I feel like I’m in the mood for something a little more desert. Yeah Dogs so this is what I call my nice cream. This is dairy-free It digests really well the star Beauty ingredient Here is pecans pecans are really high in antioxidants They are top 15 food in antioxidants, which we know help to neutralize free radicals Which are big cause of Aging so I call this my anti-aging ice cream tastes good, right? Ice cream so it’s much healthier obviously than ice cream yes, and there’s a lot certainly texture There’s cinnamon which we know is anti-inflammatory great for balancing blood sugar levels There’s vanilla which has more antioxidants, so you’re getting minerals. You’re getting all these amazing antioxidant qualities And your ice cream in your dessert, so I love using the bananas as a sweetener Yeah, what a great call yes exactly again more minerals Yeah, digest really well, so I got again. You know so I have to ask everyone You saw my skin at the beginning of the segment how is it now? Great stop really appreciate you sharing it. You can get today’s recipes in Kimberly’s 30-day roadmap We’ll have all the information on our website as well You