Hi and welcome to The People’s Pantry! I only made today’s recipe because I
thought it had a funny name but it turns out it’s also a bad recipe! This recipe
is called Muna’s Aggression Cookies Who is Muna? Does Muna make these cookies when she has aggression? If she eat these cookies does she become aggressive?
Does she need them as some sort of medicine to combat aggression? Why are no eggs in these cookies? Why is there so much margarine in these cookies? I think the ingredients are wrong What’s the deal with the aggression and
these cookies? The recipe is not submitted by someone
named Muna. Maybe these cookies are supposed to make you hate Muna – until you
become aggressive toward Muna. Why aren’t they just called oatmeal cookies? So I looked at the ingredients and I thought okay there’s a lot of flour, there’s a lot of oats maybe it’s like really hard to make this
dough and it does say you should knead roll and punch the dough “The longer you do it the better the
cookie” and I thought AHA! They’re aggression cookies because you take out
your aggression on a very tough dough but just like last week these cookies are really wet and have a
lot of fat and break apart why did the person assembling this
cookbook not look at this recipe title and be like “uuuh– I get where you’re going
with this but I think we should just call them oatmeal cookies”
So if you’re ready we’re gonna make some Muna’s aggression cookies! I literally have no idea Muna’s aggression cookies.
Immediate impression – it doesn’t look like a cookie looks like stuff that they throw on
vomit in elementary schools doesn’t Doesn’t smell like much of anything maybe a
little bit of oatmeal I can only assume Muna’s aggression came from not being able to properly shape a cookie *hulk* They’re not bad!
These cookies are pretty good. It just kinda tastes like soft oatmeal. Like gas station oatmeal cookies They’re not bad. Muna needs to settle her ass down. These are ok. If you’re enjoying the show please click this red button and subscribe