– Frightmares! – Hi guys, we are here at Frightmares ready to get scared. – Yes! – Are you ready to get scared? – No, I don’t want to go to the house place. – [Jamie] Is it spooky here? Parker, are you ready to
go to some haunted houses? – No! – Well tonight’s going to be awesome. (spooky suspenseful music) – That ghost is spooky. – Now that’s the scariest
thing I’ve seen all night. We are getting ready
to go to the Spookaboo, our first Frightmares haunted house. Are you ready? Ready or not, here we come. (spooky music) – Let’s go. – They’re dancing like Egyptians. – Vampire Lair! Do you know what animal
a vampire changes into? – [Girl] A bat? – Very good, you guys can
get one piece of candy. – Let’s dance. – [Woman Speaker] You
guys are so good at this, can I high five you? Good job. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Hi, do you want one too, yeah? There you go. – It’s a squirrel. Good job, do you guys want a pencil? – Hi, I am Jacqueline Sparrow, Captain Jack’s little sister. What is a pirate’s favorite color? When they bury the treasure,
what do we want to find? – [Child] Gold. – Gold, and what does a pirate say, crew? – Arrr! – There you go. Hi, I am Jacqueline Sparrow, Captain Jack’s little sister. – Hi guys, do you know
what a time machine is? Yeah, do you guys want
to go back into the past or into the future? You’re welcome guys. (comical punching) (background chattering) – Blake was trying to tear down the city! Maybe it’s because she
didn’t get any candy. You gotta leave that city alone. – She was gonna tear it down. – Alright guys, so we made
it through the Spookaboo But word is that there
is a haunted corn maze somewhere here. – I don’t know if I dare. – I dare, I want candy. – The wall of pumpkins? ♪ Dun dun dun ♪ – I don’t feel so good about this guys. – Its time for Treat
Street, whatever that is. – I know, its a street with treats. – That’s my kind of street. – These things are fun
and all, but there’s tons of people here, so waiting
in line is not that fun. (mischievous spooky music) – More candy, for me? – Trick or treat at Treat Street. (atmospheric chattering) – [Woman Speaker] Its
kind of like a ninja. – It’s karate. – Good job, can you go like this? Awesome! Here what color do you want? That one? – Stephen thinks he’s cool. Guys, I just found some criminals. – And I’m the one that caught them. (lively blues music) – Hi, hi, water, water! – Super fun straw maze. – [Jamie] Oh my goodness
guys, it’s so foggy. (coughing) – I can’t breathe. – Its choo choo, right? OK, you guys go grab
something out of the bucket. Good job you guys, I’m impressed. – [Jamie] Alright girls, you
want to take another picture? – Yeah. – [Jamie] Ready one, two, three. (snapshot clicking) – We did it, barely. – Who dares to go on a
really scary haunted house? – Me! – Not me. – [Jamie] What about you Blake? (Blake babbling) – So that means one of us has to go in. Are you guys ready for this? – [Jordyn] No! – I think Jordyn changed her mind. Oh well. – Dad. I’m scared, can I hold your hand? – [Jordyn] No, I’m Daddy’s– – [Stephen] You’re going to ride alone. – [Steve] Looks like we are in some kind of haunted mansion. – [Jordyn] This thing is creepy. – I kind of want to ride one. – I wonder what they did. – I think I lost the kids, forever. – Not today, Jack. (pumpkin laughing in evil manner) (surprised shrieking) (scary growling) – I am not going in there. There’s ghosts up there. (eerie unsettling music) (background chattering) – [Stephen] I think they’re weird. – [Parker] I’m scared. – Yikes! (background chattering) (roaring) – Alright guys, we are
eating our dinner here at Frightmares, and it is so late. We just had so much fun. We’re going to all the haunted houses, but now we are going to
relax for a little bit, and fill our bellies. What’d you get? – Pizza. – [Jamie] Taylor, what’d you get? – Pizza!
– Pizza! – [Jamie] Stephen, what’d you get? – Pizza, and root beer. – Burrito. – Burrito! I got pizza and Jordyn? – I got pizza, and root beer. – [Jamie] Blake got a bottle, and Parker didn’t eat anything. Which is totally normal for Parker. Alright guys, so
Frightmares is almost over, it’s almost time to
close, but before we leave we are going to let Stephen and Taylor play a little carnival game. – Because we’re awesome at it. – I’m gonna win this thing. – [Clerk] Come on. One. Two. – I won! – My turn. – Dang it, I lost. – All right, sweetheart,
here’s your prize. – Mom, mom, mom, mom, look
what I won from the game! – Um, that thing is really creepy looking. – Yeah, I kind of don’t want it. (spooky music) And that’s how you do Frightmares. – Alright guys, we had
a blast, now it’s time to head home and end this vlog. Alright guys, we have made it home. All the kids are asleep in the car. It is late, but I think it
was a pretty affective day. – [Steven] Jamie? – What? – [Steven] Jamie? – What? – [Steve] What’s that? (gasping) (creepy suspenseful music) – It’s a day after we went to Lagoon, and Taylor won that crazy doll
and she left it at Lagoon, but then it followed us to our garage. We kind of really don’t
know what’s going on, we have the doll right here,
but when we picked her up out of the garage
yesterday, we found a note attached to her. – It’s right here guys – [Jamie] What does it have on it? – A C. – [Jamie] There’s a C on it. – Maybe it spells something? – [Jamie] Maybe you guys should
back up just a little bit. I really don’t know
where that doll came from and it tends to move around. – This is totally creeping me out. – [Jamie] Maybe for now we just shouldn’t touch the doll. OK? – Guys, it just moved. Like, its hand was down
and now it’s like that. – Alright, we’re just gonna be cautious and stay away from the doll for a second, both Steve and Stephen are in the house, so we’re a little nervous
it’s just us and the girls, and we’re gonna try and figure
out what this letter means. We’re gonna open it up and hopefully just stay away from the doll until Steve and Stephen can come back. (baby giggling) – We’re getting ready to
open up the letter guys. – [Jamie] Is it a card inside? – I think it’s a card. – Yeah, it’s a card Whoa.
– Whoa. – It’s cursive! – Alright, Taylor read it
loud so everyone can hear. – [Taylor] OK. – Are you ready for this? – “Dear S.O.T.Y. Family,” This letter is to us? I’m too scared to read it, Mom! – [Jamie] “S.O.T.Y. Family,
you have been specially chosen “to care for my precious Cynthia.” – Cynthia? Guys, that’s why it had a C on the note! – Her name’s Cynthia maybe. – [Jamie] “She is one of my youngest dolls “that I have sent away
for special purposes.” – What special purposes? – And the note says one of the dolls. – [Jamie] Does that mean
that there are more dolls? – [Parker] Yes. – Yeah. – How many dolls are there? – Maybe the person that sent us the note makes dolls or something? – [Jamie] Guys, look
at the end of the note, it says The Doll Maker,
that’s who it’s from. – Guys! – You were right. It’s a doll maker. Alright guys, well, before
we get ahead of ourselves, We’re gonna finish reading this note, and then we’re going to try and decide what to do with this doll. “Welcome her into your home, “and be sure to treat her as
one of your family members.” We have to treat her as
one of our family members? – No, no, we are not feeding her cereal, we are not making her lunch,
we’re not putting her to sleep, we’re not doing anything to her! – We’re not letting her go to school! – “She is generally well behaved “as long as she is receiving
constant attention. “Be sure to keep an eye
on her at all times, “she has a mind of her
own and must be cared for. “Remember, she is very dear to me. The Doll Maker” – Guys. Guys, the doll just moved – [Jamie] Guys, the doll’s not here! – [Jordyn] Where’s the doll? – Alright, so, this letter
is really frightening, and kind of weird, and the doll is gone, which is even scarier right now, so we’re gonna go look
everywhere for this doll. Guys let’s stick together, OK? Come on! – Alright guys, we’re
gonna check the scariest parts of our house first. We’re gonna check the garage,
and then the basement. OK. OK, Payton, open the garage. – I’m scared – [Jamie] Just look inside real quick, OK? Do you see her anywhere? – [Payton] No doll. – [Jamie] There’s no
doll, OK, come back in. – But the garage is opened. – [Jamie] Alright guys,
Taylor is brave enough to check the basement
for us, OK, go ahead! – Come on, Parker! – There’s no doll! – [Jamie] There’s no doll? – But it was scary down there. – Alright guys, come on! We are so nervous! Are you guys coming? – [Girls] Yeah. – OK, we’re gonna check my, oh. – Um, mom? – [Jamie] Is that a doll on my bed? – Yes. Mom? – It says– – [Jamie] How did it get there? – But mom, it wants us
to take care of her. – [Jamie] Don’t touch her, Taylor! – Mom, we can’t just
leave her in our house without touching her. Mom! – She’s gone! – Everybody go check their beds, come on. – Mom! Mom it’s the freakiest thing ever! – Cynthia’s in my bed. – Why is she going from bed to bed? – Guys? Guys look! – She’s in my bed! (gasping) – Ah, she’s in my bed! – [Jamie] What, what? Come on guys, hurry! – [Taylor] What is going on? – What’s happening? – Why is she going in everyone’s bed? – Alright, so things just
don’t seem to be adding up, it’s so weird that the doll was following us around Lagoon,
and then Taylor won it. It’s like it’s supposed to be here, and then we get that note
where we’ve been chosen, it has a letter C on it, which we know now stands for Cynthia, but now
the doll is going from bedroom to bedroom to bedroom,
in each others beds. What does that mean? – Guys, I’m having a hard
time believing that she’s bad. – Maybe she’s trying to
tell us something then. – If she’s trying to tell us something, then what is it that she’s trying to say, I don’t get it. – Maybe she trying to tell us
something that she’s tired? – Maybe it’s trickier,
maybe like a letter thing? Well, C stands for Cynthia,
so B stands for bed. – Alright, so Taylor makes a good point, but we need to keep everything
straight in our minds, so go get a notepad, and
then we’ll kinda write down everything we’re trying to figure out. Alright, let’s do this. – Alright, B for Bed. – I don’t know if the idea of Cynthia giving us a message, or
not, makes me feel better, but, she gone again, guys! Seriously, she’s gone. OK we need to find her, so that we can get the next part to the message. OK girls, everyone search! – This way, this way. – [Jamie] Look in there, you
guys look in your room again. – Mom the doll! – [Jamie] What? – [Jordyn] Oh my! – [Jamie] OK, hold on, hold on. OK, what does this mean? – She’s pointing at a flashlight. – Maybe, she’s scared
of the dark, like me. See. – [Jamie] OK, she is at the flashlight. She’s at a light. – It could be an F or an L maybe. – She’s definitely pointing to the light. – [Jamie] Or is it a plug? – Outlet, electricity? – E would work. – C, B, C, B, E. There’s a lot of words
that could start with B, E, and we definitely need a vowel. Let’s just do E, for electricity. – Sounds good to me. – I hope we’re doing this right. – Well, what do we do
now, she’s not moving. – Maybe we need to give her some space. – Alright everyone, lets go
into the playroom real quick, and then we’ll just kinda leave Cynthia, it’s so weird to call her
by a name, Cynthia here, and then we’ll see if she
moves, and gives us more clues, If we’re even doing this right. – [Payton] What to watch? – Alright guys, so we are in the playroom, and we hooked up our baby
monitor into Stephen’s room where the doll is right
now, so as you can see, there’s the camera showing
the doll right now, and we’re gonna just watch it, and we’re gonna see if
the doll moves at all. How are you doing’ guys? – Good.
