What’s up everybody? Welcome back to
Rackboyz Fitness. Now, you know I’m
NutriBullet-crazy, right? I’ve got dozens of
NutriBullet videos. Well, NutriBullet just
came out with a new product that I just came across. It’s called the Magic
Bullet Dessert Bullet. Now, of course,
NutriBullet originally started with the Magic Bullet. It’s all the same company. It’s all the same thing. Now, what the
Dessert Bullet does is it makes good
dessert smoothies. So you can pretty much put
all your fruits and stuff in here, all natural stuff,
low calories, low sugar. It’s just natural. So I think it’s pretty good. I’m gonna try it out. So right away, the
assembly is really easy. I left it out so
you guys can see. Now, obviously, I’ve just
took this out of the box. So I did assemble it once. This is my second time–
so very quick, very easy to assemble
right out of the box. Now, what you want
to do is you want to get some fresh fruit, which
I happen to have right here. So you want your fresh fruit
to be partially thawed. It can’t be fully frozen,
obviously, or it won’t mash up. It works pretty
much like a juicer. You put the engine on, pop
your food in– There it goes. And I’ll dump the
rest of this in here. So this is blueberries and
mixed fruit– a little bit of everything. OK. Now, I didn’t do a lot of
fruit, because this is just for demonstration purposes. I actually already
had some of this. It was pretty good. So as you see, this is
the way it comes out. It’s pretty much like a
smoothie– like ice cream, basically. Now, the thing is
after that, you can add your own toppings,
whether it be whipped cream, whether you want
to chop up nuts. You can also cut your nuts
up small, put it in here, and add your toppings. It’ll grind it up. It’s a way to get a real healthy
home made snack, basically– if you want ice cream,
if you want smoothies. This is pretty good. It’s small. It’s compact. It’s not too noisy. And it works. It works fast. The cleanup is easy. You just disassemble it, take
it apart, wash it, dry it, you go back about your business. Now, you can make a variety
of different things– banana splits. It says vegan cookies and ice
cream, dairy-free vanilla ice cream, s’mores,
chocolate nut sundaes– pretty much everything
you can think of. Remember the low calories
all natural stuff. Whatever you choose to add on
your toppings is up to you. But this is just a way
to take your fruit, make good fruit smoothies
and ice cream out of it and have an enjoyable snack. So product-wise,
it’s pretty good. It’s sturdy. It’s lightweight. It wasn’t expensive. It was only– what– about $60. I picked it up from
Bed Bath & Beyond. So far, this product
is pretty good. I’m going to do some
other recipes to show you other things that it can do. But just initially, I
kind of like this thing. So I hope this helps. If you have used this or
know anything about it, please me know what you–
because it’s new to me, so I don’t know too
much about it yet. So let me know if you have
any familiarity with this. But until next time,
stay focused, stay fit. Please it the Like button
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