I’m Marc Sievers and you’re watching From
My Kitchen to Yours. So today I’m going to show you one of my most
favorite and newest desserts, Sparkling Raspberry Sorbet. It is as easy as it is elegant, and it takes
hardly any time to put together, so let’s get started! So the dessert today is Sparkling Raspberry
Sorbet, but the star of this is this Four Berry Sauce. It is raspberries, blackberries, strawberries,
and blueberries that are simmered together with a little bit of strawberry preserves,
little bit of lemon zest, and a little shot of Chambord to give it a little extra somethin’! And the recipe is available on my website
marcsievers.com. It takes just ten, fifteen minutes to put
together. You can store it in the fridge leading up
to when you’re ready to serve it, and uh, this dessert really is something special,
but its so easy and elegant that I just, I had to show you. So, first I have the raspberry sauce or the
three berry sauce that I was showing you. I made it with frozen berries from the grocery
store. You can also make it with just plain frozen
raspberries, and I’m going to layer this into a pretty little coupe. The idea behind this dessert is it’s not this
big heaping bowl of sorbet. It’s this small elegant, um, kind of offering. You can do it at the end of a meal. You can do it, um, in between courses, uh,
or you can certainly do it at the beginning of a meal because it has Champagne! So, to make things easy, I’ve pre-scooped
store-bought raspberry sorbet, uh, onto a plate and I put it in the freezer until I’m
ready to use it. This is great if you’re serving multiple people
because it just, you can do all of this prep work ahead of time, and then it literally
just sits into the raspberry sorbet. And then I’m gonna top this with some very
cold very dry Champagne. You want to use dry Champagne because the
sauce is already kind of sweet and fruity, the raspberry sorbet is sweet and fruity,
I’m sweet and fruity (laughs), but it really is about having the dry crisp freshness of
that Champagne. And if you blinked you just missed the entire
thing. And here it is! So wasn’t that so simple? I love the way this looks, too. It’s layered so beautifully with the darker
sauce and the bubbles from the Champagne, and that gorgeous raspberry sorbet. I think one of the things about this dessert
is it is actually very versatile, too. It’s wonderful you can begin eating it with
a spoon to get all of that kind of drunken sorbet, and then at the very end you get this
lovely little drink with the gorgeous Champagne, that luxurious sauce, and it’s easy, it’s
simple, it’s elegant, and that’s just a wonderful recipe to have kind of in your back pocket
when you don’t have time to make a, you know, layered birthday cake. But, this I think is equally celebratory,
equally as fabulous, and I hope you love it! I hope you love my Sparkling Raspberry Sorbet
as much as I do. I know that your guests will love it, and
are going to feel so special when you present them with such an easy and elegant dessert. I’m Marc Sievers, thanks for watching From
My Kitchen to Yours. This is mine for now, and I’ll see you next
time! Bye! Ah, yeah! So good!