We’re relieved that the
family is not going to be deported back until Friday
at 4pm. – We’re still in uncertain
territory but I guess, the fight is not over yet. – The whole of Biloela is
nervously waiting for a positive outcome. We’re begging on prime minister
Morrison. We’re begging Peter Dutton
and David Coleman to let this family stay here. – It’s about doing the right thing
by the national interest. It’s not about chasing public
sentiment. Border protection, national
security is not about chasing Twitter, public sentiment
or anyone else. It’s about doing the right thing. – I, myself, have a three-year-old
daughter and it’s been quite emotional to see the two children
being dragged and dragged by our government to various
different places. Just let this family stay here. We beg our government to
let this family stay here. There are so many Tamils
in Australia with so many different experiences at the hand
of the Sri Lankan state. I came here as a refugee. I witnessed my own brother
being cut in half by the Sri Lankan state. Priya came to this country
after witnessing her fiancé being burnt alive by
the Sri Lankan army. You know, even if everything
is fine for Tamils in Sri Lankan, with this memory, you can’t
go back. You can’t expect us to go
back and live a normal life with people who have
murdered our people.