Sweet treats Instagram-worthy
backdrops and dreamy atmosphere is best to describe Dessert Museum. Are you
ready to see them yourselves? Come on and join us! Desert Museum Theme is as fun and
universally appealing as dessert. Both walk-in pays 799 pesos for a two-hour
curated tour but you can get it for just 600 pesos if you purchase
tickets in advance to the desert museum website or Klook. There are six free
desserts included. When you check in at the front desk they will strap a Pink RFID bracelet around your wrist. You hold it up to the scanner to claim each
of your desserts. The first room is one of the museum’s
more impressive. You can either walk down the steps or slide going inside. Hundreds of candy
sprinkles glazed donuts hand from this room ceiling. Next up is the marshmallow
room and its thousands of imitation marshmallows hanging from the ceiling. In
this room, they will give you one jumbo marshmallow which you can have coated in
either vanilla or ube syrup. This is the most attractive and most imaginative
room at the Museum. Before entering, you’ll be asked to go to
one of two doors naughty or nice. They lead you to a corridor of either pink or
mint green candy canes but you all wind up in the same room. This room is full of colored balls, balloons
and colorful ice cream impression. They offer the best dessert in the house just
in time for summer. You could choose one from several flavors of ice cream
popsicles. Kids will probably enjoy How about you It’s yummy thumbs up or thumbs down it will probably enjoyed this room the
most. At its center is the giant replica of a bubblegum machine. They also have these platform for guests to stand on while a guide creates a giant soap bubble around you Pop! Gummy Bears everywhere! Which includes giant inflated gummy bears, they also have mini trampolines and bath tubs filled with colorful ball and toys. This room is one that stands out with
warm striking colors. They had this giant pink cotton balls made to look like
cotton candy tress and clouds Last but not the least you we have the cake
pop room. This room is pretty fun you can ride on those giant cake pops in the back or shoot free throws with fluffy basketballs. Right beside the Cake Pop Room is a souvenir shop where you can purchase shirts gift items and actual sweets sweet if you liked this video make sure to
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