Hey guys, so I have not been feeling good today, like I don’t know what it is it’s like jet lag I just feel so awful, but you know what if you’re feeling awful You know what makes you feel better? apparently satisfying things They’re supposed to calm you down, make you feel all like warm and fuzzy and shit inside, so that’s exactly what we’re doing today Satisfying things we got a hot knife cutting some soap or clay, or I don’t know what it is (IT’S CLAY) But it’s melting and it’s the white on the inside, and it looks like cake and I’m hungry … That was nice whatttt-s the heck [gasps] is this how they make a chug jug, okay, so they separated That’s so cool. No, please don’t do it. Please don’t oh-w Whoa it’s filled with Orbeez It just keeps going I’m like no. Please don’t cut it. I don’t know I don’t know what my problem was when I was a little kid, but anything with a smiley face I never like wanted to throw it away or like cut it or hurt it or [chuckles]or like pulled it I don’t know what it was- like- I’m like it has a face therefore it has feelings Whoa? Don’t know what she’s doing, but I like it is this that- that- that sand stuff(kinetic sand u mean) that moon sand this may look like regular sand But you can also eat it It’s oil and sand So like melts oh, I like this. I like this I like how he does that I like the way he moves. I like the way he moves his body I like the way he pours the paint. This is a special kind of skill i already feel so much better like watching these videos makes me feel so good seriously the cure to anxienty It just popped out it just popped out This lotion Wait is that like a top that you can put on your lotion, and then you can just pop out a rose I Need this in my life. Oh It’s one of those squishy things is it Why are you smashing it you’re supposed to eat it, not smush it apparently this is the thing this person makes videos smooshing food oh my god This looks so good right now. I just fallen down this rabbit hole of foods mushin’ Its good how it’s just a gif or Jif whatever you like to call it Will you frost that cake you frost that cake mr.. Machine you frost it real good I? Like how it Frost’s it These machines they getting too smart something tells me this woman really does not like cream filled baked goods over here We have this snake Mr.. Snakey fits so perfectly He was so perfectly inside the line. I wonder does that feel good on his belly. He’s just slithering in the right path Let me tell you these pancakes So perfect I would feel bad eating them I want to make pancakes like they’re like hella fucking fluffy Oh like these yeah, this is exactly what it is photos that will make you breathe easy Oh damn she thicccccc What can I get some of these oh This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen Oh you flip them you flip those pancakes real good See what I what I tell you about the machines We don’t need humans anymore I mean I have trouble flipping one pancake at a time this dude can flip eight pancakes at once This is the future so Tennis ball does not explode when putting this thing. It just gets mush real good. Oh I don’t know tennis ball was so stretchy what the hell like it going to like that it’s not explode. I? Don’t think who’s so stretchy similar the rubber ducky or did it melt that you see the last second is like melting Donald Duck like and my suffering oh the good old hot knife and soap Okay, that was not as satisfying as I thought see that’s much better. That was pretty. That’s pretty good Oh, no, not the coke bottle the coke bottle man wow Who did this? Why would you ruin a perfectly good bottle of coca-cola? Sand oh they do this with everything oh Do you know what this is? You know that stuff you buy at craft stores the green stuff that you put in like a vase And then you put fake flowers in it You know what the stuff you like to poke in the store ruin it for other people yeah, that’s this shit once I bought one of those things just like it like press it ruin it. Oh, man What I would do to have this beautiful perfect Watermelon in my mouth right now. It’s just way too. Good. Look at this owl. He says toe perfectly in this tree It’s like it was made for him or maybe he made a hole in the tree so that he could fit perfectly conspiracy-theory You snug as a bug in a rug This is what I love the most about snow like when it snows a lot And then there’s like a really nice layer of snow on top so good too bad We don’t have snow here someone took their time to arrange the gummi bears like this someone with severe OCD
comment ‘MCR come back to us..’ It’s pretty though I like it the Blues are my favorite What’s your favorite gummy bear flavor comment below this cat – it’s like somebody destroyed this wall Specifically for this cat remember the cat destroyed the wall just so it could sit there and now now and the destruction of the wall somebody arranged their pills So beautifully if I open up my pills when I saw this I would not be taking any pills I was just looking at it and be like yeah, man I did a good job, and then I put it away, and then never take any of my pills and died Ah Somebody made Tetris shaped tatertot And arranged them all so that they all fit snug why the ice cream got to be prettier than me leave a like if this Ice cream is more perfect than you oh man See I always have this problem when I package watermelon I don’t know how to package it, and it’s just like I feel like there’s so much negative space and I packaged it badly But it just fits so snug and all the right places oh Okay, who does flowers looking so damn perfect for like it’s too perfect? It’s like one of those fake plastic flowers Wow rude. You’re just mad. She’s like so pretty Wow look at that circle around a B see what happened you have second and third letters of the alphabet for a reason if I’ve ever seen a Free-handed perfect ass circle you best believe. That’s it by the way. I have a huge Huge pimple over here. You know the kind of pimple that like hurts your whole damn face Ah, I remember doing this whenever my mom made me clean out the dishwasher Slide them figures right on in their pickup walls on that once I loved it is this loot like the storm cut men like look at these ripples like yeah It doesn’t even look real. What caused this what the hell. What kind of mushrooms are these? Pancake looking at some mushrooms. Yeah, I don’t care if they’re toxic Magic whatever they look good, I’m gonna put it in my mouth all right mo salt like Pet it. I’m like that look like a soft mushroom. Okay. We just get a little extra now. Oh I need some lotion let me just squirt some out and scoots up the most perfect little poop shape dab of Lotion you ever saw like what would you do if you created something so beautiful? Like I would want to preserve it it would be a shame that I have to like Rub it everywhere and destroy something so beautiful I’m not sure This is like edited, but they made a sticky note sandwich, and it just gave this a fat, and this is what it looks like Damn look at this nature did this all by itself yo move this little puddle looking so good for okay This would be really nice, if these people over here Didn’t ruin it. It’s just so nice How everybody has that empty balcony over here, and then these people y’all can move your shit y’all brought my photo Whoa I find his skin was like ripping off for a second buddy’s putting it in the water or he got a hand Glove is that a thing a hand glove like whoo look at it. First sack. It look like you wearing a glove of a hand But it’s not it’s water, holy This is scary I would be hella scared of this we got a black panther lookin snake I know he look good at all, but this mother f*cker ready to kill you, this city. Oh, where is this place? I want to live here. That’s definitely loot lake. There’s just a perfect line Dividing the city from the park anyway. That’s all for today (caption person’s note… look i got lazy after the pancake part so i gave up doing the rest… sorry) I hope you guys enjoyed this video comment below (caption person’s note… look i got lazy after the pancake part so i gave up doing the rest… sorry) Which one was your favorite and then this video make you calm down as much as it made me calm down(caption person’s note… look i got lazy after the pancake part so i gave up doing the rest… sorry) I hope it did if you guys enjoyed and want part two make sure you hit that like button in the face And subscribe to join the wolf pack. I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching bye guys (caption person’s note… look i got lazy after the pancake part so i gave up doing the rest… sorry…and fuck u if u think this is easy work. )