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so get your questions ready and meet us here at 4 p.m. for my presentation I
think you all know who our speaker for today brief intro o’clock pressure loss
research explores religion and ethics drawing from sources raining for
Biblical and public tech postmodern Jewish blocks the scholarships fantasy
ethics of genetic engineering Tim cell research to detect by all these social
vessels in healthcare and how science and medicine are taught Jasser
researches the practices of inter-religious dialogue exploring our
religion plays a role in conception at home so today research questions for
workers progress may be so you admit many of you and I’ve been
here at home thinking about administration budget all the things we
want but there’s you need and all of these have to say no and that’s – so
it’s a straight administrative talking I think people thought I’d come here like
theater initiation but I am NOT I want you to get a little touch of what I do
as a scholar which is my allowances and how I work at the international level
and why I think the work that we do the scholarship of religion Advanced Study
and religion makes the difference in the world so when it presents a problem to
the bioethics problem then it is not yet solved and women have your world and is
important to show you how to thinking it through and to get your advice on how is
your state fair enough so I want to show you how you do this is what we’re gonna
do today we’re gonna talk about the central problem which is about malaria
absolutely my favorite boss um we’re gonna talk about the curious idea to fix
it we just call them gene drive and even ever here with gene dry just about know
you will so many more diseases or losses caused
by pathogens and parasites in human populations every years globally there
are more than one doing in cases and over 1 million deaths from vector borne
diseases like malaria dengue fever we’ve heard of a seka these are all
transmitted by by by populations of pests them with us a terrible disease
for the most part not a broom most people in this country have faced for
many years but notice if everywhere diseases account for 70% of all
infectious diseases which is important to China and the distribution of these
diseases is determined by very complicated environmental relationship
and social relationships social factors obviously these diseases become more
important as the war is warmer and the weather right think about obviously this
actually they were the current changes in the last week so what was it you know
Travel is also important there’s one kind of organization Houston that’s on
what example have control and then if you change the name of
cultural practices that returning vast lands that needs to be not happy to have
habit swamps teem use these very poor diseases become to impair of chemicals
so I commissioned beta for diseases important to know us
ok picks up our most important is in this little area
the very air is serious and you should be seriously now States is no longer
because we show that after your last scam you haven’t seen our weak opponents
and now it’s um it’s mostly a fatal disease it’s mostly a fatal parasitic
infection it occurs in people in hundred countries worldwide but don’t send
children to get it often experiences reoccurrence on key here is really
current and email releases did you know this several people of you would work in
the Marion County Commission who spent time in sub-saharan Africa and in cells
have well they’re including much of the cast and crew of large productions that
have been filled their people were given all right a very commonly if you have
wealth and then treatment or if you don’t need this sticker insecurity to
die this fortunately insects tongue people pretty great children under the
age applied in low-income countries in Africa has between 500 and
good thousand destiny here despite the enormous improvements but I still love
you five hundred thousand deaths a year a child icicle area usually child
support Africa travel something here now we’re going to units so about twenty
children will be dead by the end of this talk right the dis imagine 22 a minute
they are or tables of you talking about happens every two minutes of child so
this cubicle area is always caused by history notes on for one of the five on
one of the five occurs in parasites that are called by this they’re all calls
about the virus is called the pepper the bacteria is called Plasmodium it’s
carried only by the mosquitoes it’s hearing on in the ability to measure
effectiveness of the mosquito and therefore when it bites you you get sick
it’s only here your body female seems mainland seniors don’t like people just
even recedes and why did they bite it no no – infection yes they each have a blood meal before they
produce hints that’s how you can understand so they bite you introduce me
and then their maturity being fertilized only older Latino student interested 3,500 species of mosquitoes minute them
only three species or a responsible for the majority in why Africa now so
remember in the summer 3500 types of potatoes and only degree kill most of
the people all the time there’s a lot of Latinos the Jews they’re very successful
very widespread amount of adaptable they only one teaspoon of a bottle of
water to grow sneezes love minimal not to eat but just to make sure the eggs
and human love is only to hurt by some others white fennel so it’s only one of
these three species is the most deadly and this is the mountains gamma which is no
tracker vector of Plasmodium sub-grant other question is what spotting fail now it’s my the oldest human diseases or the
world’s human problems and guess what it was figured out a bit of it was easy
right so at certain points in connection with Friday of War World War Two in