– Good. – [Jamie] OK? You gettin’ a little
scared, or are you guys OK? – We’re OK! – [Jamie] Did you just see that? – Yeah, it disappeared! – Guys, do you hear that? – Hear what? – Out there. Guys come on. – [Jamie] Come on, I don’t here anything, what is it, open it. I do hear it, I do hear
it, do you guys hear that? – Get the baby! – [Jamie] Come on Blake! What is that? What? – The water’s on! – [Jamie] The water’s on? – [Taylor] But where’s Cynthia? – Guys, I still hear water,
and it’s coming from my room. Come on. Like, a lot of water. Hope it’s not flooding, this is weird. (gasping) Oh my goodness, all of the faucets are on. Turn ’em off. The shower’s on, guys! – Oh my gosh, Mom! And the tub! – [Jamie] OK, turn everything off guys. OK, do you guys hear anything? – I still feel like I hear water. – The kitchen! – [Jamie] Come on guys, go, go. – [Taylor] Guys? – [Payton] There’s Cynthia! – [Jamie] What? Cynthia? (screaming) – Guys she needs water! Maybe she’s thirsty. – What about W. – Alright, so for sure,
that stands for W, water. That was pretty obvious. – So far we have C for Cynthia, B for bed, E for
electricity, and W for water. – Suhbew. – Bew! Bew. – It doesn’t make sense right now. (knocking on door) – [Jamie] Hurry, answer it. Come in, guys, guys, guess what. Something bad’s happened. – What? – [Jamie] OK, the doll from Lagoon, she is here, you know? She’s giving us letters. – She’s moving around the house. – These are the things we got. (Parker shouting) – Wait, what are you talking about? – Come here, I’ll show
you where Cynthia is, she’s in the Kitchen. – We got a letter attached to Cynthia, and she was made by the doll
maker, and he named her, and he says that she’s going to be here, and she has a special
purpose, and apparently, the doll maker has made other
dolls that are somewhere else. – That’s pretty creepy, guys. – Come here guys, I’ll
show you where she is. Right here. – [Jamie] Um. – Right here. – Are you guys hallucinating? There’s nothing there. – [Jordyn] Where did she go? – She moved again! – She keeps moving places. – Alright, so Steven and Uncle Derek, we’re gonna need your guys
help to look around the house to try and see if you
guys can find Cynthia so we can get the next
clue to her message. – Not in the laundry room. – I’ve searched everywhere upstairs and I haven’t seen her yet. – [Jamie] You’re eating food! – Sometimes you gotta
eat during spooky things. – I don’t see her in the living room. – She’s not in that room. – She’s not in here right now. – You guys need to come here. – [Jamie] Go. – [Payton] What? – [Jamie] What? (Jamie gasping) – Payton, oh my gosh! – [Jamie] What in the world is she doing? – Guys, look up there! – [Jamie] What is that? – Guys look, she fell! She fell! – [Taylor] What if she’s
pointing at something? Oh! – [Jamie] That was not like that. I didn’t even know that was up there. – Um, that’s the attic guys. – A, attic, that’s our clue! – [Payton] A! – [Jamie] Write it down. – [Payton] Your doll is creepy, OK? – I have to be honest, this
doll stuff is really weird. – Weird for you, we’ve
been, like, experiencing all the creepy stuff! – We’re just waiting in the living room, letting Cynthia, I guess, move? It’s so weird to say
that, but we don’t want to be around her when all
the sudden she disappears. So we’re waiting here,
and then in a minute, I’m gonna send somebody
to go check on Cynthia. – Not me! – [Jamie] Alright Jordyn,
you’re the lucky one. I think we’ve given the
doll enough time to move. Will you go check and see If
she’s still in the closet? – No. – Aw yeah, you’re super lucky. – Fine, I’ll be brave, I’ll go check. She’s not gone. She’s not gone. – [Jamie] Is there anything different? – Yeah, there’s these pink strings. – Really?
– Yeah, go! – [Taylor] Guys she was probably
trying to climb up there. – [Jamie] What is that? – [Payton] String. – [Jamie] String? – Yeah. – [Jamie] You know what that is, guys? It’s shut. – Is that a string she’s holding? – [Jamie] You know what that is, guys? – No, what is it? – [Jamie] That’s ribbon. – Ribbon? – [Jamie] It’s a ribbon. – R! Write on that! – [Parker] Mommy, are the– – [Jamie] Do you think we
should write R for ribbon? – Yeah. – [Jamie] Would it make sense? – [Payton] Yeah. – Like what’s all the numbers all about and letters all about? – We think she’s sending
us a secret message. – Like Morse code or something? – [Jamie] No, like, we
think everything that she gives us hints and clues
to is the beginning of a word. – Beginning of a word? So, R for ribbon. – [Jamie] So what do we have? – We have C, B, E, W, A, R. – What’s that spell? – Maybe we move the letters
around to try to make a word. – [Jamie] Like it’s scrambled? – Yeah, like a scrambled puzzle. – Yes! – [Jamie] What? Jordyn! Cynthia’s gone! – [Stephen] What? – [Jamie] Just the ribbon’s left. – What, oh my gosh. – [Parker] Oh, my gosh. – How did that happen,
like, right before our eyes? We were just looking at the note book. Guys it is getting late,
we need to find Cynthia and solve this puzzle because
I am getting so tired. So, everybody, let’s find Cynthia again and see what kind of clue we get, OK? Are you up for it? – Yes.
