– [Jordan] Previously
on That YouTub3 Family! – Guys we’re trying to find Abigail and it is raining like
crazy and we can’t find her and we need to find her and take care of her and get out of here. – [Audrey] Oh my Gosh! – [Dad] What? Whoa, where’d she go? – Rain? (all gasp) – [Dad] She doesn’t like water. – [Ty] Guys. – [Audrey] She’s right there. – Look, see. – Okay guys so we are going
to pick out pumpkins today but we forgot to bring Abigail with us and she is home alone
so dad had to run back to the house to go and get Abigail because we cannot leave her home alone. – That’s one of the rules!
– Yeah. – Literally you’re not
supposed to break the rules. – But while he goes gets her why don’t we go look at the pumpkins? Now this is pretty picked over because it’s right before Halloween. – Yeah. – We just haven’t had time
to come and look at pumpkins. – Yeah, there’s like no
pumpkins left, it’s kind of sad. – So we’re going to go
look over this kind of bare patch here and see
if we can find something. – I don’t even know. I don’t know what to look
for because I don’t know what I wanna carve my
pumpkin as this year. – [Mom] We’re gonna find something, right? – Oh man. – [Mom] What do you think boys? Are you guys going for a big
pumpkin or small this year? – The biggest pumpkin here. – What do you guys prefer? Would you prefer jumbo pumpkins
or small little pumpkins? What do you like, do you like carving? Do you like painting your pumpkins? Or do you just wanna
stick them on the porch and have them look cute? – I don’t think I’ve
ever painted a pumpkin. Like, I’ve always carved. – [Mom] Here’s our patch, I mean. – [Jordan] A lot of them are moldy. – They are very rotten because we should have come earlier. You can also go for a tall pumpkin. Do you like tall pumpkins?
Lopsided pumpkins? Pumpkins with like goosebumps on them? Little lumps and bumps,
what do you prefer? You guys are kicking your pumpkins around? – This might actually be my pumpkin. – [Mom] Oh really? That’s cool,
as long as it’s not rotten. – It’s not! – [Mom] Hey, David made
it back with Abigail. – Yes, I went back, when
I got back to the house Logan was barking frantically. I went into the living
room, Abigail had spilled chocolate out all over the floor. – [Mom] No! – So I had to hurry up
and pick all that up, yes. She got into the chocolate
and Logan was freaking out. So I don’t think she
liked being left behind so I’m glad I went back when I did ’cause who knows what she would have done. – [Mom] So do you want to
take Abigail and the boys and go find pumpkins? I’m helping Jordan take some Insta photos. – Okay, all right maybe Abigail can help me find the perfect pumpkin. Hey guys, have you found
any of them that are good? – This one, this one! – You like that one? Oh yeah look, that
one’s nice and schoochy. Okay go and put it in the cart. Let’s go find another pumpkin. Abigail is going to point me in the way. What do you think Jake? You found a good one? Oh yeah, that’s a good one. Is that one Abigail approved? Let’s see if she’s smiling. She’s smiling so she must be saying yes. Wonder if she’s ever gone
pumpkin patch hunting for pumpkins before. I can’t hold the camera and Abigail and pick up a pumpkin so
I think what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna sit the
camera down with Abigail so that I can pick one and hopefully I can find a really good one here. So I’m gonna find a
good spot here, hold on. (spooky music) Found one! Guys I just came back
here, the pumpkins here but where did Abigail go? The camera didn’t move but I
don’t see the doll anymore. This is not good because
I’ve a bad feeling that she’s off running
around in the pumpkin patch. – What happens if she’s getting a pumpkin? – You think that’s what she’s doing? She’s pointing out a
pumpkin that she wants? I don’t know but I’m gonna
take this one back to the cart and I think we’ve gotta
go look for the doll. Don’t you think? Okay, we need to go try to find Abigail. Have you seen her yet, Jake? – No. – Okay, let’s– – Dad, dad, dad, something’s
wrong with Jordan. – What do you mean
something’s wrong with Jordan? – She has like a crack on
her face, like on her cheek. – What? Let’s go see. Jordan, did you find a pumpkin? – This one’s really cute! It’s so little, it’s
like the size of my hand. – Okay I’m a little nervous
’cause if she’s acting weird like Ty says, I gotta just make sure that she doesn’t get startled
’cause I don’t want her thinking anything is going on. – I’m gonna keep looking. – Here we go, let’s go find her. Jordan come here. – What? – [Dad] What about that
pumpkin over there? – Which one? – [Dad] This, right there by your feet. – I think this is a good pumpkin. This one looks like it’s not moldy. – [Dad] Jordan is there
something on your face? – What? – [Dad] I don’t know, is there like a bug on your face or something? – Get it, get the bug off, get it off. Get it off. – [Dad] Okay, hold on, it’s right here. – Ow! Ow. – [Dad] What’s wrong? – I don’t know, that hurt. Ow, ow! – [Dad] Look on your phone,
do you have your phone? – No.