places with a lot of mosquitoes and so the army developed DDT and they killed
hundreds also every every good second came in contact with and it was used
from first during the war and then began to use all over Southeast Asia and all
over Africa we began to wipe out the mosquitoes and malaria rates for the
first time in human history in the 1940s and 50s began to drop so far so good
right dropping ah what’s wrong with spraying DDT on anybody
since Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring now agent person in August and father brown
missi there’s a lot of talk about what she was doing notice that in fact would
see this by DDT was also damaging other species the DDT she said enters the food
chain and the chain accumulates and tissues animals including us were and
Muslim to the our petition and it caused cancer genetic damage sibling assumable
single application under crops for weeks Sam Smith sunscreen was very convincing
and she said they have to swap the use DDT and she wants she won that fight
many people join us it was a left-wing things we love to think about in the
Californian love with brown pelicans there means you don’t want me to show
you a DDT we also ended up knitting more mosquitoes and what right now we can
control malaria the gay foundation is poured money into women’s dropping a
little bit it’s all focus on two themes drug therapy which they rapidly of
course develop immunity towards and thank you control relations which is
killing them and the example treat infection in the remote areas especially
requires detection of the parasite and an access of infected persons to
healthcare we’ve got going to get treated the health care system
we have the plus’ money in your question the nexus you know that bite you gives
it to the next person so you have illuminated for approximation where
every vaccines are any remember that they have not worked in some should
cross but it sort of take years and using leaders to vaccinate your money
let’s just point out there’s most people in sub-saharan Africa don’t have access
anything like measles much less expensive malaria vaccine and so far
diseases are winning they did develop a way to adapt to every single drug every
single time which is why I find I know he looks right you think that next big
problem so a tradition really has been this the sub-saharan Africa and guess
what you do family change that’s and that’s only work for about here because
it completed with course very deep tea and ask you to be a clock keeps from the
shrimp been desert from and they’re actually that we’ve slept in her bed
nets or something for a minute and they’re very hot so try it in
sub-saharan Africa hot we need a neck you’re not gonna do this but not enough
so what you still tell you working in 2003
and Austin’s birds he’s actually pretty shy person so it’s hard to get a picture
of him on the identify this is one about team drives and he visited Imperial
College London in the other High Park first biotechnology and now Christmas
has line two so what is a jingle okay it’s not good to know you’re gonna go
see the other side of campus and take what do you have teen driver
okay so mahadji needs work right meadow right these are the sugar than 50/50 but
every now and then a particular gene has passed with preference from one
generation to another generation and Kurt’s in nature and many sexually
reproducing species and what it is is he the acquisition of a genetic variant
that is of no interest to the individual creature but has some population effect
now one example is people know about his limits great happy to control the
population every now and then a transmission is developed and leaves
above and they like think they destroy themselves so there’s fewer the means to
the next generation really bad already population geneticists among other
things because you’re kind of your species
all these mediums you nominate equal increasing frequency of transmission you
can increase in early 2010 duration so you get what’s called sweep of a genetic
variant across a population in 2010 directions for how to use this so
evolution usually works at a 50/50 rate and the idea is if gene tries to
describe its exception to the conventional rules of the middle but
here it is almost an inherited gene 15 but here’s something so you can all see
you’ve all taken genetics right there this unit 12 gene type evolution here a
particular mean or gene is preferentially inheritance and this
occurs in nature there are fed force of evolution we don’t really know about the
living we most recently discovered all the forces of evolution gene drugs is a
Fitness now natural examples of course are all one system versus one of these
already occurring mechanisms with occur in nature anyway
and just shoot the free receive or ship attributed population and so he created
his notions for the development of these gene Drive
modified brands they could only happen with sexually reproducing species once
of course us to go home it’s a relatively short the generation 5
music for the generations the stability of the gene driving elements is much
more stable because they don’t attack the thickness of the organism like other
mutations and the population straighter actually actually perfect
so they actually enough enough pickles in the population so if you could create
a synthetic genes hockey for you you could not be in a lockout you just
achieve the phenotype so what you try to hold female mosquitoes so if you can
make them die young if you did make them who do not need blood
if you can make a fewer females all of these approaches are trying to each
other now so that the complement is they’re just different host feeding
patterns even truth with then you can drive using the genetic content phases
now notice this hall says genes drive behavior right