– Yeah, let’s go. – [Jamie] OK. You girls go in there, Taylor, you go up stairs, OK, with Uncle Derek. You go in here, what? Do you see her, is she really here? Guys, Stephen found her,
she’s in the play room! – [Stephen] What is it, outlet? Plug? – [Payton] Plug. – Charger, charger? – She needs to be charged? – Uncle Derek, can you
help us figure this out? – [Jamie] We’re just trying to decide if we do an E again, ’cause
she’s pointing at the outlet, so it could be E, and we’re trying to see what this thing means. Alright, so do you think you can see any kind of word in there? – “Beware” – [Jamie] What? – What comes after the R in Beware? – E, oh shoot. – [Jamie] She’s pointing
to electricity, guys. So if you write E for Beware, it says “Cynthia beware?” B, E, W, A, R, E. So it’s “Cynthia” and then we got Be– – Ware. – What does it mean? Beware of Cynthia. – She’s not a good doll at all! – OK guys, you know what? We don’t need Cynthia in
our house, this is not good. I don’t know if that’s
what the clues meant, but we’re getting rid of her. I’m gonna get rid of her. I’m gonna get her far, far away, guys. (rain falling softly) – [Jamie] Alright, I got rid of the doll. – Good. I’ve been doing some research. You gotta take a look at this. I’ve been searching for hours, and this is what I came up with. – [Jamie] “This doll is creepy, “and this doll maker is even creepier?” You just typed that! – It’s true though. But, I did find this. – [Jamie] What is that? (Jamie gasping) That’s Cynthia. Thedollmaker101? – That’s someone’s Instagram. – [Jamie] Guys, there are three
other dolls besides Cynthia. Guys, we need your help. We need you to try and figure
out who the doll maker is, who set up this Instagram,
and who has these other dolls. – [Uncle Derek] Creepy! – [Parker] Your doll is creepy, OK? (dramatic theme music) – Guys, I found this doll
out on the front porch. I think it got left out all night. – It is time to get rid
of Cynthia for good. We have decided that we
are going back to Lagoon, the amusement park where
Taylor won her to begin with and we are going to return
her back to the person that gave her to us because
we don’t want her anymore. (creepy music) – We’re back at Lagoon guys and it’s time to give Cynthia back. This is the game I played
and those are the toys that I won so let’s set you right there. Now I’m done with her. (child laughing hysterically) – Alright guys, so we got rid of Cynthia. We brought her back to Lagoon. – She’s finally home now. – Now we’re just gonna
enjoy ourselves at Lagoon and we’re going through
the spooky booth so that we can get scared and get some candy. – I don’t wanna get scared! (girl laughing hysterically) – Guys, it’s so spooky here. I’m worried that Uncle Derek
is gonna be too scared. (girl singing eerily) Guys, it’s so crowded. That’s the scary part about
this place is that when it closes, we’re gonna be stuck
in the parking lot forever. – I got a ring. – [Jamie] Is that your new wife? – Date night. – Steve just said that it’s
his old wife, yuck, yuck, yuck. – Yuck, yuck, yuck. – We just survived our first haunted house and we got tons of candy. (girl singing eerily) The girls wanted to take a
break from haunted houses and ride a ride so there they
are, going around in circles, over and over again. – I’m so excited. – We are watching a pretty intense show. It’s pretty crazy. – Alright guys, we came to Lagoon. We dropped off Cynthia. We rode some rides, we went
to some haunted houses, we watched a show, we
ate some dinner but these kids are freezing cold
and it is time to go home. – I need to get warmed up. (child laughing) (witch singing and cackling) (screaming) (creepy singing) – We’re all loaded in the
car, ready to head home. Alright guys, we are home,
all of the kids are in bed. I can barely move because
I am so exhausted. We are gonna call it a night and we will see you guys in the morning. (footsteps pattering) (child laughing) (footsteps pattering) (child laughing) (footsteps pattering) (footsteps pattering) (child laughing) (footsteps pattering) (child laughing) (creepy singing) Hi guys, it’s morning. We kinda had a restless sleep. We woke up this morning and things just kinda didn’t feel right. It felt a little weird
so we decided that we are going to get out of the
house and go for a drive. We are going to head
to look at some pretty fall leaves up in the mountains. Guys, are you ready to go? – [Kids] Yeah! (creepy music) (background chattering) (child laughing) – [Steve] Are you guys
enjoying the car ride? (child laughing) (children chattering) (child laughing) – Hey guys, so we got to
see some really pretty, beautiful leaves up in the mountains. We drove around for a bit,
it was a little too cold to get out up there so we
decided to stop at this really cool looking church. We’re gonna walk around it, it’s super old and let the kids stretch their
legs before we head on home. Did you like looking at all
the beautiful fall leaves? I did. – Look at how old this church is. – Look at guys, all of the
windows, they’re just so old, it’s so beautiful! (child laughing) There are some really
pretty stairs leading up to some doorways at the front
of this church so we’re gonna take a really quick family picture before we freeze to death. Alright everybody, are
you ready for a picture? (camera snapping) OK, you guys take such good pictures, come on, down! (child laughing) Alright guys so we got our picture. The kids stretched their legs a little bit but we are heading to the
car, I can’t stand being out here for longer than like two seconds. It is freezing, I really
don’t like the cold weather. – It’s not freezing, I feel awesome! – Alright we’re home, it’s
time to eat some dinner and get some baths and go to bed. (background chattering) – Mom, Cynthia’s back! – She followed us back from Lagoon! – How is she able to keep doing this? – I don’t know what’s going on but we keep trying to get rid of Cynthia
and she keeps coming back. It looks like she may be
stuck with our family forever. I don’t know what to do. – Mom, what if the doll maker
somehow controlling her? – [Jamie] Like there’s
like a camera somewhere? – [Steve] A camera? – I think you’re right, guys. I mean, there’s gotta be
a camera or something, I mean just look at this. On the doll maker’s Instagram account, there’s a picture of me. – [Jamie] Oh my goodness, Stephen. Right here. Guys, that’s a picture of Cynthia and Steven. – His post says, good Cynthia, make them feel like you are one of them and part of their family. They won’t suspect a thing. Um, pretty sure I suspect a thing. – Alright guys, so we are
taking a different strategy. We have decided that instead
of trying to get rid of the doll and putting the
doll different places, we are going to keep the
doll around us at all times so that maybe we can try to get an idea of who the doll maker is. We know that the doll
is recording or at least taking pictures of what
we’re doing so we’re going to be very careful what we say and do around the doll. – I have a really bad
feeling about this doll. – Alright so we are
going to spend all night doing research on the doll maker. Stephen, Steve, go get a computer. I’m going to go put the girls to bed. They’re a little nervous. Good night girls, K? We’re gonna try and figure
out who the doll maker is, OK? – OK. – [Jamie] Just try and
get some rest, alright? – Good luck, see you in the morning, Mom. – Alright the girls are in bed. We’re gonna see if we can figure anything out about this doll. I’m gonna leave her in the
kitchen, she creeps me out. – So from his Instagram
account, we know that there’s only four dolls that he’s created. There’s a doll for four channels. Us, Smellbelly, That Youtube Family – And the Scorries. Why do you think he chose
those four channels? Do we have something in common? – And we are obviously not the only ones being watched, guys. These pictures are taken
of these other channels from the doll’s point of view. So one thing that I have
noticed when I have talked to some of these other
channels and have watched some of their videos
is that their dolls are tending to gravitate
towards one family member and we have kind of
noticed that with Taylor, I’m a little nervous. – I’m mainly thinking
that might be the case because Taylor won the
doll at the carnival. – When we played the carnival game, I did better than her
and I only got this small Hulk stuffed animal and she got a doll. – That’s true, I’ve
never seen anything like one of those dolls at a carnival. – Yeah, like name one time. – The main giveaway that something is up was that letter from the doll maker. It kind of explained
everything that we needed to take care of Cynthia
and that she was going to become a member of our
family and I am worried that she is going to
gravitate towards Taylor. – What does it mean to become
a member of our family? Well on this website, I found this thing, it’s like a legend or a
tale of the doll maker and I think it’s supposed
to be like a old story but it says in this story, specifically, that the dolls that the doll maker makes, try to take over somebody in your family. – Wait, where’s Cynthia right now? (creepy singing) – So, we have decided that
we are going to have Cynthia become an official member of our family. – Cynthia Yeager? – Cynthia Yeager. And what better way to
include someone in our family then to play hide and seek with them. We figure that if we make
her a member of our family, maybe we can find out more
stuff about the Dollmaker. – We need to know his secrets. – Ssh, don’t tell Cynthia. – He’s watching you. OK, Cynthia, the game we’re gonna play is a hide-a-seek game kinda like Sardine. You’re gonna hide first. We’re gonna go looking for you and the last person to find you loses. Are you ready to play your
first game with us Cynthia? – [Family] One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. (eerie child laughs) (suspenseful music) (eerie child giggling) 55, 56. 57. 58. 59. 60! Let’s go! – Here I come, Cynthia. Go. – It’s gotta be somewhere around here. No. No, is this Cynthia? I can’t be the last one to find her! – Come on, Cynthia. – Cynthia? Nope. – Cynthia? Cynthia? Cynthia? – [Parker] Are you here? – Cynthia? (soft music) – [Parker] Cynthia? Guys, I found Cynthia! – [Stephen] Are you teasing me? – Got ya, there’s no one. – [Stephen] Is this Cynthia? – I don’t know how she’d be
in here, but she’s secret. Maybe she just hid in mom’s bathroom. – Hey, Cynthia. You’re not in here. Guys, I found Cynthia. – [Jordyn] Where, where? Where?
– There. – That is not Cynthia, Cynthia, are you in here? I can’t do this game. – Cynthia? Cynthia. Nope. Cynthia? Cynthia, I knew you were in here. It’s all wet. – [Parker] Nope, it’s not in here. – Cynthia? Cynthia, no. In here? She’s not in Mom and Dad’s room. – I don’t think she’s downstairs at all. – Ssh, they’re coming. It’s just me and you Cynthia. – Cynthia? Cynthia? – Ssh, I think I here Jordyn coming. – Where is she? In here? Cynthia, I really need to find you. Cynthia? – Cynthia, you’re always so nice to me. Why does no one else ever
get to see you move, Cynthia? Cynthia, this is a good hiding spot. High-five. We’re gonna be best friends. – Wait. Where’s Taylor? Hi! Hi, Cynthia. – Jordyn, she’s been moving. – I don’t see her moving. – We even gave high-fives. – Weird. – See, she just did it! – I didn’t see anything, Taylor. – Cynthia? Not in there. – Jordyn, who do you think
is gonna find her next? – I think Payton, or Stephen, or Parker. – Look, she’s moving! – Mmm. – She was like… – Uh-uh. – Cynthia, Jordyn’s
nice, you can trust her. – It’s just a doll. – No, she’s part of our family. – Cynthia? She’s not in the closet. I think I hear something. (background chattering) (soft mischievous music) – Ssh. – It’s Cynthia! – Payton, Taylor thinks
the doll was moving. (Payton snickering) – Guys, she really did. – Uh-uh. – See, she just… – No, I don’t see it. – Peyton, when Jordyn was in
here, she gave me a high-five. And she kept on shaking
her head, and saying, no. – It’s just a toy,
Taylor, they don’t move. – No, she’s real life,
she’s part of our family. – She’s just a doll. – She’s not just a doll, I love her. – Uh-uh, you think she’s part
of our family, but she’s not. (background chattering) – Ssh, I know where they’re at. (soft mischievous music) – Ssh. – Found you guys! Hi, Cynthia. – Steven, Cynthia can
move, I saw her move. – No way. – I mean, we’ve seen her move before. – No, she literally gave me a high-five. And she’s also is talking,
kinda-like, talking to me. – No.
