Hello guys welcome back to my kitchen
today I’m going to be taking you through a watermelon desert now I love taking
original desert options and making healthy alternatives, for me I love being
able to eat something delicious and feel great about it afterwards.
So here is a chocolate sauce I made earlier it’s a sugar-free vegan
chocolate that I’ve melted down. Nowadays you can get so many different
types of nut butter I personally love cashew or almond because of the slight
sweetness. This one here is pip and nut butter and
I’m going to add a little bit to the chocolate sauce to make it even more
gooey and delicious. I love adding super foods to it because it just makes
it a bit more exciting so this one has baobab, which is a power house of vitamins
and minerals that help boost your mood. Now we’ve mixed that all in I’m going to
cover the watermelon. It’s really nice to properly cover them because this
chocolate actually freezes really well. I’m just going to sprinkle some coconut
flakes on top which is just a really nice color contrast. Now we’re going to
put them in the freezer until frozen take them out and they should be delicious. Peel them off and they’ll be one sided chocolate-covered frozen watermelon. This is an absolutely delicious summertime treat, so
refreshing and a little bit different. Thank you so much for watching, check out
the full recipe below to try it out yourself please give me a like, follow
and I’ll see you next week!