– Where’s your phone at? – I gave it to mom, what’s wrong? – [Dad] Let me just
brush it off real fast. – Ow! – [Dad] Your face is like super cold. Are you okay Jordan?
You feeling all right? – I don’t know.
– Does that hurt? – Not when I touch it. – [Dad] One more time. (Jordan exclaims) – Okay, stop, no. – [Dad] That feels cold
and like porcelain. Where are you going? – To look for more pumpkins. – [Dad] Stay close okay? – Okay, Dad. – Okay Jake, Ty, come here. Did you guys see that on her face? – Yeah. – She definitely had
something on her face. When I touched it, it
was hard like porcelain like Abigail’s face and she said it hurt but it was cold, it was
super cold when I touched it. Like if I were to touch
your face like this I can feel the warmth of your skin. I couldn’t feel that on Jordan. Let’s just kind of watch
her to see what she’s doing but let’s not scare her too bad because now that she
knows that it’s tender just be careful, okay? Where is Abigail? Keep an eye out for that
doll too ’cause I’m thinking maybe the doll has got
something to do with this. Okay? Let’s go. Abigail, Abigail, where are you? Man there’s tons of pumpkins out here. Abigail! Abigail! – [Jake] Abigail! – Mom, mom, come here. Before Jordan comes.
– Why? – Jordan’s got some stuff on her face. – Like what? – We can’t find Abigail. It’s like, I don’t know, when I touched it it was like hard and cold. – Hard and cold, like? – You guys saw it, right? – Yeah. – What do you mean? – When I touched her face,
she said it hurt really bad. – So like she got bumped or something? Like she’s got a bruise? – It’s kind of like a
bruise but it’s hard. – Wait so is she hurt or is she okay? – She says she’s okay
but when she touches it she can’t feel it but
when I touch her face she jumps back like it hurts really bad. She’s out there, look she’s
out in that pumpkin patch. We gotta find Abigail ’cause I’m thinking Abigail might be behind this as well. Can’t find the doll and Jordan
started acting weird again. – I think that we better check on Jordan. – Okay. – Do we need to go get help? – Let’s go check on her again and see. Let me go see if I can find keep your eyes open for Abigail
though, I know she’s here. – I haven’t seen her. I saw her when you brought
her back but that’s it. You’ve lost her? – I can’t find her, I set
her down with the camera and now I don’t find her. – Okay, start scouting about. – Abigail! Jordan! Okay Jordan is right over
here, just be careful don’t freak out because
I think she’s gonna like. – Jordan! – What? – What is going on? – Nothing, what? – [Dad] Look, there’s more. I’m just gonna touch just real quick. – No, no, that hurt! – [Dad] I’m gonna, over
here, I’ll touch this cheek. How’s this one feel? – Ow!
– Oh my gosh. Are you okay? – [Dad] Do you guys see that? It’s there. – Guys this is not good.
– What is it? – Because Eden from the
Skorys had this happen to her. – What, what happened? – [Dad] Jordan. – You’re okay. – What’s happening?
– It’s okay, you’re okay. It’s okay. – [Dad] Just stay close to us, okay? – You’re all right, I think
we better just stick together. – Why are you guys acting so weird? – Have you been around Abigail lately? – [Dad] Have you seen the doll? – Not really.
– Are you sure? – I haven’t seen her. – [Dad] Does she talk to you? – Here and there.
– Have you heard her voice? – But I haven’t seen her recently. – [Dad] ‘Cause we can’t find her. Can you maybe point us to her? – Let’s try to find Abigail. I think we better hurry fast too. – Why are you guys acting so weird? – If you were Abigail,
where would you be Jordan? – I don’t know, I’m
just gonna start going. – Okay guys. – I told you, it’s legit. Now it’s spreading over her face. Before it was starting on one. – I’m a little bit nervous
because this happened to Eden on the Skorys and it wasn’t good. I think that we might
have to call the Skorys and find out what’s going on and if they know any more information. – Okay, let’s do it, let’s call them ’cause we gotta find out. I’m keeping an eye on Jordan,
she’s walking right down there but let’s call the Skorys real fast and see if we can find out ’cause I know that the dolls are starting to gravitate. Like on SmellyBelly T.V. their doll is controlling their
mom and she has no idea and she acts just like Jordan. She totally defends the doll. So on SmellyBelly T.V. the mom and then with Shot of the Yeagers it’s their daughter as well
so it keeps gravitating towards one person in the family. – We think it’s the second born child. – What’s with the things– – It could be even like
second born mom or dad. I don’t know, I don’t know
what’s going on, this is weird. That’s what we thought but
things are happening to Eden. – Yeah.
