hey buddy it’s your girl AyChristene and I
have been getting so many messages to check out next video this is the last
guest a sad robach smoothie by oblivious HD I saw this I saw it was 22 minutes
I’m like man that’s a long video but one of the things that you guys said it’s
like you I have to check it out and that I’m more than likely probably gonna cry
um for those who don’t know oblivious HD made the guest the guest series the
guest horror robot series about the guest that was a ghost that was killing
bullies because take-back he was bullied and thrown off a roof or accidentally
pushed shot however you want to perceive that situation but it was a very like
somebody’s got my nerves and everything and I said this is even more sad than
that so we’re going to check it out link for this video or videos well it’s just
one video so link from those videos in the description box below for you to
check out now let’s get started okay we’ve got up we’re going on here alright
so we’ve got a guest the US military and we’ve got oh that happened real fast bro this is like
a serious war and these are old pictures that he has of him more well that’s a
doctor Oh the guest had a baby the guests wife I
guess had the baby the last guest all right that’s full all schools about
to start you don’t want to be late on your first day but um oh I guess
nobody’s going to like me oh so this is a flashback oh well I said there
anywhere or the guests lacked in their beer something will make friends in no
time always told you this little baby be strong
always be stories it’s our portrait on sledding down this leg so this must
have been a flashback this is at the playground
this is Blacksburg but all those houses on way too nice to do but watch for what
what is this if they just attack that’s all the
middle of a neighborhood happens nobody came out to these shots
what bag is going on but bacon soldiers leave to be two of the few remaining
guests in roblox the so called bacon soldiers are causing chaos across roblox
yeah civilians and causing terror Oh first any so they’re killing any buddy
that sucks Bonnie’s Idol orphanage oh hi Daisy
nice to meet you that’s nice yes I heard about your parents
oh that something doesn’t happen to them so he’s the last guest guest yeah thanks
how long have you been here well I’m new here too and I’m thinking we could be
friends yeah I’d like that hmm let’s go grab
some breakfast lunch nice of her to want to be his friend
I like that Mouse on that uh those on that table see oh is this the same oh they’re bullying
or this is the same Park where he lost his family as a parent total listen
little girl I think beating her ah sorry my leg must
have accidentally slip ninja little rock showed up this is this this will be some
itch that gets me angry you’re not gonna just kick a girl all day
what for fight me tough guy trying to chop them right in his he knocked you
out cold you weak pathetic he’s not your cold no wonder your
species died out oh thank you thank you not them that God sorry you guys ya not
find the lesson oh I made the guest to learn I need him to learn karate kind of
horn so next time they roll it on he got that’s friends are for hey sorry about
them that gun guys just laying there games back by the way nice to me in the
background right there Seneca called yes and I’m Daisy
thanks for helping us out so rude I mean I know this guy just
saved your life so you’re like oh I’m so happy you’re so nice but I just met you
I’m not gonna put my arm to repetier Daisy we’re cool but the other guy I’m
gonna just I’ll just hold off and put my arm around it uh-oh
so we’ve got that bacon terrorist then controllers are so big compared to their
game that’s so cool like Mario Kart in the omelet TV in this huh you try always
Christmas look at that my life right now honey
where are they playing other prints playing Smash Brothers look at them now
where do they planned out I want to see well game you guys play well they’re
just sitting on the the beanbag chairs oh they’re so cool to each other all his
armor is around there a lot of love let’s go you need to get up and hide
quickly what’s going on what’s going on why do they need to have bacon soldiers
they’re here we really need to hide like right now oh my gosh oh my goodness this
one’s for finish these people is it that make these animations be making the
stuff that makes you really want to beat somebody up like why on that orphanage
all the places you’ve a terror this turn is that you want to just play Smash
Brothers oh my goodness what’s gonna happen oh gosh oh gosh the dream of the totally
overpowered is I mean I’m sure one might get shot but that’s two more looks like
wrong no they’re in the other one Jeremy yes this event they’re in this one wait
okay why is a soldier that you’re a soldier
why’d you go to the one across there you said alarm beside you to be alive