– No, you’re lying, no. – She’s just lying. – She then said she’s part of our family. – She says she loves us. – See, she just moved. – No. – Everyone, look away. – OK. – Guys, she’s just moving. – No she didn’t. – Nothing happened. Yeah, Taylor, when we’re
not looking, she moves? – You guys gotta believe me. – Dolls don’t move, Taylor. – Where did everyone go? – Uh oh, am I the last one? K, I’m going. Come. I’m gonna find Cynthia. – Guys, we have to be
quieter, Parker’s coming. – I wonder where Parker’s at? – Cynthia, where do you think she’s at? – Stop talking to her, she’s just a doll. – She’s my friend. – She’s not real. – Why would you take her back? – [Parker] Found ya. – Parker found Cynthia. – Last. – Hi Cynthia, you was taking a bath? – She can move. – No, it’s not true
Parker, she just imagined. – She gave me a high-five.
– No. – She moved and gave Taylor a high-five? – Uh-uh. – I’m creeped out, bye guys. – Me too. – Come on, Cynthia. I won this game, isn’t
that right, Cynthia? Now it’s time for us to
hide, and Cynthia to find us. – Yeah. – Alright, Cynthia, no peeking. – [Family] Let’s hide! (little girl giggling) (shuffling footsteps) (creep giggling) (shuffling footsteps) (creepy giggling) (shuffling footsteps) (creepy giggling) (creepy giggling) (creepy giggling) (door creaking open) (creepy giggling) – Cynthia, you found me. (baby babbling) What? (baby babbling) Cynthia just told me where
we can find the dollmaker! Thank you, Cynthia! – Hi, SOTY Family. So I guess we are on a road trip, on a hunt for the doll maker. – Stewart are you being
careful with Cynthia? – Yes, she’s fine. – OK, good. – I’m so excited, finding the doll maker! (Steve laughing) – The dog maker? – The doll maker! – Guys, keep on going the road we’re on. I think this is the right way. – The doll, Cynthia, told Taylor where we could kind of find
the doll maker, I guess, and Taylor told us that she said somewhere South, so we jumped in the car and we headed south. – Really far South. – [Jamie] Guys, look at
the beautiful view we have. – Pikachu! It’s amazing, look at Stephen’s side. – Taylor has kind of
helped direct us to this beautiful landscape that we are now, and she’s gonna let us know when we need to get out of the car and start looking. Maybe we will find the doll maker today. – Is that a good thing or a bad thing? – It’s a bad thing. – Unfortunately, we really
don’t know if the doll maker is good or bad or if Cynthia
is really trying to help us or if she’s leading us to the doll maker because she’s not on our side. ♪ Dun dun dun ♪ – Guys, stop! We’re here! – We’re here? – This is where Cynthia wants us to stop. Cynthia, what did you say? Cynthia says she’s been here
with the doll maker before. She’s too scared to go out there again. She wants to stay in the car. Alright. OK, alright, so you stay here. We’re gonna go collect some clues. – Alright, guys so we really don’t know what we’re looking for but
we know that the doll maker has been here at one point, so we’re going on the
lookout for some clues. If you guys notice
anything, comment below. (children chattering) – If I was a doll maker
and I had a secret shop, I’d put it in a cave. (dramatic music) – There’s lots of caves out there! – Taylor, follow me, come on! – Parker found a path! This place is so big and
there’s so many things to see. I don’t know if we’re
gonna find any clues. I don’t know what
Cynthia wants us to know. – Maybe she just wanted
us to go on a vacation. – Should we go for this
creepy path behind me or the safe one? – The safe one! – We agree with Parker. – Guys, it’s a double arch. – There’s also these giant caves here. – It looks just like a painting. – I read about these double arches before. Maybe that’s why Cynthia
wanted to come here. – I wonder why she would want us to come to these double arches. What could that mean? Or why the doll maker cared so
much about the double arches? Parker, did you plant a
little tree on the walkway? What you doin’? – Dragging on. – [Jamie] What? – Dragging on. (camera snapping) – Alright, guys, we’ve reached
it to the very, very top. – And then it’s just dropped, woo! – We didn’t see the doll maker
but we saw an amazing view. Guys, it is so beautiful
and amazing up here. All the kids are having an awesome time. We have Steven and Taylor. We have Parker, we have Mommy. And then Jordyn is hiding
behind a rock up there! Guys, where’s Payton and Dad? We don’t know where
Payton, Dad, and Blake are. – What, they’re missing? Guys, there’s a cave in here. Let me check if they’re in here. – [Jamie] Are they in there? – [Jordyn] No! – [Jamie] Do you see them? – No. – There’s another cave.
Maybe they’re in here. – [Jamie] Do you see them in there, guys? Oh, that goes down forever. – Guys, they’re not down here anywhere. Maybe we should go back and
see if they’re over there. – We were having so
much fun taking pictures and looking at the scenery that I don’t know when
they went missing at all. – Maybe the doll maker caught them. – Alright guys, we have left the trail in search for Dad and Payton, and Blake and it is getting dark. Getting a little nervous. Guys, do you see any sign of Dad and Payton and Blake anywhere? – Maybe we need to go back
to the car where Cynthia is. – Yes, for sure. She would know where the
doll maker took them. – Alright guys, we’re
leaving the double arches on a hunt for the rest of our family. It’s starting to get a little
cold and the sun’s going down so I’m worried ’cause if we
don’t find them in enough time, I don’t know what we’re going to do. I’m not leaving here without them. – Daddy? We don’t know what to do. (camera snapping) – Alright guys, we are starting to get a little bit closer to the cars. There’s just so many rocks and
so much landscape out here, I don’t know if we’re gonna find them. Guys, go! – [Stephen] Daddy, oh my gosh! – We found Dad and Payton. They’re in the middle of this weird circular rock structure. What are you doing Payton? – This is Abigail, the doll, and Cynthia. – [Jamie] What? – She started hearing giggling and she came into this
circle and started drawing. It was really weird. – Guys, Cynthia has told me about Abigail. – There’s a drawing on the ground of two dolls and a C and an A. – Abigail, who’s Abigail? I’ve heard of Cynthia but Abigail? – It was really, really weird. It was like she just saw
something or heard something and then decided to draw. I’ve never seen her be like that before. (gasping) – Guys, it’s time to go. ♪ Abigail and Cynthia ♪ – Guys, we are walking back to the car and Parker is telling
everyone that we pass, be careful, guys! – Be careful, guys. Don’t step on that. Come on! – [Jamie] You need to be careful. – I am! – Alright, guys. We are back
in the car with Cynthia. Taylor felt when we were out there that we needed to come back to the car. Taylor, where should we be heading now? – [Taylor] I think we
should keep heading South. – OK, we’re gonna keep heading South then. – Stop, turn right now! – Taylor, this is a Denny’s. – Yeah, I know, I was hungry. – I guess Taylor’s stomach has spoken. We are eating dinner. We’ll be back, Cynthia. – These chicken nuggets
are calling my name. (whimsical music) – [Jamie] Are you eating? – No. – Alright, dinner is
over, it is getting late. These kids are crazy in the back. I don’t know if we are going to be able to find anything else
about the doll maker. What do you think tonight? – I think we have to call it a night. I don’t think there’s
anything else to learn today. – [Jamie] Taylor, where should we go now? – To go home! – [Jamie] What? – Go home! – I don’t know what Cynthia wants to do but I want to go to bed. – I’m so glad you said that
Taylor because I am exhausted. Raise your hand if you want to go to bed. (cheering) – Bed time! – Guess we gotta find a
place to stay for the night. (whimsical music) – We found a place to stay. – Well, I guess this is where
we’re staying for the night. Isn’t that right, Cynthia? – I’m so tired, can we
please just go to bed? – Guys, I actually thing we should talk a little bit about why we’re
here in the first place. – [Jamie] Blake, why are we here? – [Parker] I don’t know. (baby giggles) – We know Cynthia sent us here. – And there’s a lot of cool
things to look at here. – We think Cynthia sent
us to the double arches. – I heard some crazy
things while I was there. – And she acted crazy too. – Have you guys figured anything else out that we haven’t seen yet? I’m not putting the clues together to understand why we were sent here or who the doll maker is at all. Cynthia, are you trying to help us? (Blake babbling) – [Jamie] What? – [Steve] Did she say Abigail? – Yeah! [Jamie] What did she say? – She said Abigail. – [Jamie] She said AbigaiL? – She only knows, like, five
words and she said Abigail. – [Jamie] Why would you say Abigail? – Abigail! – Abigail is the name of
the girl that Payton drew. She drew a picture of
Cynthia and then Abigail. How did you know that Blake? – Alright guys, things are
getting a little weird. Blake does not speak
yet and she said Abigail and then that whole
