(funky music) – From Starfire to Firestarter,
nerds like a lot of things, but there’s something
they love above all else, and that is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (funky music) And joining us on this episode, we have Jordan Doll. – Hello!
– Hello! We have Nick Marini. – Yo, yo, yo. – [Mike] Yo, yo yo, and we have Liam Senior. – Hello lo lo. – Hello lo lo to all of you. Thank you so much for
coming onto this episode. Returning are Jordan and Nick, and for the first time, Liam. Very happy to have you here. The rules are very simple, this is a, I have here a stack of statements, these are incorrect statements about the things you know and love. It’s up to you to find the thing
that I said that was wrong, buzz in and correct me, all
your corrections have to be preceded by the phrase, um actually. And you can interrupt me whenever
you want in the question. Yeah, how are you all feeling? – Good, I’ve been practicing. – Okay, just correcting
people on the street. (laughing) – I’ve gotten very good
st losing this game over the past couple
of times I’ve been on. – Is that true, I feel like you, for some reason I have a memory of you doing quite well, but I don’t know. – You know what, it’s just my energy.
– Um actually, apparently he didn’t!
(Jordan laughs) – [Liam] Yeah, we have a fact-checker. – Well, we’re gonna go
ahead and get started then if you all feel ready, buzzers in hand, um actuallys at the tip of your tongue. We will start the question
about Stranger Things. “When we first meet Mike and
friends in Stranger Things, they’re playing a game
of Dungeons and Dragons, battling a demon known as a Demogorgon. They give this same name, Demogorgon, to the monster from the upside-down because it bears a striking resemblance to the fantasy demon. Similarly, in season two a creature is called The Mind Flayer
because it also looks like a D&D creature of the same name.
(bell dings) Liam.
– Um, actually, a Mind Flayer doesn’t look like the Mind
Flayer in Stranger Things. That was more of like a
weird kind of Cthulhu-y mass, where I believe a Mind
Flayer is more humanoid. – There actually, they do look
kind of similar those two. Yeah, yeah.
(bell dings) Nick? – Uh, I don’t think, um, actually! I’m tryna remember what
a Demogorgon looks like, but I don’t think the
Demogorgons look the same. – That’s correct.
– Yeah. (Liam signs)
– Yeah, a Demogorgon from D&D is typically depicted as a
giant lizard-like humanoid with two mandrill heads
mounted on snake-like necks, with tentacles for arms. (bell dings)
Which is a nightmare, and also markedly different
from the Demogorgon in Stranger Things. – [Liam] Which is just a dude with like a flower of teeth for a head,
if I remember correctly. – More humanoid, certainly
not two mandrill heads on snake necks and things like that. – Get it together, Duffer brothers! – Honestly I would watch
that show, as well. – Yeah, the show with this like– – Stranger-er Things.
(all laughing) – Well yeah, that’s a point for Nick. Our next question is a
video game question here. Poor Lakitu, he appears
in so many Mario games, but never gets to have any fun. He’s an enemy in a variety of Mario games, and he also shows up in
Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Mario Party, and Mario Golf,
but only to retrieve balls, communicate information
and referee the games. (bell dings)
– Liam. – Um actually, I believe
recently he was finally allowed to get behind the wheel of a kart. – That is correct, how recently? – I wanna say the latest one,
the re-make for the Switch. – Yes, that’s right.
– Mario Kart 8? – In Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 7, Lakitu is a playable kart to play. – Um actually, doesn’t that
mean he also gets to have fun? – That’s exactly it, he finally
gets his shot to have fun. Yeah, in those two he is
also doing fun things. They finally gave him his shot. (bell dings)
– Good for him. – Um actually, those things aren’t fun because Lakitu is lame and nobody cares. (Mike laughs)
Get my ball, Lakitu. – I know I’m going the wrong way you don’t need to hold
the sign in front of me. – I wish to continue having
fun with my real friends. – (laughs) Why are you here? “Mom said you had to invite me!” (all laughing) It feels like it raises an issue if Lakitu is both refereeing the match and also racing in the match.
– yeah, right? – ‘Cause when you’re racing as him, isn’t there still a Lakitu sort of like, it’s like, “Okay, here come
the lights, everything’s cool.” – The version that’s racing
just has like a mustache on. – Yeah. (laughs) – Like, “No.” – “Oh, it’s just me it’s someone else, “nothing to worry about here!” – “I’m a different guy!” – “Oh the winner is Lakitu
again, what a shocker!” Well that is a point for Liam. Randall Flagg is a recurring villain across multiple novels by Stephen King, often appearing under a
pseudonym with the initials R.F. He’s gone by Robert
Franq, Richard Feynman, Ramsey Forrest, Robert Freemont and Raymond Fiegler, among others. He first appeared in “The Stand”, but is perhaps best known for being one of the primary antagonists
of “The Dark Tower” series. (bell dings)
Yes, Jordan? – Um actually, he first
appeared in “The Gunslinger”? – He actually does first
appear in “The Stand”. – Rats!
