E | Do we need to bow? E | Come closer. E | This is the framing. I feel like I’m going to puke. Are we ill? E | Do this. We need to be on the same size. C | I need. E | You only need a foam. E | No. You don’t need that. C | No! I need to elevate myself. I’m too small. Related to Korean Culture. E | We’ve always… Sorry. We’ve always have that passion. ~Forever Young~ [Forever Young – BlackPink] The video got pretty long. and 1, 2, 3. E | Again. Again. C | 1, 2, 3. E | Again. Again. E | It will be… YES! E | You have to do this cause, I look big here. E | Please choose us. K. Yes, Thank you! (Korean) Back to my Vlog. We’re done shooting. E | Not yet. C | Not yet. C | Not yet! E | 2nd Location. Okay. Not yet. Okay! Erika’s fashion is like one from the ballet. You know what? They say there are many handsome Korean’s here. Let’s go to Starbucks. We’re not really going to shoot at Samgyupsal. We’re going to Starbucks instead. E | You just have to talk to us. You just have to show your face. The line is really long. E | Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? The line for Samgyupsalamat. Yes. I love the lighting. Instead of going to Samgyupsalamat. Let’s just eat here. Let’s just…This is Mercato. Mercato. The line is pretty long. E | Why are there many people eating? C | Why are they eating? E | There! Korean dining. This is where we ate at banapple. C | Yes, Erika. E | Those were the days. C | She really want to ride a taxi cause, she’s already tired… E | Hide your wallet. The camera should be the one to hide first. She said she’ll be riding a taxi to SM Aura only. Cause, She’s really tired. E | My God! It’s so far. E | We’re not at the shoot yet. But, we’re already tired. When she goes to the shoot tomorrow. She will look slim by now. Here. (Korean) E | I wish I didn’t bring my laptop. I already told you to not bring it. We went…Where did we go first? 7th St (correction 7th avenue) We went to the forum. Then… Market Market then, going back to SM Aura. We still haven’t ate yet. What time is it? There. They have Hobing. B-Roll. Hobing. The pool is deep. It’s so cold~ It’s so cold~ Stop. Stop. Cold. Cold. It’s really cold. I’m the only one here. Here are the chopsticks. YES! Put it down here and write “Weh?” This is what happens when you eat here, you’ll get drunk.