A young fern found itself sprouting in
the desert Of course, this was no place for a native
of the forest to grow Some people simply shook their heads asking what was it thinking Others criticized the fern for being so stupid And a few suggested that it should become a cactus like all other reasonable plants But the fern only knew how to be
a fern and thought, “oh dear i’m going to die..” A girl found the fern and gave
it some water moving it to the shade of a rock “Thank you,” said the fern, “It’s most kind
of you.” “I wish I could do more,” said the girl Finally one day the heat was too much. The fern baked dry. But before it breathed its last sigh and its life left the earth The fern released thousands of spores.. Some settled in other parts of the desert where they didn’t live too long either But the wind carried a few across the
wide expanse of sand and heat They found their way to a deep, cool
forest There they took root and thrived There they found other ferns There no one ever asked why they
were ferns