these are things I have to pull onto them some reality even though many
people struggle this long time ok so one thing is reducing the body one idea is
you could use what we call challenges or CRISPR cast line systems to break and
repair DNA in the individual in the you know Gary’s
and another one is you place a minimalist which destroys the X the X
chromosome anonomys Y chromosomes now that sounds complicated so I’ll show
you a little picture right here’s how we’re seeing away you got a target a
gene and you replace this we break it and then when it’s broken and it’s
replicated you can replace your Lou Jean shut up a red thing in your in your
gamma reference Thank You Livie yes 39 excellent so the basic idea the first
idea is to drive using the Y chromosome put a instructor in the nucleus on the Y
chromosome that will destroy it in mating and he has her son’s got it so
I’m happy there was reduce the rate of he knows a bit and you do not have to
change transmission all right so this is what they’re doing
companies Nebuta and EG two x chromosomes and then they delay it to a
red argue and it’s very cool and then they can tell which is he knows really
is intend on my machine we got a link to the red-eye key and if you go to the
bird biopsy results the transmission by simply reducing the
number of female mosquitoes that are born in one generation
you don’t even have to go to 20 generation to drive all females and NMC
she’s gammy like you could just have fewer of them and have a less successful
week about the population less hungry in all the schools – so where is this
target if you look on so that the 20 millimeter web site nonprofit
organization under core government that’s so it’s the University of Chicago
the target area crowd is in need three countries the thinking will add in
countries but these two governments are working with London and then a
consortium to think about releasing them in the field now here’s the problem
you’ve released them in the field in a bucket okay
have you any weird what’s it worth so there was a good particle areas humour
all these people are we living us it’s a not-for-profit it’s an academic and
community human organization you work with anthropologists sociologists and
tribal leaders were Minutemen and they go into the field to try to build
support for this idea they have epics committees on the ground
in the local area and every in every country
it is from labs we’re going to see they’re being granted okay so this is a
good thing to do and then the stop here is asking so what do you think sugar
love to her should you ask haka at the Embassy and I was getting there we have
three thousand four hundred of your species
she do worry about see us walking that you could take a few pets of them if you
want to preserve this one dancer sheriff may commence to
specialize so that first point is what they what he
said so what he said and the answer is what he said this dish and the fish that
eat them are the main food source with people that live in a something
abilities right right so then whether the question is could you keep
sufficient eat something else like one of the three thousand point of species there’s a fish right anything else yes
but what if we transfer the scientific methodology the human pocket okay we’re
not just like it’s a sexually-transmitted you need such
revenue population sound something like people and of course yep you could put
that any choice and we’d have to get command women to agree to do this in
some crazy scenario and I they had a lot of thing that was women would not want
to be participants in the desert to eliminate their gender – this yeah all of these things have a
potential incident in question and it yes yeah feel that most farming value
don’t want to see them or another we are we do not like and they don’t like that
she doesn’t care about it so much that we killed every last lumpy pecans in all
of Florida is up there in the Carolinas so that we can ruin it right and of
course we used to use buffers heads up you see in this you know job she was he
know whether their child what he do kill every single game uses Mikaela area in
my house why is it wrongly why don’t I stand in the way and walk as
an emphasis that activity to somebody else’s house especially by the way of
course those in here in Hammond Harris who is see their children not in
the army to miss who are begging for this to happen
takes a strong hand in that except no okay so I thought that this is a lot of
competing more like this about this there’s mass confusion coming out which
is also always sub specialist created with the new grants member jossie at
it’s a public health the trouble is is it’s a little uncertain
we actually have no idea we hope what the gambit is the sphere and the nice
having this USB connector flourish but the truth is we have no and something
organic over the hill granny pelicans in California so maybe
they’re complex some are going to be we really don’t know if and how to cure him
singer then it shouldn’t call the precaution of does it even know about okay the European structure for dinner
is and why they oppose us by the way I think you’re in sexy college service or
any Italians well let’s do this so they say if you can’t guarantee you have the
precautionary principle says you don’t do it unless you prove you know the
other variants so instead of analysis is a much easier application with these
sort of Technology really what could be worse than record I mean every two
minutes of 80 yards what could be possibly worse than that right now this
idea however is had a lot of resistance in the NGO community before it was
informal immunities and contraction right so badly having at the colleges
and the scholars of religion some of these foods to be housed actually going
to Africa and saying do you want this what do you know what they said was a
