The Dessert Museum. It’s THE place that everyone seems to be talking about right now. Last week, I visited The Dessert
Museum with some blogger friends. Let me give you a quick tour and I’ll give you my opinion if it’s worth the hype. The Dessert Museum is located at the ground floor of S Maison, near the Mall of Asia. Ticket prices are 799 pesos but you can get them at a discount online. You have two hours to tour The Dessert Museum, and they’re open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. They have eight rooms that you can tour, and you can get snacks
from six of these rooms. They give you a bracelet like this that you can tap to claim your snack. Your ticket includes one snack from each of the snack rooms, but you can pay extra if you want to get more snacks. The place is full of Instagram-worthy
decorations, and if you love taking selfies or boomerangs you’ll really
enjoy this place. I even saw some people doing pictorials.
We are in the candy cane room and here are some of my companions enjoying the
seesaw. In this room, we get a free macaron. Just tap your bracelet to claim it. Here we are at the Ice Cream room, and after
you’re done taking all your videos and your photos you can go ahead and claim
your ice cream stick. Something else you might enjoy is this balloon thing and there’s a bubble thing. I don’t know what they’re
called. Now we’re here at the Gummy Bear Room where you can also jump on the
trampolines if you want to. Here are the Gummi Bear snacks that
you can claim in this room. And here we have the Cotton Candy Room where of course, we can each claim our own cotton candy. We finally reach the last room, the Cake Room. In this room, we get to claim some cake pops. Notice all the cake pop decorations. These are the cake pops that we can claim. So one per person. And at the end of the tour we finally reach the
souvenir shop we reach we are each given this balloon that has a chocolate inside.
So what’s my verdict? Kids and kids at heart will probably have fun. People who
love taking selfies will surely enjoy all the props. I personally did not enjoy
it that much. I’m not crazy about selfies and I expected more desserts for the
price of P799, but then again you might not be able to take all the sugar if
they serve more sweets. If you’re really into taking selfies and doing pictorials,
you can probably make the most of this experience and it will be worth the
money. If you’re just there for the desserts, you’re better off just buying
your own desserts for the money instead. Hope you enjoy this video. Thank you very
much for watching. Bye!