Hi kids! It’s me, Ms. Booksy here at Cool School with Story Time! Today we’re going to read The Little Mermaid. We’ve done The Little Mermaid before, but you see, there’s just so much more to the story! So let’s get started with The Little Mermaid, Chapter One! Once upon a time there was a Little Mermaid. Very little. See? There she is! Anyway, the Little Mermaid was not just a mermaid… she was also a princess. Daughter of the mighty Sea King! And she had five older sisters, also princesses! One of the Little Mermaid’s favorite things to do was listen to her sisters’ stories about the world beyond the water. See, whenever one of the princesses turned 18 she was allowed to go to the surface of the ocean. There, they could see the sky, and the birds, and the clouds. And if they were extra lucky, they might even see a ship with humans onboard! Sometimes, though, the Little Mermaid got the sense that her sisters were just making stuff up. Human people have eight legs. They kinda look like octopuses! I think it’s octopi. Whatever! And some humans have a horn on their head, like a narwhal! No way! You’ll see. Land people have eyes all over their body so they can see everything at once. Nuh-uh. Yeah, they do! Blegh! I don’t believe it! I bet humans are beautiful! I guess they are. If you like lots of eyes and horns and stuff. MS. BOOKSY: When the Little Mermaid was almost a hundred percent sure they were fibbing, she would go to her dad. Dad, is it true that human people have eight legs and a narwhal horn and lots of eyes and that they wrestle sharks and eat whale blubber for dessert– The only thing you need to know about people is that they are dangerous and you should never speak to one! Ugh! When am I going to get MY chance to see the humans? I feel like I’ll never turn 18! MS. BOOKSY: But of course, she did grow up, see, there she is! Right before her 18th birthday. Hi! Let me tell you about life as a sea princess! We lived in a palace made of shells and pieces of treasure from sunken ships! At night, each princess slept in a bed of beautiful sea flowers! Sh! And you’ve heard of a school of fish, right? That’s where we studied and learned! Actually, we did lots of things that human girls do— just a little…differently. We played sports. We went to the movies. Sh!! Only problem, popcorn get soggy underwater… We acted in plays. To swim or not to swim. That is the question. You shoulda seen me in South Pacific! The Ocean Times said I was a “star”, Imagine… Me a starfish! So basically I was just a regular girl! Oh, except my best friend was a dolphin. Hi there! I guess you humans might not think that’s regular… Dolph and I would swim around and get into all kinds of adventures. Like one time we swam down way super deep, down into the part of the ocean that is so dark— —you can’t see your own tail! And then all of a sudden we saw a glowing blob floating toward us…ahh! Giant bioluminescent marine worm with fangs! Creepy! Bioluminescent means it glows. Yeah, obviously. Let’s get out of here! And then another time we hitched a ride with a shark! They can swim really fast! And they have really scary big teeth! But they can’t turn their heads, so they’re like… Guys, what’s back theeeere?? I don’t know, man. I don’t see nothin’! The craziest adventure was when we sneaked into the Sea Witch’s house! She lived in a giant sunken pirate’s ship. Suuuper creepy! But also super cool! The Sea Witch had gone out to get a carton of whale milk for her coffee. We swam inside and— Wow! Cool! We were playing with a sword, well I was, Dolph can’t hold a sword! No hands! And I was just about to defeat the pretend pirate ghost I was battling, when— La la la la la la… It’s the witch! Hide! No, let’s get out of heee— Out of where? AHHHH! AHH! Sorry, kids. I got a little scared… we better go read Chapter 2 right now! We have to find out what happens to the Little Mermaid and Dolph!