big campaign and I didn’t get them they turns out it’s very hard to reverse any
drive action set or something it’s almost impossible then you could set up
another series of Eros and then insurance we can do this we first will
powerful science suppose money that they finish it is what people who can’t do
this and we wanted to be there don’t we have an obligation if we can’t yeah
other genes are being used for example on the lung disease in the night and
there the issue is very different because it can ask you if they alter
their mind effective difference in four weeks but we’re working with malaria a
much more devastating diseases actually equation and so we have to think about
the implications he’s morally does apocalypse just say no again we’ve done
it before they’re visiting heirs but it’s just a problem for this in this
case he’s important for this would be cooperative laughs what about on sticks
what about issues of patents and ownership and profit what it’s not that
much for America but by Washington which is a company it also usage in time what
about the do we use imagine how you could uses if you were a bad guy and you
wanted to use it to eliminate a core keystone species of a hood imagine so think about that that lorry so soon
as I say you will use interesting weapon of war
okay and there are solutions which is if you buy two minutes and no living what
have we got such a dramatic effect how is this better understood what should be
our responsibility for that what we have provided of schools and health care all
those babies we’re not done but must be sure to secondary plugins right they
were only get out we’re going to wonder about their because we has 11 Westerners
in Kolkata once it what about their economic corners would be set up how
does it change what about different colors need to be a
part of the project so it’s alive I mean what more European
idea some of our colleagues say one more big European idea it’s going to take
care of Africa they could leave a trail of harm for centuries just like a lot of
other dudes do so notice that the aggregate themselves or anything changes
and then the article is nature and finish has use the baked Mars a
perfected is it is it the set the place you get when you read the book of nature
to give you guidance isn’t half of all biology what isn’t it do what we mean by
that and can we alter is it is it not touching this is not his
natural ball back at the check rewriting the sort of mention I’m having the truth
of blood but once I told you with every two minutes a child dies you walk around
and keep thinking ditch over the dead children dead children as I’m watching
it for something so don’t have it some publications
they’re complex with the systems that have to be tribal communities and they
have to be understood and they have to expected what if they don’t want this
what do you do some do people do or women doing the proper leaders don’t we
all interesting he wants professions as yet
untested so the traditional way we think about this as well additional safety the
new containment there being a very sophisticated control over these there
changes among men words rank older no mosquitoes come later than sort of all
my people that’s an avenue to make that only then
will be going to happen they after the technology of perfection they handled
right and the first thing I release still males to see how the release goes
sure else don’t have severe liver disease and only if they get that
technology right and none of the villages will they bring the buckets of
genomes so they really thought through it really thought through how to do this
and they’ve done it before with a boss from carry right resume used to target
and the media covers because they’ve done before so they’ve done it’s a bit
excessive before they think they can hear or command and once it’s done it’s
really done so I want you to think of this is rocket people to remember that
it’s not just the highest lobe do not think it can ever be reversed so we’re
talking about a permanent crew no change because even if they got the young the
cassette different the Gagarin is righteous forecast line that still
remains waiting tarisha’s it’s the first time it’s a standardized process I told
you trying to keep everything in advance but still need very high standards
apartment deletions there’s more exaggerated by the nuclear castles and
biologics that British have a very official system unlike the United States
there really is advanced technology according to Council and they come up
with these on these particulars think about that science belongs to people or
to more than the prize not just a technical one that intervening in the
genome takes from some careful reflection from there who are
conservatives they could even Walmart and human rights if the main thing the
thing about and so in touch this guy’s different pencil then it was reviewed
once again because there’s a British project by the house of Moore’s with a
trade show them in the tropical medicine pencil which is up right here okay the National Academies on this is
where every experience of science and engineering
the POTUS these things often go terribly wrong the National Academies of science
which is our this is the American somewhat official your organization set
up by Benjamin Franklin to advise Washington I believe that this technique
and these proposals and he looks at gene drives as well and this going over these
quickly they need recommendations but I think one of the things that’s important
is noticing that they wanted on poverty nation in reform and in decision so I go
back to the first question is a American rights when they have you know then you
kind of wonder well how is this public engagement that happen if no unnecessary