weird thing with Payton earlier today during our hike. Things just kind of are
getting a little creepy. – Apparently, the name
Abigail is important. – Wait, guys, Do you remember? The doll maker’s Instagram
shows all four dolls. Abigail is one of them. Guys, I’m gonna pull it
up right now and show you. Guys, you have to see this. Someone was following us
today and it wasn’t Cynthia. You need to check out the doll
maker’s Instagram account, @thedollmaker101. Check out his pictures and see if you can find
out who’s following us. (mysterious music) Taylor? Taylor? – Taylor! – [Payton] Taylor! – So we just got in the car, Taylor just randomly left the
condo that we were staying in. Acting all weird with Cynthia,
so we jumped in the car and she said that we needed
to keep heading further south. I guess it has something
to do with The Doll Maker, it looks like we are goin
to be driving all night. – [Taylor] Just keep heading south guys. – Alright so we have everyone
in our family in the car, um, Taylor you have Cynthia right? – Yep. No she’s gone, Cynthia was
back here but now she’s gone. – Uh, that’s weird she
was here the entire time. – What, how does that happen? – [Taylor] I don’t know. – Where is Cynthia? Everyone look around, do you see Cynthia? – [Stephen] Uh, no. – Guys Cynthia is gone,
we have to find her! – Guys, I just pulled up
The Doll Maker’s Instagram, and I saw this post. – [Parker] Yeah, Ablgale and Cynthia. Forever. – It’s a picture of Cynthia
and Abigail somewhere where there is red rocks. – Guys we need head south. – Oh no, we have to drive, we need to find Abigail and Cynthia. – Alright guys, we have
finally arrived at the place that the Instagram post led
us to from The Doll Maker, and it is absolutely beautiful. There is tons of awesome
hills and landscape but that’s going to make
it really, really hard. I have no idea how we’re
going to find our doll. – Maybe we should just leave her here, I mean she seems happy. – We cannot leave Cynthia! Follow me, I’m gonna find her. – [Taylor] No, not down there. – I’m falling! – [Jamie] Peyton go look over there, see if you see Cynthia over there. – I don’t see her over here guys. (suspenseful music) – Alright guys, so we
are looking for any clues that we can find related
to The Doll Maker, and if we can see any good hiding places, because my bet is that
Cynthia is somewhere hiding. And she’s with another doll! – Uh, I hope we don’t
get lost in here guys. – We’re gonna get lost, oh my! – Well at least she has Cheetos. – I know Cynthia has to
be around here somewhere. – Another hiding spot. This would be a perfect hiding spot. – I don’t think Cynthia is right here, we have to go further south. – Fine. – Cynthia is not up there. (spooky music) (child laughing eerily) – Let’s try and get to the
top of this hill, guys, and see if we can get a good view of what we’re working with. – On top of this hill! (eerie music) – Holy smokes! – We’re gonna head that way. (eerie music) (child laughing eerily) (child laughing eerily) – I miss Cynthia. – I don’t. – But without her, we’re
to be able to figure out who The Doll Maker is. – Guys where are you? – [Taylor] We found a tunnel. – [Jamie] A tunnel? – It’s like a tight squeeze. – [Jamie] Let me see. Is is somewhere where a doll could hide? – Kind of. But Cynthia is not in there. (child laughing eerily) – Oh my goodness, guys, some
of these places are steep. – These kinds of rocks
go on forever, guys. I don’t think we’re going to find her. – [Jamie] Look at how far it goes. – I know we’re going to find her guys, I just know it. – I look over here. – [Jamie] Be careful Parker. Ugh, I’m stuck, I can’t go any further. – Go like this. – [Jamie] Parker I’ll go around, OK? – OK. – [Taylor] I found another good place. (child laughing eerily) – [Jamie] Oh my goodness,
look right in there. Do you see anything? – No, Cynthia is not in there. Darn it. We need to go south, we must go south. – Taylor? – Go south, we need to go
south, we need to go south, we need to go south. We need to go south. – We need to find Cynthia
quick because Taylor is acting weirder and weirder. (child laughing eerily) – Mom, Dad, I swear I saw something. – What was it Jordyn? – I don’t know, I think
something is following us. – Come on Jordyn, we need to find Taylor, she’s already left us. She is just walking straight. Things are, some weird
things are happening. – Best keep going guys. We need to go south, we need to go south. – Taylor snap out of it, stop, Taylor, stop, snap out of it. Taylor is acting weirder and weirder now that Cynthia is gone. – We are getting closer and closer to these crazy mountains over here, that are super tall and my
guess is that if you were a doll hiding, you would go there. – Or if you’re a crazy doll
maker, you’d have a shop there. – Are you really sure we
should be doing this guys? – [Jamie] Stephen, do you
see anything up there? Jordyn be careful. – No. – [Jamie] No dolls? – No. – I’m worried that if
we don’t find Cynthia we may never get Taylor
back to her normal self. – [Jordyn] Taylor wait up. – [Stephen] Taylor! Stop Taylor, slow down. – Taylor wait! I’m so tired. – Guys, I feel like we are getting closer and closer to Cynthia. – [Jamie] Guys, is that like
a finger pointing somewhere? – It must be a sign guys, let’s go! – Guys, it looks like there
is kind of a cliff thing over here, let’s get to the
edge and see what we can see. (dramatic theme music) – I think we need to get
around this mountain. – Are you kidding me, we
have to climb over it? – I don’t think that there is any way that we are gonna be
able to climb over that, especially with Parker. (dramatic theme music) – [Stephen] Oh gosh, no way we are gonna be able
to get over this, guys. It’s too slippery. – This is impossible. Taylor, where are we supposed to go? Why did you lead us here? – Cynthia is over this
mountain, I know it. – Guys, there is like a
passageway over this way, come on quick. – A secret passageway, of course! If I was a Doll Maker I’d
have a secret passageway. (dramatic theme music) – Guys, here’s the passageway
around the mountain. – It’s like a special little opening to get around the mountain, crazy. (gasping) – Cynthia is over there. – You mean that big,
white, crazy mountain? – Yep. – To the left? – That’s what I mean. (child singing eerily) – [Jamie] Whoa! Taylor do you mean that
mountain right there? – Yep! – Who wants to sit with me, guys? Whoa, whoa! – [Jamie] Were trying to
find the doll, Peyton. – Oh. – [Jamie] Alright guys, I
think in a minute we need to go climb up to that mountain and
see if we can find Cynthia. – I see Cynthia! – [Jamie] Really? – [Payton] Look. – THat’s not Cynthia, guys. – [Jamie] What? (Jamie gasping) Who is that? (people shouting) Hi! – [Parker] Come on guys, guys, come on! – That YouTube Family is here, too. – [Jamie] Guys what are you doing here? – [Parker] Guys, we found Cynthia! – We don’t know, we’re trying
to find our doll named Jordyn. – Our doll is missing too. – All right, guys, so we just
found That YouTube family and apparently their
doll has disappeared too. So now we’re on the search
for two of our dolls, we saw the picture on Instagram,
and so, now we’re hoping that it’s around here. Taylor lead us here, so, is
Cynthia anywhere around here? – Yep, somewhere over here. – Alright, so we have reached the mountain that Taylor told us to go. But I don’t see the dolls anywhere. – Me either. (child singing eerily) (eerie music) – [Steve] Whoa that’s steep. – Tyler, we’re here. – Why so high? Why can’t the dolls be on the first floor? It’s not happening. – Taylor found Cynthia and Abigail. – That one’s Abigail, that one’s Cynthia, they are creepy, bye. – So, why do you think
the dolls brought us here? – I think it has something to do with two. – I’m slipping. – Like a second born, two dolls? – [Stephen] They sent us
through the double arches. (gasping) – Oh wow. – [Boy Speaker] Two people got lost. – [Jamie] Yeah. – I just don’t know why The Doll Maker would bring us here though. – Do you think The Doll Maker
has a secret hideout here? – Well, maybe this is where
The Doll Maker makes the dolls. – I don’t know. – I’m thinking maybe it has nothing to do with The Doll Maker, maybe
the dolls just wanted to get together. – [Jamie] Oh yeah, like a play date? – Maybe they are like
sisters, or twins, or friends. – I don’t know. – There’s gotta be a
reason we’re all out here. – Wait, where are they at? – [Steve] Wait, where’d they go? – [Father] Where’s the dolls? – Cynthia and Abigail are gone! – [Jamie] Hi, SOTY family! So we are back from vacation. We had kind of fun, but a lot of weird things happened while we were gone. Cynthia disappeared, Taylor was acting really weird. We went on a hunt for the Doll Maker, and then we found her with Abigail, that YouTube family’s doll, and then when we found them finally after searching forever and ever, they just vanished right before our eyes. Things are just a little weird, it’s been a little different
not having Cynthia around. But I am getting ready to
unpack all of my luggage. That’s the worst part