– She’s not second born. – I’m gonna text. – I don’t know how it works now. – I’m gonna text Yeagers.
– I’ll call the Skorys and find out because I
know that these cracks started showing up on Eden
and this is really concerning. – Okay. – Hello?
– Hey guys, how are ya? We have some new information.
– Oh what? – Yeah, Jordan is starting to
get those marks on her face that Eden got.
– Oh no! – She’s starting to act really weird and she doesn’t even know what’s going on. We’re trying to not let her
know that this is happening. Do you have any more information for us? Because I know Eden was
having trouble with this. – Yeah, we found the Doll
Makers apprentice’s notebook and inside of it, it said
that if we don’t change the girls from turning into a
doll by midnight on Halloween they’ll be dolls forever. – Wait, what?
– Yeah. – [Dad] Halloween is just a few days away. – They just said that the Doll Maker is trying to change everybody into dolls and we have until Halloween,
midnight Halloween to change them back or stop them? So you think that’s what’s
going on with Jordan? Oh my Goodness.
– That’s what we think because it’s slowly been getting worse so if you’re noticing
anything weird with Jordan keep an eye on it because it will spread. It’ll start to get
bigger and we don’t know what’s gonna happen when
it goes all the way. – We also realized that every
time we made Aphelia mad Eden’s marks got worse.
– Yeah. – Oh no, okay because our doll
Abigail is missing right now. We brought her to the
pumpkin patch with us because we were nervous
about leaving her home so we ran back and got her and
has made a mess in our house with chocolate everywhere
and now we brought her to the pumpkin patch and she ran off. We don’t know where she’s
at and Jordan started getting these black
marks and I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on. Is there any way to stop this? Have you found anything?
– We don’t know! – Oh no, okay. I guess we’ll keep you updated. Will you guys keep us
updated on Eden as well? – Absolutely.
– If you notice anything, let us know.
– All right. – Thank you guys.
– Good luck! – I don’t know what to do, this is serious because I don’t want
Jordan to turn into a doll and guys, what if Abigail was a person that got turned into a doll 100 years ago and she’s been trapped as a doll? – I know, that’s what I was thinking. – Do you want your sister
to be trapped as a doll for the next 100 years? – No. – [Dad] No we gotta figure
out how to save her. – What do we do? Guys we should not leave
Jordan alone right now and we have to go find Abigail now. – Okay I’m gonna keep
texting SmellyBelly T.V. And Shot of the Yeagers
and see if I can find any more updates from them as well. – This is so scary, okay, let’s go. – Okay guys, there’s Jordan,
she’s right over there. Let’s go get her. – [Mom] Wait, she looks different. – I knew you were here watching me! Let’s go play! La, la, la, la, la, la. La, la, la.
– Jordan. Jordan, come here. Hey, was she wearing a black dress before? – She was not, this is not good. Guys I think she is
transforming into a doll. I don’t know if it’s complete or not but we have to get out of here now and get home and try to cure her. – Okay, let’s go get her, Ty, Grab her. Jordan come here. We need to go home.
– Why? – It’s time to go home.
– Because it’s time to go home – But I wanna play. – [Dad] We’ll play, we’ll play at home. Look we’ve found all of our pumpkins. They’re all right there, let’s go. – We’re gonna go home.
– I don’t wanna go home. – Come on Jordan, let’s go.
– Come on, it’s time to go. – I don’t want to.
– Come on. – [Dad] Let’s head back,
everybody be careful. – [Jordan] La, la, la, la, la. – Okay guys so since we got
home, it has gotten worse. This is not good and I don’t know how we’re going to cure Jordan. – I don’t think it’s reversible. I don’t know how she’s gonna go to school, I don’t know how she’s gonna
interact out in public. – I know. – I have a bad feeling we’re
gonna wake up in the morning and she’s gonna be a
completely different person. – I don’t want her to turn into a doll. – Check out her eyes, her
eyes just started changing. Oh my gosh. – Huh? What was that? Oh okay. (chuckles) – What’s going to happen to Jordan? – [Mom] I don’t know, does
anybody have any ideas of what we should do? – I think that she’s
turning into the doll. – [Mom] I think she is too. – Like the Skorys said. I don’t know how we reverse this. What makes Abigail happy? She likes to be played with. – She likes to be played
with and bedtime stories? – That’s true, her rules, her rules guys. She likes to be tucked
in, bedtime stories. What was the other one?