um they also brought that in fact from this engagements being built into the
risk assessment from the beginning the environmental releases have to be
subject in a logical way successfully not just medical risk assessment and
then the most deeply attended community should be targeting us so there is
benefit because you have Americans like there’s madness so want to happen the
ones who get the most benefit to deal with us so it’s not like we created in
one us and so these questions I thought about so far how much she the one I made
sure when she power her lips do what do you mean is any knowledge in
permissible right and this is a hot question for us because they happen to
have a bonus campus shouldn’t should be returned that do you ever check that is
it class would there’s any knowledge something that we bought not enough so
you might not know if Regine drive in populations to see much whatever other
news about responsibility to take a risk certain holiday on behalf of children
with something after work I think we would actually I didn’t ring then maybe
people in other communities but I think everything about and what are our
obligations justice to those children who will never be successful
okay they’re in a situation of extraordinary options and a hiatus in
disease what am I to do and having $5.99 and now the river
people to think about this these sorts of issues so long time ago that they was
a serious conversation between people who wanted to alter the human children
and they came out there for I think we should think about testing this I still
think they’re good there was a one of the rare times when there was more
people in in theology than there were in the science and some love these
principles and so I think when you should look at a question we shouldn’t
think oh my god it’s so awful what we’re going to do in the world we should say
either a reasonably principle by performing a basic the things we should
should be gross is there a Princeton reason winding up a phone so can you
think of one is there a principle reason why you don’t explosion yes oh the right hand principle in
principle just the principle that alternates your command why is there
something yes also the aren’t you favoring one species over we have
respected favorite humans over is the person are we playing us what we make
that question Equus possibly come on I’ll represent the Jews because because so so if in response to
the question of are we playing God I think and also like the obligation that
you brought up to play God it seems to me that God isn’t doing anything about
the mosquitoes so if we’re supposed to play God then our job would be to
continue to do nothing yeah polio in a book but we never think
that our top I mean we all thinking this we almost never there tothis are you
happy and when we do something we make the mess of it or we make things better
or we you know alternating between the two or do under the other who you ask
I guess I just don’t like improving the world sure but like taking thoughts
behaviors and examples are really difficult team is a logical I watching
to sit step about maybe this is a complicated way you could redeem
attractive compared compliment and Shiawassee girls great being an interesting many ways people
would want the business isn’t even legal principle contests Sally this is your
contextual factors one contextual factors
we’re gonna need by that well the deep in just accessible the fact that we’ve
got the goods and the science and baby in the Saharan Africa is not a
Chancellor pray just that there’s some context with how I’m going to use this
in more room isn’t there context of all of our healthcare system how we deliver
this so that’s why they wanted you to see those shopping comparison price
because they can’t throw helplessness they know they can reference the main
things in a bucket of mosquitoes yes but if positive the issue is that we have
made the world hotter and wetter yes you implied earlier the protein that
responds to both of these 50 questions yes we can tell us and that way you can
see there’s a very successful creatures you know get on an airplane and they can
come to Florida Houston then it just as happy as an audience so this this is our
context we admit purposes attorney says this is a big nuisance question the
things about persistent not as a weapon of war please not as Oh
cleaning power not to make a ton of money and it’s not an attribute away not
people face its identity with the techniques and applications the desired
patient permissible mistletoe be nothing procedures structure is wrong about
coffees who can give us this insurance so I ran it’s awesome conference Isis and so he invited me to come be part of
the title there in the project so what about me who else should have the name
this conversation happen so this is one of the big questions that I wanted to
ask also love you all the wonder question but but also then the new
questions are merged from that side of the campus all the time then your mucus
or capsule and rocks over there and we need to think about what that
means for us because it means altering our species
it means inheritable haribol genetic mutations and we have to think about
what quarters are there planets what part of scholars of religion playing
like this what do we do have we interact with the forces politics of sub-saharan
Africa Molly that’s when you know rebel forces and where the venture so it’s
very hard to do a sophisticated project in a country that’s for the issue of war
so I know all these about you know I have time this is what it is to be
bioethicists doing international work the actual work to be some kind of
questions and I’d love to think about I invite you to think about them with me
and if anyone has a great solution to this or not we’re gonna do this videos
as Krampus thank you very much so if you google caveman science fiction