about going on vacation is all of the unpacking. Ugh! I sent the girls upstairs
to unpack their luggage but my guess is that they
are up there watching the iPad, and not doing
what I asked them to do. Alright guys, before I
venture into their room, I hear a baby that may have
just woken up from her nap. (baby crying) Oh no, Blakers! (baby whimpering) You not happy? You never know what side of the bed you’re gonna wake up on. Sometimes it’s the wrong one. Sometimes it’s the right one. (baby laughing) Alright guys here’s the moment of truth are they putting away
their luggage, or not? (iPad playing cartoons) Guys! You were supposed to be
putting away your luggage! Not watching a show! Come on guys. Please put things away (girls gasping) – Mom? – [Peyton] Cynthia? – [Jamie] What? – [Jordyn] Cynthia. – [Peyton] It’s Cynthia. – [Jamie] What? – That’s just not right. – Where did Abigail go then? – You came back to me, Cynthia! – Cynthia totally followed us home from our vacation in Taylor’s luggage. – I told you guys, we shouldn’t
have left Cynthia there! – She disappeared! We had her. – We should have looked harder for her! – I mean, I was kind of
relieved when she vanished. Were you relieved too, Blakers? (baby coos) – Cynthia, we’re sorry. We didn’t mean to leave you there. Cynthia I’m so sorry, can you forgive us? We didn’t mean to leave you. I’m so glad you found us. – Blake are you kind of
freaked out by this too? (Blake babbling and giggling) – I’m freaked out. – Guys we need to make it up to Cynthia. Cynthia do you want to control our day? – There’s nothing weird about that at all, having a doll control our day. – Hey Cynthia, do you want to
come to gymnastics with us? Guys, Cynthia’s gonna come
to gymnastics with us! She said so! – So the kids are eating real quick, and I guess they’re gonna be going to gymnastics with Cynthia. – Cynthia’s in charge,
Mom, of course she is. Alright Cynthia, I’m done eating! Time to go to tumbling. – I think she’s lost her mind. (child singing eerily) – [Jamie] Parker is not in gymnastics like the rest of the girls, but while she’s at home and they’re gone she does gymnastics at home on the couch! Woo! – I do flomp flips. – [Jamie] Front flips? (Parker giggling) – Lots, watch me. – Holy moly. (child singing eerily) Mommy does not do front flips. Or in Parker’s words, “flumpthips.” – Front flips, or not. – [Jamie] Do you do front flips? (baby babbling) – OK. (child singing eerily) You guys, it is crazy
how quiet a house can get when the majority of your kids are gone. Stephen is gone, filming
a video for his channel. And the girls are at gymnastics, and it is pretty quiet in here. I could get used to this. (kids screeching) (baby squealing) Never mind. (kids shouting and vocalizing) (child singing eerily) Alright guys, so I have made some progress on unpacking my luggage, but I need to take a break from that because the girls are done with gymnastics and it’s time for me to go pick them up. And I guess I gotta pick Cynthia up too. Right guys, I am at the girls’ gymnastics and it looks like they
are pulling up right now coming to the car with Cynthia. – Mom, Cynthia was so good at tumbling! Weren’t you Cynthia, you were so good! What should we do next, Cynthia? OK. Uh-huh, that sounds awesome! Girls, Cynthia wants to jump on our tramp! (girls cheering) Let’s go. – It’s still weird though, guys. – Hey Stephen, guess what? Cynthia is controlling our day. And she wants to jump on our trampoline. – Um… – Let’s go. (girls screaming) – Alright Cynthia, time to go jumping. Whoa, whoa! Cynthia, is this fun? Guys, Cynthia thinks this is fun. Let’s do a check. One, two, three! Cynthia, what should we do next? You’re in charge. What Cynthia? Want me to play you a
special song on the piano? OK. (Taylor playing piano) (Taylor and Cynthia vocalizing eerily) Do you like your song
Cynthia, it was for you. – Cynthia’s picking boring things to do. Let’s do something fun! – Can we play Fortnite? – We can get ice cream! – Dance party! – Cynthia can play with my toys! – Cynthia, do you like
any of those suggestions? – Pick mine, pick mine, pick mine. Ooh, that’s bad luck. Pick mine, pick mine, pick mine. – I guess your in luck Peyton, Cynthia wants a dance party. – Yes! (upbeat club music) – Stop! Cynthia wants us to stop dancing! Well Cynthia, what do you want to do next? – Taylor, Taylor? Taylor! – Taylor! – [Stephen] Taylor. – [Jordyn] Taylor. – [Payton] Taylor. – [Stephen] Taylor? – [Parker] Taylor? – Guys, it’s happening again! – Guy’s, this isn’t good. I think the doll is
taking Taylor somewhere. We’ve got to go and follow,
and see what’s going on. Guys, this is one of the
weirdest things I have ever seen. Taylor is over here walking
down the sidewalk with Cynthia Do you see her? – [Stephen] Yeah. – [Steve] Taylor! C’mon Taylor, get in the car! We’re gonna have to
just keep following her. I am super worried about what is going on, it’s kinda creepy. – [Stephen] Holy moly, she’s
walking pretty quick too. Taylor! – Guys, this is one of
the weirdest things. Taylor’s just walking down
the street with the doll, and I’m starting to wonder
if it’s because, of that. I’m wondering if the full moon is helping Cynthia control Taylor. We’ve got to follow her around, and make sure that she
doesn’t do anything crazy. I’m getting really nervous about this. – Guys, where do you think
Cynthia is taking her? Um, Taylor! Taylor! – [Steve] Taylor! – Huh? – What are you doing? Get in the car! Taylor, why were you
walking all over town? – I, I don’t, I just don’t know why. All I could see was pumpkins. She wants us to go somewhere
with a lot of pumpkins. – Somewhere with a lot of pumpkins. Do you know somewhere
with a lot of pumpkins? – [Jordyn] The pumpkin lot! – [Steve] What Jordyn? – [Jordyn] The pumpkin lot. – Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about it. Right down the street there’s a place, where there’s tons of pumpkins. And people are just going
and looking at them. Taylor, Taylor, do you think that’s where Cynthia wants us to go? – Yep. – Alright, well let’s
go to the pumpkin walk, and see what the heck is going on. – See Dad, there’s a
bunch of pumpkins here. – Jordyn’s right, there
are tons of pumpkins here. But why would Cynthia, or the
Doll Maker want us to be here? – I know she wants us here dad, I know it. – Alright, let’s go check it out, and see what the Doll Maker
wants us to find here. (people chattering) – These are all the pumpkins I saw, when I was walking with Cynthia. – I still don’t understand why we’re here? – Guys, let’s just keep going. I am sure we will find something. – I don’t know why the
doll maker sent us here, but I love this pumpkin. Skeletons are the best! – OK, we have been following
Cynthia around all day. There’s a full moon, and
the pumpkins are all here. What girls, what, what’s wrong? – It’s a Gremlin. – [Steve] What? – It’s a Gremlin. – Oh my gosh, guys, I thought
something crazy was going on with the Doll Maker. They got me all nervous, and
they just want to show off this cool pumpkin. My kids love Gremlins. – [Pumpkin Man] Make pies
of them, enjoy your desert! (laughing hysterically) – [Steve] What if he’s
telling crazy stories? Does that scare you at all girls? – [Girls] No. – That one says, he goes– – [Pumpkin Man] Oh, what a
pretty face you have there. – Taylor? Dad, Taylor! – Taylor, where you going? Taylor. Again, Taylor! Guys, I think it’s happening again. Taylor, what did you bring us to? (dramatic Halloween music playing) – [Steve] Stephen, have
you ever seen this before? – No. – [Steve] I think these
things are telling a story. We better listen and see what is going on. – It lays in ruin down in North Row, but to all of us ghosts– – [Steve] Taylor! – What? Dad? – [Steve] What? – We need to go to a haunted house. – [Steve] Is that what you were? How do you know that, Taylor? – That’s what Cynthia told me. – Guys, this is super creepy. I don’t know what is going on with Taylor, but apparently we have to go to some kind of crazy, haunted house. I don’t know if there’s one around here. – Dad? – [Steve] What? – I know where a haunted house is. – [Steve] Where? – Follow me. Dad c’mon, c’mon you guys, c’mon. – I’m coming, I’m coming. Where we going? I have no idea where Peyton is taking us. I hope she knows something I don’t know. – [Peyton] Dad, this is it. – [Steve] What is it? – This is where we need to go. – [Steve] Guys, where are we? – At the hot chocolate shop. – Oh my gosh, Peyton, I thought you were taking us somewhere serious. But hot chocolate does sound good. – Ah! Now I’m ready to look
for the Doll Maker again. – Cynthia is wearing me
down, I need a refreshment. – I love hot chocolate! – Alright guys, I have to admit
the hot chocolate was a good refreshment and break, but we need to do what Cynthia is telling us to do. Where in the world is our haunted house? – Do you think it’s a haunted house where people want to scare us? – Or, there’s a place
where there’s real ghost. – Or, is it like an abandoned place? – Not again. – Alright well, I guess we