Don’t leave her alone. – Don’t put water by her. – Why doesn’t she like the water? What do you think the water does? We’ve never got her wet before. Should we try it? – Well what happens if she lashes out? – [Mom] What if that
completes the transformation? – What if that reverses
the transformation? – Okay so the Skorys said that we have until Midnight Halloween and that is like, so soon. We only have ’till then
to get her back to normal or else she becomes a doll and I think that Abigail is another person
that got turned into a doll 100 years ago and that terrifies me. I don’t want Jordan to be
trapped as a doll for 100 years. – What happens if you
don’t put water on the doll it actually might like reverse it? – Well that’s true.
– It actually might. – Shall I try to take
Abigail away from Jordan? – Try to take it away. Right now I’m ready to try anything. I think we have to try everything. – Jordan, Jordan can I play with Abigail? – No.
– Can I please? – No, mine! – [Mom] This is not good. – Jordan, let me play too.
– No! – Here, we can play together. We’ll play ring around the Rosie. Jordan, let me play with you. – La, la, la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la, la. – La, la, la, la, la, la. – You can’t catch me,
La, la, la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la, la. – [Jake] Where’s she going? – What do we do? – I think it’s time that we try Ty’s idea. I think we should try the water. – Yeah I got some water, I
don’t know how much we need. – [Mom ] Do we all just sprinkle it on her or are you gonna dump, I
think we should just sprinkle. – Should I put some on my
hand and just throw it on her? – [Dad] I think we should all just everybody take a little bit. We have trick her into
coming back in here though. – Bedtime story!
– Bedtime stories. – Yeah bedtime story. – [Mom] Ty, run and get a bedtime story. One that you think Jordan would like. – So I’m gonna go put this
water in the other room because I know Abigail
does not like the water and I don’t want her seeing it in here because then Jordan will probably run. So I’m gonna put this away. – [Mom] Jake, you get a blanket. – Okay. – Okay, got the bedtime story. – [Mom] Jake? We’ve got to
wait for Jake to get back. – Jake, get the blanket. – [Mom] Okay, bring it. – Hurry, hurry. – Then we’ll get Jordan in here. – Shall I call Jordan? – [Mom] Say we have a bedtime story. – Jordan and Abigail,
we have a bedtime story and a blanket to tuck you in. Jordan and Abigail, we
have a bedtime story! – [Mom] Ty, go get Jordan and Abigail. – Right here, we’ve got a story. – [Mom] Come on, we wanna read a story. – We’ve got a blanket to tuck you in. – [Mom] It’s story time. – Okay.
– Nap time. – Okay. What are we reading? – Here’s your blanket. Hey let’s put Abigail, there you go. Okay, you ready? – Read me a story. – Jake, do you wanna read it? – I say you.
– Okay. – Once upon a time there
was this little princess in this marvelous land of make believe and this princess could
do whatever she wanted. She had fun running through the fields and picking flowers and having
fun with all her friends. It was the best time of her life. One day the princess went
to go see her best friend and when she did, they
decided to have a lunch party. They loved lunch parties
because they could make their favorite lunches
and nobody would eat it. – [Mom] Guys, go get the water. (dramatic music) – Abigail and Jordan don’t like water. (Jordan exclaims) – Guys what are you doing? Stop! Stop, you’re getting me all wet. – Keep going it, it’s working. – Guys, guys, stop! – [Mom] Guys, it’s working, get her! – Stop.
– Jordan. She’s turning back to normal again. – Stop guys! – Awesome, Jordan you’re back! – You’re getting me so wet.
– No come here. It’s working! – Stop, stop! – It worked! The water actually
turned her back to Jordan and reversed the curse of the doll! Guys, let’s go get Jordan now. Let’s go, let’s go, come
on, come on, come on. Let’s go! – Guys stop, it’s not
a water fight, stop it. – [Mom] Good job guys, you got her! She’s fine, you got her. – You guys stop. – [Mom] I think we helped
Jordan, I think you’re all fixed. This was in the nick of time. – Yeah it was. – What about Abigail? – Where’d she go? Where’s the doll? – La, la, la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la, la. – [Mom] Guys. – Jake, look at your brother. – [Mom] Okay Ty. (Jordan gasps) (spooky music)