you see a great illustration of a counter idea which is that in cavemen
science fiction they won caveman is doing something like
bringing the flyer into a cave and the other ones see this and they realize
what’s going on and they warn him they say you’re going too far he says no I’m gonna keep warm and then
pretty soon they the caveman science fiction have a model of the world the
whole world is on fire because no right but independent and there’s like their
sport than just like the wheel and animals and all of these go wrong
because because that’s a thing that that we worry about fighting like with us in
our interference of concept we think of like what happens when you remember
right like all of these all these words where humankind this is a very better no
way this is taking examples that were successful obvious thing but it is
presenting the idea that if you don’t go forward with some you know discovery
some new thing then you are missing world-changing like it wasn’t right to cost the developer
behind princess I was part of people that marched against it senator up your
time but that was everything to me if we had said no development to figure out
how to deal with the waste create a science to understand this we don’t
think it works the same way would be have been using fossil fuels wait maybe
the capacity deprivation as a planet there’s no warning that’s what the
collapse could have been a very difficult decision and you never know at
that time there was no discussion to say well we don’t have nuclear energy
we’ll figure out a way to send another planet there was no other voices though
knowing that having that knowledge we need to be so wrong is Florida making
its a next decision which make no mistake this is a fundamental decision
species changing decision take control take control of us it’s not
just like you know it’s raining some more slob accounts rather juice
a Bible story on cats right or wrong matters puppies
there’s something really fundamentally different about this this was using dry
in here Christians talked to you the way that would severely disrupt the
relationship between of plasmodium and the female mosquito as he limped will be
less toxic than completely blank to the travelbiddie mutations and species came
out of it because five of that walk with us can be taken non-white are wild hogs
are twisted more fit than the became in species that were rear cases its
evolution so it’s pretty robust that connection
that’s where they kind of they think about other typical changes but the
hygiene and drive doesn’t do with the fitness issue so that’s that’s where meaning coast of the US
casinos right here asking if we what would be the effects of Avila’s
mosquitoes in Africa matter is not Florida
come on mom people will drain the swamps and become beings
I mean there was there was at the downside the people kept America I’m
sure your association saw up somewhere some fishes I think that pretty much
nuts and so that’s one of the reasons that you are going forward is all the nature that’s what we do with the
limited species you know we don’t warn poliovirus so why should I ask is determine acceptable levels of
collateral damage so in this case you surmise that even though it was a
venture there probably was some kind of damage how do you decide what’s
acceptable well I think it’s unacceptable that this many children are
dying from where and why excited we’re gonna do this intervention but two
children per minute per child every two minutes is going to die and yeah we do wrong we’re just going
about you know I say watching Netflix because I am more genetics that I think
from that seems to me to be out of the League of the tail and he had period are
freed accepted Kobe that’s an acceptable level of risk for people in Japan right
here we are so it’s very hard against that
background to see energy that’s you know we might you know not help you know some
of our some of something that happened in some way is a slight difference and
that’s the engineer foods right we responded by few words and I think that
looks pretty good more people will have a support and then could possibly happen anymore children progenitor of the
babies won’t die right and we’ve heard other practices have developed for
millennia based on the many of your duties will apply so that we have ships
there and we have to take responsibility for and then
foreseeable and then there beyond the tenant consequences it have to be sure
when you’re making these choices it’s so extraordinary it’s maybe on the figure
to the scientists to say and also influenced by current events but it
strikes me that solving the scientific problem is much much easier than solving
the political problem that to go ahead and take this intervention can be done
but and save the lives of these children but then too what strikes me is quite likely is to
then abandon these communities to that youth population boom possible collapse
of fish or other environmental issues and the world the first world
celebrating the eradication of malaria and turning back to some issues one of
the things that’s important is that the people who love this idea we’re pushing
anyone do it for the people were most dependents and the people who have the
most up the emotional proposition come from like northern France in America and
so the we we have issues of impurity then participate a part of this
discourse so effective senses compromise this notion of purity and knowledge and
everyone to be so if that you look different I would
might have a different idea about which of it yeah so that’s the second thing
that’s important is um yeah there would be more of living things and we should
never see that as a bad thing we should never say oh my god that means
absolutely everything how terrific with these children one boy just like bucoli