have to follow Taylor again. Taylor? Taylor. – [Stephen] Taylor. – [Steve] Cynthia! Taylor. Stephen, what is going on with her? – I don’t know, she’s
done this so many times, but this time she’s going all in. She can’t, or won’t even stop. – [Steve] Where do you
think she’s going Jordyn? – [Jordyn] To the haunted house! – [Steve] Do you think
she knows where it’s at? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Stephen] Well maybe she doesn’t know, but maybe Cynthia’s telling her! – [Steve] C’mon Cynthia, snap out of it! – Snap out of it, snap, snap. – [Steve] Taylor, seriously,
taylor snap out of it! – Dad, I know where we need to go. – Where, where we going? OK, she’s out of her trance. We’re just going to go
where Taylor tells us to go. Hopefully, we’re going
to find the Doll Maker, or figure out what’s going on. Alright, Taylor says she
knows where we need to go. Is that right Taylor? – Yes. – You’ve got Cynthia? – Let’s go to haunted house! – [Steve] You want to
go to the haunted house? – Yes. – Is that where we’re going? – I think that’s where
Taylor said we’re going. Is that where we’re going Taylor? – Yes. – Alright guys, let’s go
see what this haunted house is all about. I’m getting a little bit tired, of the Doll Maker being
in charge of us today. – Dad, tonight! Turn into that parking lot, we’re there. – Alright, Taylor says we’re here, and I think she might be right. Take a look at this place. If that’s not a haunted
house, or a haunted cabin, then I don’t know what is. – Does the Doll Maker live in there? – Hmm, I don’t like it one bit. – It’s old, it’s creepy, and
it’s been one of those nights. I’m not sure if this is
something we should do. Guys, who thinks we should go and check out what’s going on here? – [Jordyn] Not me. Not me. – [Steve] Taylor, what do you think? – Dad, we have to. – Guys, I think I’m with Taylor here. We’ve got to check this place out. Hopefully, nothing to creepy happens. Alright, we are out here
in front of this creepy, haunted looking cabin, but I’m not sure how
we’re going to get in. It’s locked from the outside, Taylor. It’s locked up there too. Are you gonna open it? Are you seriously gonna open it? Taylor it’s locked from the outside. That means that somebody doesn’t want whatever’s in here to get out. What do you think we should do? – Do you think the Doll
Maker’s trapped in there? – What if the Doll Maker is
trapped in this building, and the reason we got sent the dolls is because he’s trying to escape. – I don’t like this at
all dad, where’s the key? – Yeah, we don’t have the key. I don’t even know how we get in here. Guys, I think we should explore
this little haunted cabin, and see what’s going on. Look, there’s a boarded
up window up there. Should I boost you up there? – No, I’m not going up there, no. – I don’t want to go up there either. This is so weird. Look at this place guys, oh, another door. Come here – [Stephen] There’s windows! – [Steve] Oh. – [Stephen] Oh. – [Jordyn] What is it? – Guys, there’s windows and no doors. We’ve got to be really quiet. – I’m scared. – I’m a little bit nervous about this too, but I think we need to check it out. – [Taylor] It’s locked from the outside. – [Steve] It’s locked
from the outside too. – [Taylor] Why is the window’s facing up? – [Steve] Did you see something? – Yes. – [Steve] What? – Let’s like, I don’t know, it’s too fast. – Whew, OK, I have an
idea and I don’t know if everybody’s going to like it, but I think we should just
put Cynthia on the step, and get out of here. What do you guys think? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – No. – [Steve] Taylor, Cynthia’s taking you over
like three times today. – I can’t give her away. – [Steve] She’s been bossing us around. What’s that noise? (kids shouting in panic) – [Taylor] Go, go. – OK, we’re back in our
car, that was so scary! – Oh my gosh, what was that thing? – I dropped Cynthia! – [Steve] Where is she? – She’s on the step, I think. – You dropped her,
right over by the front? – I think. – [Stephen] Oh no. – [Jordyn] Let’s go get her. – Guys, I think we need to take a vote once and for all. We need to decide, because
I think we should just go. If this is the Doll Maker’s house, maybe this is where Cynthia wants to be. Stephen, Stephen, what do you think? – I say we leave her here because all she’s done is cause trouble. – [Steve] Taylor, what do
you think we should do? – She’s my best friend, she can’t go. – [Steve] Parker, what do
you think we should do? Leave her? – No. – So, we have two votes left,
I hope we don’t have a tie. Peyton, do you think we
should leave Cynthia, or take Cynthia? – Take Cynthia. – [Steve] Jordyn? – Leave. – Guys, I think Cynthia’s made here choice for us. Guys, say bye to Cynthia. – [Group] Hi SOTY family! – Hi SOTY family – Hey guys, we are in beautiful Arizona, the kids flew on an airplane for the first time here,
we’re here to visit some family members and
to go to football game. Right now, everyone is playing some golf in the backyard and then we’re gonna be heading out to have some awesome fun here in Arizona, yay! – Let’s some football! – How are you feeling today Taylor? – Better.
– Better, she’s not doing so well, she’s a
little sad about Cynthia, and she’s been kinda
acting a little off but, she’s feeling a little bit better. We’ve kind of just, are kinda glad that Cynthia is gone, and that she is away and creepy things aren’t happening anymore in our family, so we’re
ready to have some fun. – [Jamie] I have to make
this shot to tie Dad. Oh, too far – Round one, Dad wins. – I like to watch them play from the shade because it is hot out there, weather in Arizona is a lot different than Utah, where we came from. (Parker vocalizing) – [Jamie] Parker, we need to stop singing that song, it’s creepy. – The doll sing it, that song. – We’re having a hard time
getting rid of Cynthia, even though she’s not
in our family anymore, we’re having a hard
time getting rid of her. Parker sings that song all the time. (eerie vocalizing) – Welcome to my place,
welcome to my place. Welcome to my place, welcome to my place. Welcome to my place. – OK everyone, load up,
let’s go explore Arizona. You guys ready? – [Taylor] Wait, are you gonna get lost? – Hopefully not – Yeah, we gon’ get lost! – Who wants to go see where Dad was born? – Steve is from Arizona, so I guess we’re gonna go check out. – My old house – His old house, old stomping ground. – Old abandoned house. – Lets do it. It’s not abandoned. (child vocalizing eerily) (Blake giggling) – This has been going on for a while. Parker is tickling Blake. (Blake giggling) – Are they having too
much fin in this car? – Yeah, too much fun,
too much fun, stop it! We’re getting close to the street where Dad lived on, and here is a park where dad used to play at when
he was little, some baseball. – [Taylor] Where did it go? – [Jamie] There’s his old house! Who thinks that Dad should go out and dance in the driveway real quick of this random person’s house? I do! Everyone vote, who thinks that Dad should go dance in the driveway? – Me! – I think he has to go now. – Do I get a vote? – Yeah, no. – [Jamie] Alright, looks
like you’re dancing in the driveway. – Fine. (Jamie laughing) – [Jamie] Guys, he’s totally
gonna dance in the driveway! (Jamie laughing) Jordyn, he’s doing your move! (Jamie laughing) – [Parker] Mom, I wanna go inside. – Let’s get out of here. – [Stephen] Hurry up! – [Taylor] Hurry, hurry, hurry! – So earlier, someone mentioned,
are we going to get lost, on our adventure? what are we, Dad? – We’re lost. – We’re lost, guys, we’re totally lost – And we’re using a GPS
and we’re still lost. – GPS got us lost! – [Kids] We’re lost? – We are lost. – Alright guys, I think we
found out where we are going, we’re stopping for potty breaks, and look, she fell asleep, she’s so tired. Jordyn’s asleep back there too. We had a late night last night. (eerie vocalizing) We’ve arrived at the
fun, release the kids! – Move, let’s go! (Taylor giggling) – Um, that was awesome. (creepy music) (child giggling) (running footsteps) – Do you guys hear that? – [Stephen] No. – Hey, do you? – No. (child giggling) – We are here at a place
called Dave & Buster’s. Supposedly it’s really good food and there’s some fun games
for the kids to play there. So we are meeting family and friends there to eat and have a good ol’ time! – Can’t wait! (child giggling) (Parker squealing with joy) – [Parker] I want that. – Parker wants gummi worms in her drink. – Of course. (child giggling eerily) (laid back electric guitar) I’m super excited! (background chattering) (running footsteps) (child giggling eerily) (running footsteps) – You know dinner is over when
this happens at a restaurant. – Dinner’s done, now it’s time to play! (playful music) – 100 points! (creepy music) (running footsteps) (child giggling eerily) (running footsteps) – I won! (playful music) – [Arcade Game] Space invaders. (running footsteps) (child giggling eerily) (running footsteps) (upbeat music) (child giggling eerily) – I’m gonna win! – No, I’m gonna win! – Blue!