especially you guys the bacons on this seriously don’t like your people oh my
goodness are we can really use your help one day
when you’re old enough to join this brings us back to where they’re at at
the beginning of this video ten years later oh my god married oh
that’s awesome yeah okay what up wit homie on the left
side you don’t see him slower not with him but that’s awesome
that guy in the pimp at look at us I like her I love that thing she had her
hand up stars look at that it’s like a tiara of stars but a headband can I get
that in a game is it a big belly santa baby she’s gonna pay me oh so
sweet see how a happy ending so far look at her she’s got the
father’s eyes but the mother’s hair and the mother’s style oh look if I’m watching the TV show
together that’s a family okay there is panic and roblox tonight is the bacon
soldier terrorist organization went on a mass kill really builder man has issued
a warning urging people to remain indoors and beep oh my goodness
terrorist organization has over the past ten years and the authorities are
struggling to remain in control Wow tragically another family of guests were
victims of the terrorism it is believed there is only one last guest oh my
goodness yeah they’re here for him oh my gosh well there’s like a 1/2 guest the
terrorists are just going to keep coming and coming I don’t want my family to
live in a world where they’re always under arrest
I’m going to join them I want you who’s out there I’m coming with you that’s nice of him that’s really nice of him look at them with baby girl baby girl all right so they’re off – I like the
billboard welcoming our new training camp we are here today for one purpose
only and that is to destroy every last vacant soldier all right watch out on
the front of us on the train hard or die planet wait where’s the military
training at the police department well well well look who we have here it’s the
rat from this church because ah please turn around run it’s fear ah is right
what is it what’s like the chef we’re not we’re not gonna discuss bye like we
didn’t just see homie a shot with a turtle on his shoulder that’s it like
they let you keep that in the military hold on let me
let’s where’s the let’s go right here although this is a lot more of a move
that I used to deal but I’m winning I’m with that move I think the guy is there
a no no they deserve there’s no thinking things are okay problem what she was
firmly choice for me the military chef that shuts them up for good yeah
hopefully forever listen up nuggets the greeting starts in 10 minutes start
heading over to the training grounds right this instant get it maggots
you better get across and do what you can those like scratches
are dirt on their face it’s a really strong guy I wonder how they did this
for the animation and like the camera shots I’m very interested to know you
got a sound like in a middle of a music video when you drive
time to go save the world let’s go yeah no big deal yeah nobody at all just
saving the world all right what about the tanks rolling around so that like
the bacon terrorists are not just in their city they’re there all over the
world where are they like in the desert is this in roadblocks see ya where
roblox is like some suburb areas it’s just like this doesn’t felt at the beat
tiger’s eye I don’t see them okay they’re uh they’re there they’re ready
incoming look out oh he saved them one thing is blown to pieces their music is super intense it takes
man kind of amping up music all right let’s
get the cover yeah get more into cover what’s wrong stay strong okay oh we know what’s about
to happen got yours you know what’s about to happen oh no please don’t I
don’t want to see it again I don’t want to see it again I don’t want to see ah
gosh oh my gosh so sada for God
fall back soldiers there’s too many of them where are they
does anyone even see what it shouldn’t cry no I’m not giving up
we came here to protect our families and from survive I’m not giving up until
every last one of them is dead or until I am okay does everybody else have to
die with you on that can you get like some I’m wife fighting for your parents
and her family I’m with it let’s be wise let’s have a plan
where they come from okay let’s just beat superhero-ish okay he went down to
where they’re at he knew where there I he’s like I’m a fine job we’re gonna
treat and get on it like why don’t we train with those people but he could do
this like UFC Brazilian fighting like type of fight skills before you start
training where do you learn it but you might have taken my advice from when he
was at the park with that one the first guy oh oh oh we shot up in this this is
the one what a pleasure it is to meet you the last guest any less
oh yeah Oh oh my goodness isn’t he right there – oh my gosh oh my gosh but did he at least
