Clarkson: Is your door broken? May: No I’m
broken. Can you hold the door for me? Clarkson: Have you seriously broken your arm? May: Well it’s fractured. Hammond: Which arm have you broken? Clarkson: Hello Hammond: Is there
an event on? Is it always this busy? May: Wow, Roger Moore isn’t here. Clarkson: Looking good is more important than looking May: When are you going
to do that then? Hammond: This could be so expensive. May: We’re going on a road trip
in very exotic cars Clarkson: Grand Touring Clarkson: Come on
Clarkson: Oh Sh** May: That’s to release Hammond: How does it look to him? May: That’s to release it you muppet. Clarkson We’ve only had one
minor fire. Clarkson: it’s like that Tom Cruise movie. Hammond: Cocktail? Clarkson: Watch
this sunshine. Clarkson: it’s quite normal.