– Red, I won! (upbeat music) (running footsteps) (child giggling eerily) (running footsteps) (child giggling eerily) (creepy music) (running footsteps) (upbeat music) – I got so many points! – Dinner was delicious, the
arcade’s games were fun, all the kids won some prizes! Oh my gosh! Scared me to death. (giggling) Alright everybody, let’s get in the car! (child giggling eerily) (running footsteps) – How comfortable this seat is? – [Jamie] Get outta my seat! – It’s my seat now. Get out! – Alright guys, we had a blast today, we have arrived back at the
place that we are staying here in Arizona. We’re gonna get inside and end our vlog. – Uh. – Cynthia’s in my bed? – Uh, I thought we left her at the cabin! Oh no, no, no! – This is crazy. – I don’t like it how she’s
keep on appearing places. – How did she end up
here in Arizona, guys? Did she fly on the airplane with us? Has she been following
us around all day long without us knowing? – Comment below if you’ve
been seeing Cynthia all day. – We can not get rid of this doll! – She’s everywhere. – She’s everywhere. (everyone screaming) – Hey SOTY family, we are
just sitting here on my bed, me, Parker, Cynthia, and Dad. We have been researching all day long. We are trying to figure
out the best solution for this Cynthia problem,
and we came across some kinda scary information. – Yes she is creeping me out. – And we’ve been studying
the three other channels that got a doll sent to them and we found something kinda similar between theirs and what’s
going on with our family. – So the doll maker
has sent out four dolls to different YouTube families
and we have discovered that the doll is gravitating and attaching to one family member in
each one of these families. – And apparently if we don’t get rid of this doll by midnight tonight, One of us might turn into a doll. – We’ve tried to get
rid of the doll before but she just keeps coming back, I don’t know what the solution is. And I’m kinda worried for Taylor, because that’s who the
doll, our doll, Cynthia seems to be attached to. – Good luck Taylor and she’s freaky. – I don’t think this is
something that Steve and I can solve on our own. So I think we need to
involve our entire family to figure out what the best
way to get rid of Cynthia is. – Let’s do it.
– Let’s do it. Guys? – Yeah? – [Jamie] We need your help. – With what? – We learned that we have
to get rid of Cynthia by midnight tonight or one of
us is gonna turn into a doll. – We can’t get rid of Cynthia. – Taylor, if I were you I’d be worried, she’s been kinda connecting to you. That’s a little weird. – I wouldn’t mind becoming a doll. – Say what? – Alright what are your guys’ ideas for getting rid of Cynthia? – How we gonna do? – Maybe we try and get her to
get attached to someone else. – But I like her with us. – What’s wrong with you? (Parker vocalizing) – The faster we get rid
of Cynthia the better. (Parker vocalizing) – Parker you should stop. Taylor? Stop, Taylor, Taylor! – Got ya. – Not funny. – Maybe we should take her to a toy store and leave her there. – Cynthia is looking at
me and I don’t like it. I don’t want any part
of this, good luck guys. I’ll be hanging out with Uncle Derek. – What a wimp. – Guys I don’t think
anything’s gonna happen. I think she should stay with us. – I don’t care, I’m not
waiting until midnight. I’m getting rid of her. – [Taylor] No! – Let’s go, let’s go. – Alright so I’m gonna
get you guys updated on what’s happening. We ended up at this park right here, Jordyn really wanted to come to this park. She has an idea of the best
way to get rid of Cynthia. So they’re out, they’re
trying to figure it out, and we’ll go check out what she decided. Hopefully it works. Alright guys, where are you? Where did you decide to put Cynthia? (Parker vocalizing) – [Parker] Uh oh. – I know exactly where to leave her. We think, we hope, she’s
not afraid of heights. Hopefully you’re not
afraid of heights, Cynthia. Bye Cynthia. I hope you don’t come back. I think that’s gonna work, guys. – Guys, you can’t leave
Cynthia up there all alone. – We gotta go, Taylor, we gotta go. – No, no, Cynthia! – Alright guys, a storm is coming, it is starting to rain,
we need to get in the car. we left Cynthia, and hopefully it worked. – Guys it’s like 6:00, it’s getting close to midnight. – I hope Cynthia finds someone
else to get attached to. – No, no, no don’t do that Cynthia! – Alright guys, we’re gonna try and lighten the mood a little bit. We’re gonna go on a
Daddy-Mommy-daughter date, since Stephen is at home with Uncle Derek, he was a little too scared of Cynthia. So, we’re gonna go have some fun, and try and lighten the mood. Taylor’s a little upset,
but let’s go have fun guys. OK, let’s get rid of
Cynthia once and for all. – We’re gonna go to an awesome place, in Heber City, called The Old Goat. My friend just opened it up today. – Yeah, so it will be our first time ever going to a restaurant on opening night. It’s gonna be awesome, Steve stop! Is that Cynthia right there
in the middle of the road? – Oh my gosh, this doll will not go away. – Guy we have to go get her, because one of us might turn into a doll. – Steve go get her, we need
to figure out a different way. Obviously that didn’t work, Jordyn. She’s getting all wet, she followed us. This is crazy. – I don’t want Taylor to turn into a doll. – Me to, I don’t want
Taylor to turn into a doll. – Alright guys, we are pulling up to The Old Goat right now. We decided that we’re
not gonna let the doll ruin our dinner, and our evening. So we’re gonna go to
dinner at this restaurant, and I guess bring Cynthia. And then we’re gonna spend the next few hours before midnight hits, trying to get rid of her. So that one of us
doesn’t turn into a doll. – We totally should leave
her at the restaurant. – [Taylor] No! – Alright we’re pulling up now. I do really think that we’ll
bring Cynthia in with us. And then maybe we can find another family that will take her. – I don’t like this idea at all. – I am super excited about this. This is my first time
going to the grand opening of a restaurant. Who’s excited to eat here? – I am. – It’s gonna be Cynthia’s
last meal with us, ha ha ha. Alright guys, we are here at
the restaurant sitting down. And so is Cynthia. Ssh, I don’t want her
to know what’s going on. Taylor is taking care of Cynthia, hopefully she won’t be too upset either. – She’s falling. Here’s your drink Cynthia. – Parker found something that she definitely wants on the menu. What are you gonna get? – A peanut butter sandwich. – They have peanut butter and jelly. – Well, it started raining so
they brought us back inside. And guess who I get to sit next to? Yay. – Alright, so it looks like
dinner is just about done. Everyone cleaned off
their plates pretty good, except for Parker. She didn’t even want her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We’ll have to go home and make her a peanut butter and
jelly sandwich, at home. Are you guys all ready
to leave Cynthia behind? (Parker sneezing) – Gotta do what Blake says. – It looks like maybe there’s a few people and maybe some kids
left in this restaurant, so, I think we’re gonna sneak
out of here and leave Cynthia. Bye Cynthia. (background chattering) – Mom, Dad, I can’t believe
we left her back there! – There was another family
there, hopefully she wants them, and they’ll go with her. She’s just not working
out in our family at all. – Alright, well now that
Cynthia is taken care of and dinner is done, we’ve
got a couple errands to run. So we’re gonna run to the store quick. – Then we’re heading
home, and going to bed. But guys it is raining outside, winter is coming quick. It is cold and raining, thank goodness we packed
all of the kids’ jackets. In the back we’re gonna get jackets on, head into the store, do
some shopping, and go home. – [Steve] Alright. Get your guys’ coats here. – [Taylor] What are we doing? – [Steve] Girls? – [Girls] Yeah? – [Taylor] Cynthia? – [Steve] I thought we
left her in the restaurant. – [Taylor] Yes, she’s back! (girls shouting) – Ugh. I thought we got rid of her. Shoot, well I guess Cynthia
is going shopping with us. – Alright guys we only have three hours left before midnight. I am getting a little nervous, Taylor doesn’t seem like
she is nervous at all, but I’m worried for her. (Taylor vocalizing) (Taylor and Blake vocalizing) Alright, so we’re in the toys section because we need to look for a
birthday present for a friend. So we’re on the hunt
for a birthday present for a little girl, and Parker wants all of
the toys for herself. – I’m ready, I’m ready,
I’m ready, I’m ready. (soft playful music) – Guys, I have the best idea. We’ll leave her here and maybe
someone else will buy her. Then, none of us will turn into a doll. – Best idea ever. – Guys lets hurry and get out of the store before anyone notices, now. Alright, did everyone get inside? – [Girls] Yeah. – OK, is everyone buckled? OK, let’s get out of here. I think we ditched Cynthia for good now. – We left her with some toys
so hopefully she’ll be happy. – I think she’ll be perfectly
happy where we left her. Hopefully happy enough
to stay there forever. Alright guys, we have arrived back home, Stephen and Derek are inside. We’re gonna get the girls out of the car. Every single person is asleep in this car. Except for Blake guys, she’s wide awake. Blake why aren’t you sleeping? (Blake giggling and babbling) Alright guys, so all the girls are in bed. Stephen and Derek are still
being loud and crazy downstairs. But it is just about midnight, we successfully got
rid of Cynthia finally. Everything is good, they’re sleeping. I’m just gonna check on
them real, real quick, to make sure that everything’s great, and then I’m gonna go to bed. (calm music) Goodnight Parker. Goodnight Jordyn. Goodnight Payton. Taylor, good, Taylor? Where’s Taylor? (creepy music) Steve, it’s midnight and Taylor is gone. – What do you mean she’s gone? – [Jamie] She’s not in her bed. – Are you serious? (creepy music) Taylor? Taylor? I don’t know where the heck she can be. – Taylor? Taylor? – It’s just a toy,
Taylor, they don’t move. – No she’s real life,
she’s part of our family. – She’s just a doll. – She’s not just a doll, I love her. – You think she’s part of
out family, but she’s not. – [Steve] Taylor? (creepy music) (child laughing eerily) – That’s Abigail and Cynthia. They’re creepy, bye. – Taylor? Taylor are you in here? Taylor this isn’t funny, where are you? – Guys this is one of the
weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Taylor is over here walking
down the sidewalk with Cynthia. – Do you see her? – [Jamie] Yeah. – [Steve] Taylor. Guys, say bye to Cynthia. – Oh no, no, no. – Taylor? Taylor? I don’t know where she went. – [Stephen] Taylor? Taylor, what are you doing out here? (happy music)