on tuberculosis and it’s we’ve managed to carefully live in a part of it to
their societies the nura is a terrible social driven it’s the ability being
that you know by the sick over and over and over again we can’t work you can’t
take care of your children it would be much better for everyone
I probably should spare humans primates particularly but so I think that we have
to take responsibility for that side to eliminate its eliminated to fix that
that variable but yeah there were lots of people have to stay in there when I
did clinical trials one of the horrible things about NASA clinical trials based
on the lunar trials which is because I’m all just the end they saying oh and if
you could harmed in this procedure in this process you know
and appreciation quantity as insurance doesn’t cover experimental treatment so
every time I buy that looks like that except for we said no you can’t say this
it’s a block and you should take responsibility for getting around the
doing it’s extremely difficult for Sciences to say I’m totally responsible
makers but I have to say that the trigger the very people that believe
they do promise they’re not going away we do this intervention to make sure it
just kind of struck me when you were saying that quotes and you know Europe
and America didn’t want to intervene and what I wonder about was what studies
have been done to see how much regions how much or how much does each region is
being affected it changes people’s attitudes rewards ecological entropy
like for instance like if you were to pull American scientists on intervention
and ecology in America where children were dying and it’s worse than Africa
has their research surrounding that question I guess what the answer would
be right and Peter seeker makes a very beautiful beautiful arguing about this
of you then he said you know proximity doesn’t show any difference if you would
say your child wants this right now you would save a child and take off rip off
your coat and take give your shoes money to rescue China in the late of right
here right there are what then you should give up that same amounts of your
personal office safety service for child it’s up to her now
so he calls us at into attention for the problem but we think that if it’s far
away we can’t see it it doesn’t matter to us but I am dismayed but our capacity
to turn away from Syria from you know what’s happening in
one of our nominees had these tragic stories we just like turn away and go
about our lives there’s something we’d have to solve just think about that
really that’s really and that that’s something I thought about with a very
advanced technology like this one of the things it’s tragic as I think you know
to do this science it’s time as you all right they have been making intervention
and then indeed the size of a flap of pepper bellies and the occipital needle
under microscope there’s certain part of the paper there’s only one climbers
right never is able to be fixed before they discern anything exact by the tough
spending cuts on it every one little spot in the neighborhood carriers don’t
go into character like custom exact spot there’s a really hard I can’t imagine
how to do it but the precision of the elements that work they’ve already spent
ten years resuming what probably in dubiously and then they would go out
we’re going to kind of get in my next year because Molly is having something
work and I’m thinking of all the time of it from the attention of the difference
between the advanced technology that were capable
attendance and the tragic words that still we can’t solve as to industry
that’s always shocking to me came the elegance of science or sister be healthy
of our lives and neighborhoods all that so yes as possible and trying to do this
but it works by own dr. Williams right we are here to enhance all forms
wouldn’t we think that changing the ecosystem in trying to try to Jenny’s field and insert work to inject
where they are not all created to find a better way to do this to the enhance all
things are like bleep with that Sumiko specs that question are we playing doc
yeah because we’re we’re actually trying to eliminate source b11 species of life
instead of trying to enhance that or finding a way to to help them to survive
as yet get rid of the disease of their caring
yes yeah no 30 recipes not basically we’re the sick ones and the casinos okay
they’re making them sick if they didn’t they’d have no infected humans to bite
your head and we’re gonna see if it’s malaria or not it’s neither do the word
of really what makes is really fun it’s really wrestle so here if I can all the
people out of Africa who said I’ve never introduced up the results after pleasure
this one was visited by you that not the other way in life but the true they’re
not practical so they tried every single thing changing the mosquitos makes them
less pain than his life so that would’ve changed
now if they have that power they can do it but they just start that powerful so
this is using a mechanism that exists in nature the another species learn the
species to try to try to use natural occurring events so happens they’re not
they’re not changing this here they’re changing how the transmission capacity
Malkina ratio so if anything unless at least you know but yeah if you’re a
mosquito it’s really awful you have to live around these new people from think
it’s a very hard problem then I would say this is one idea I think they’re
really interesting idea and they’re kicking with this very
devoted to seem like every time I think of an idea they saw that it is
disturbing and it would continue to disturb us this notion of destruction this we’ve got over again when you
create the world for this Napoleonic Slovak Samhita now you know I’m getting
chills when you’re right we have enhanced it