make sure that was the last one before he like blew himself up oh my gosh
should somebody at their door ah well it’s somebody else oh my gosh oh my gosh
oh my goodness I was like low-key hoping that it was him and then he just
survived the explosion maybe he came up you know from the explosion but I really
thought that maybe he was surviving what I was hoping he was really close though we are here today to honor the brave and
heroic actions of a fallen soul teenis he was a proud husband a loyal friend
that many respected comrade he was the last oh and he is dead for the past few
months the bacon soldiers terrorist organization has been on
defeating our forces buddy helps right thanks to the last guest okay captions
their leader is dead his army is fractured that’s good
at least it’s fraction this statue is here not to represent the tragic end of
Poland guests but a memorial of hope we determined that is suicide is that the friend for the first time in
30 years it feels like we are going to win this war all because a friend for
the first time in 30 years people feel like they can walk the streets and
safety all because of one man his courage and bravery has taught us that
it is important to parents to really get to know what that person is like I mean
how do I survive this I am proud to say that my best friend oh my goodness man
good is ever looking more – you make it sounds again the news a guest and in the
Friends of I forgot shot in the face what was I wrong oh my gosh this is so sad this is so sad what’s that your dad slip this into my
pocket when I was a cop he was unconscious am i beautiful if you are reading this
oh gosh my greatest regret is ever seen oh my goodness
look after your mom for anyone who’s here time for these probox well oh dear
I’ll be waiting wait he wrote a letter right after
spring got shot remember just once he’s strong oh gosh that was like an epic
like movie thing it wasn’t even like because I thought this was gonna be more
so of a like super downtrodden story but it kind of turned around really fast and
I instead of a sad robux movie I would call it an emotional roblox movie
because it takes you an event and on a bit of an adventure the music at the
beginning I felt human even though they were trying to emot– make you feel an
emotion I thought it was kind of like to over trying to make you amount but the
all the music during the fighting at the war and all that stuff and even this end
part I’m like that I feel like I watched like a blockbuster hit type of movie
with the way that the score was but I just it it was a really good score I
think he scored it very well like the later half of the movie um I tell you
one thing anyway not how I thought it was gonna go and I think that was a good
thing I think it’s good but it didn’t that the father didn’t survive a lot of
the times when you watch some of these videos some of them I’m not gonna say
those CG animations that have something really sad hope happen and then it’s
just Oh cut to credits that’s yen with same place and the won’t jabu that those
two kind of soul hurt my heart a little bit but I do I do appreciate that he
didn’t survive it like you didn’t see him die and that’s the thing with a lot
of TV and movies now like if you don’t physically see them die then it doesn’t
really count or they can still be alive there’s always that oh well you didn’t
see it so maybe they’re still alive in this case no that’s not the case homie
dive you did blow up when he threw that grenade um at least he did put the
faction into disarray and damaged the groups but I was hoping that maybe you
would have more of a plan or at least itself tell the plan to the others so
that way they know what’s gonna go down and everybody could be a bit more
prepared and trying to decimate these guys
and it started off really sad I did think of Batman with his parents time
it’s not the same place but I just made me think of Batman and and when when his
parents got gunned down this bacon terrorist what is their problem okay
y’all know y’all y’all look like bacon right so what right do you have to be
terrorizing another group of people that look different but that doesn’t make any
sense whatever Babu bhai but I’m glad that
they were able to throw a blow to him and in this case he did take my advice
when homie was in the park and I was like listen next time you do this you
got to learn some karate and he was like imma up up you instead of just looking
at karate I’m going to learn some secret ninja moves start to do this round flip
kick thing and kick two people with one kick I’m like sir I took my hat off to
you because I thought it was a really good robots animation let me know your
thoughts down below in the comment section what was your favorite part or
what were your thoughts about it and then let me know down below if you like
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