Peanut soup is a Hokkien dessert Red bean brown rice soup is similar to Eight Treasures soup It is a dessert of the Cantonese Tau Suan is a Teochew dessert If you wish to taste traditional desserts you can find them here My name is Peh Cheng Giap I’m usually known as Ah Nam I’ve been working at Maxwell Food Centre for about 30 years In the past, only dough fritters were added to the dessert Before that my grandmother sold savoury and sweet glutinous rice (to go along with the peanut soup) Every day, I sell about 200 to 300 bowls of dessert It takes at least 4 hours to prepare this peanut soup The peanuts are slowly boiled until the soup turns milky white You need patience to do anything If you want things fast the taste will be compromised People who don’t know how to appreciate peanut soup will want to eat the peanuts whole But foodies will go for peanuts that melt in your mouth The price of my peanut soup is made affordable to the masses When customers buy peanut soup from me I ask if they want to add rice balls I usually add two rice balls unless they specifically ask for four rice balls Everything is tiring no matter what you do It depends on your passion your motivation and outlook Seeing satisfied customers will make me happy and I will not feel as tired