– I knew that I wanted
something Asian-inspired, something traditional, but
also a little twist in it. I was actually thinking
about anything mochi-wise, mochi family. There’s
actually so many types of mochi all over Asia. I remember the first time
I had a mochi donut was in Taiwan when I was traveling. And it was just mind-blowing
to me, because I had no idea — I thought it was just a regular donut. And then when you bite into it, it’s like, “Wow, this is mochi.” And then I was like, “Why don’t I try to make a mochi donut?
Nobody has mochi donuts, so that will be different.” And different to me is very important. – We’ve got this nice spread of all the different mochi
donuts that they offer. We’ve got two of the cereal ones and two of these more savory ones. And I think I’m going to get into this brulee, gold-dusted
one: it’s nice and shiny and just looks like it’s
got a nice crust to it. Mmm. This doesn’t have the
same texture as a donut, but I’m OK with it. It honestly feels like I’m eating a marshmallow — especially this one with this
caramelized sugar on top. It’s almost like a campfire marshmallow. You’ve get that nice
brulee-ing on the outside when you perfectly toast it. I think I’m going to get into this matcha rice puff one next. I normally feel like most matcha desserts are just like too much matcha. It’s almost like eating grass. And this is a nice balance. And this toasted rice puffs, it also adds this great
textural note to the matcha that’s very chewy, and you
get this nice little crunch that’s a relief from almost the gumminess of the donut itself. Oh, wow. Salted caramel and Nutella:
How can you go wrong? I’m very, very into this combo. Mm, I was a little worried that the caramel and the Nutella together was going to be too sweet but this little bit of
sea salt that they added offers this great balance to that and really tones it all down and adds this perfect savory note that completes the entire donut. It is really good. One donut left, and I think
I’ve saved the best for last. A lot of places put
cereal on top of donuts but it always feels stale. And here, because they toast it, it has that fresh-out-of-the-
box feel to it and taste. And this one is like
Frosted Flakes on a donut, and who doesn’t love Frosted Flakes? They’re great. Jesus. If you liked what you saw,
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