– Yeah. (bell dings) – Um actually, one of
those many names you said was not one of his names. – You’re gonna have to be
more specific. (laughs) Those names, you wanna take a stab? – Is one of them Raymond something? (all laughing) – It’s Raymond from
Everybody Loves Raymond. (bell dings)
Jordan? – Um actually, he’s never
been the Ramsey Forrest. – He has been Ramsey Forrest.
– I, kidding. – Yeah.
– Gotcha. (bell dings)
– well , you got me. – Um actually, he’s never
been Raymond Fiegler? – No.
(bell dings) – Um actually, he spells
Raymond Fiegler with a ph. So that’s R.P.
(Mike laughs) – Yeah, you couldn’t
tell how I was saying it, but that’s actually it. All right, I’m gonna call it,
we’ll just say no-one got it. We’ll just end up guessing here. Richard Feynman is a famous physicist. (Liam giggles) Who is a sort of cohort of Carl Sagan’s, written a bunch of books
and all kinds of things. He is not in fact The Man in Black, a great unknowable
evil, he is a physicist, and so that is not one of his– – I mean, that was like double-deep nerd. – [Mike] Yeah, double-deep nerdom. – We’re not nerdy enough– – It was either you, you
either know Stephen King or you know physics–
– What was the name? – We’ll give you a save there. Well, no points for that one. Our next question is a
fan submitted question, so one of the viewers of this program wrote in a question and this
is about Warhammer 40,000. Orks in Warhammer 40,000 only bear a passing resemblance to
those in Tolkien’s work. Greenskins, as they’re often called, are brilliant engineers
capable of spaceflight, who worship their own gods Gork and Mork. They also reproduce
asexually through spores, similar to a fungus. (bell dings) – Um actually, they’re not engineers in the sense that they’re
creating their own technology, they’re more like scrap engineers, so they’re like taking existing things, strapping those things together, and they’re using other
people’s technology to transmit themselves to
the stars in their WAAAGHs. – You’re pretty close, I’m gonna say that that’s close enough to
what we’re going for here, which is that Orks are
capable of spaceflight, but it’s not because
they’re brilliant engineers, it;’s because they manifest
a collective psychic field known as WAAAGH which allows
them to will technology to work through sheer force of will, not because they are
particularly clever engineers and know how machines actually work. They just believe it hard
enough and so it does work. – So the psychic equivalent
of hitting the VCR. – Yeah, exactly (laughs) just smacking it. Or I guess they kind of
Secret, they use “The Secret” to sort of make their machines work. They’re just like, “Guys, you know what? “I really think this spaceship’s “gonna get us where we need to go.” – There also just need to
be enough of them, I think. If there’s a small colony,
they ain’t getting anywhere. But once they’ve reproduced enough, they can be like, “Okay
sick, enough of us! “Let’s go guys!” (twinkly music) (funky music) – And this is our first
shiny question of the game, this is called Crunch Time. Here are time travel maps. It is up to you to identify
what the property is based on the time and dates traveled to. None of these are from movies. Let’s flip this over and
let’s take a look at this. What on earth do we have here? (suspenseful music) – Is everybody ready? – I’m ready, let’s see it.
– Okay, here we go. My one guess is “Outlander” for the first one.
– All right. – [Nick] I didn’t guess it there. – Or as my people know it, Ootlander. (mike laughs)
– All right. – It’s the one hot
Scottish man in fiction. (Mike laughing) – What about Fat Bastard? – Oh come on now, he’s not fictional! (all laughing) – All right, Nick, why don’t
you show us what you got here. – This si gonna be rough. I just knew “Outlander” was a thing that included time-travel,
os I put it somewhere, and then that should say “A Connecticut Yankee
in King Arthur’s Court,” because that’s the only
other thing I can remember that had time travel.
– That’s very good. – And not that King
Arthur’s court existed– – But you were traveling there. – But yeah, I don’t know. – All right, Liam, let’s see what you got. – All right, so I started with George Washington’s
secret cooler biography, this is “Boyhood” the book, but I’m pretty sure it
lasts more than 10 years. (all laughing) I wrote “Time Bandits” the book, just ’cause I like the movie. I realize that I guessed,
the only guess was H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine”. Pretty sure he only
time-traveled a couple of times, and not in this pattern. – That, yes, spoiler, but
yeah, that is not the way that “The Time Machine” travels. – I just wrote “Some crazy medieval,” and then “Th Cat in The Hat Comes Back.” – Wonderful, well, Liam,
you have none correct. – What?
– I’m sorry to say. Nick and Jordan, you
both have one correct. – What?
– Yes! – The one guess you made, that is in fact a depiction of “Outlander”,
and your guess for “A Connecticut Yankee in King
Arthur’s Court,” is correct. But let’s take a look at those other ones and see what we got. “Outlander”, “Timequake” is this one. – [Nick] Oh, Prince of Persia, of course. – I didn’t even think of video games! – Hey, we just said
they’re weren’t movies, we never said they were books. – Books, the original video game. (all laughing) Back in my day, our video
games were printed on paper, and we never wanted to read them! “Kindred, “Connecticut Yankee
in King Arthur’s Court,” and Prince of Persia at the end there. – Look, I don’t secretly love and read “Outlander” all the time. – Okay! – No-one thought you did
until you said it though. – Shh, I’m thinking about “Outlander”. (funky music) – And that’s it for this
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