(techno music) – My stomach hurts so bad. (techno music) – Hey guys it’s Kamri. Welcome back to my
channel and today I have a guest with me. This is Rylan. – Hello. – What are you doing with your hair? – I don’t know. – She is my sister. We don’t really look alike. Maybe. Some times we get it some times we don’t. – I mean, eh – Well she’s my younger sister even though sometimes she gets older than me. Like they think I don’t know. – They thought I was 18
and I was like no no. – So yes we are going to be
doing an exciting challenge today and that is going
to be the pizza challenge. But instead of just the normal
one we are going to be doing. – Valentine’s edition. – Yes. And I don’t know if you
guys know this but Brooklyn and Baylie our sisters
they did the normal one. The pizza challenge a couple years ago. – It was a while ago. – So you can go check out
their channel by clicking the I button right here and
the description box below. And maybe you can find
that challenge somewhere way back in their videos. And well let’s get on to this challenge. So first obviously we
gotta make our pizza. We’re gonna try making hearts so. – Yeah. – That’s the worst part. – First you have to pop these open which is super scary. (music) Oh, ew it feels so gross. – Okay this is a lot of dough. – To be honest I have no
idea what I’m doing here. – I don’t either. I’ve never made a pizza like this before. – I guess I’ll. – That’s gonna be so thick. – No I’m flattening it. – How do you unroll it. – We’re clearly not chefs. Watch this. (techno music) I did this side how thick I want it. – Oh you’re smart. Watch this. – This is very difficult. – Cause it sticks to the tin foil. Okay we’re making hearts? – Yes. – Well (techno music) – Okay now you flip it over. Okay that looks bad. That is not a heart. This is so hard. – Very uneven so I’m
pull and push and stuff. Oh no now my plate is gone. There we go. – Okay Rylan is fixing hers. – Mine looks so lopsided. – No these look pretty good. They’re okay. – I mean for not being a chef or anything. – Yeah. Now we gotta add the sauce. So I do not really like pizza sauce. – So it depends on how we’re feeling about these toppings because if
you want a lot of sauce if you think it’s gonna get gross. – The sauce is what makes it gross. (techno music) – That seems like a decent amount. Done. Now I feel like an actual chef. Alright so how this is
going to work is we have a bowl with the even amount of. – Toppings. – Yeah the names of the toppings in here. I feel like all of them
are okay but with them mixed together it’s gonna be gross. – Like pepperoni and skittles. – Eww. So yeah we’re gonna do it
and alternate taking turns and I think we should make
a rule where you have to at least like put a
decent amount on there. – Yeah like evenly spread it. You can’t just have
one, two, three you have to have like at least more than ten. – More than ten! – Yeah. – What if it’s like pepperoni? – Pepperoni can be five. But the rest are small. – Let’s say like enough to cover it. – Yeah. – So you’re the guest. Do you want me to go first
or do you wanna go first? – Me. – Please don’t be crazy. – That’s probably one of
the worst ones for pizza. – Yeah peanut butter and chocolate. You draw while I do this. – Can I make a face out of mine? It depends on what I get though. Please don’t be olives. – Ahhh (laughing) No. – She hates olives. – The one thing I didn’t want. – If you know anything about her it’s that she hates sauces and she hates olives. – Ek they just smell nasty. Well I can make a face out of these. Okay that’s good. – Well you need a nose. – Okay nose. Now it looks messed up. – Well you can add another nose. – Alright your turn. – Pineapple. – Okay that actually’s pretty good. – But pineapple and Reeses? – Yummy – Is that enough? – Delicious. – Spread it out a little bit. – Well yeah. – Okay. – Pineapple’s actually not bad. – What do I want? – Pineapple and ham’s Hawaiian pizzas. – I mean probably like a ham or pepperoni. Some kind of meat. – Yeah or candy. – Craisins. That was the one I didn’t want. – Here. – Okay craisins. I have a nasty pizza right now. Look at that eyebrow. – Oh that’s kind of creepy actually. Sour gummy hearts. – Your’s gonna take nasty. Sour gummies with Reeses and pineapple. – I want delicious. – That looks interesting. – Oh who knows maybe this
will be the next almost pizza. – Oh yeah. – It’s called Valentine’s lover pizza. – Okay. Ham. I’m getting like an actual pizza in here. Like hers is all candy and
mine’s like actual pizza. This is gonna be an interesting pizza. I’m gonna like throw up. I don’t think mine’s gonna taste too bad. – Pepperoni. – Yours gonna taste nasty. – It’s gonna be pepperoni and sour. – Oh but now all we have left is candy. So that means I’m actually
gonna have candy on here. It looks interesting. Alright. – I hate pepperoni. But I love pepperoni at the same time. – Swedish Fish hearts. – I hate Swedish Fish. – Okay here we go first piece of candy. – I think yours is gonna
be grosser than mine. It would have been good
but now cranberries and like Swedish fish hearts and olives. – If it didn’t have olives it’d be good. – Skittles – Which means I have
chocolate caramel hearts. Dangit. – I just put a lot of
skittles on there so it kinda takes away all the gross. – Dang now if there caramel
hearts gonna be nasty. – Wait but what will
skittles taste like cooked? – Disgusting. – I think I might melt. – I hope this chocolate doesn’t like burn. Okay we have the same amount. – Look at this. – Mine’s so cute. It has a face. – She has like four of each thing. See mine? – No I don’t. Look at all those cranberries and look. – Hers is mostly gonna taste like a pizza. Mine’s gonna be like. – I got pretty good toppings. – Mine’s gonna be like
pizza from Candyland. – Yeah you got a lot of the candy. Let’s go bake these. So we have our pizzas
and I just have to say mine doesn’t look to bad. Like the caramel looks. Rylan’s looks disgusting. – Mine has like the
gummy hearts so they like melted and all the skittle color. So there’s like a pile of liquid all. My whole pizza’s like liquid candy. (techno music) – Okay so Rylan has like a
big piece of like bubble. Our agreement is that we
have to choose a slice with a reasonable amount of stuff on it. Like so you can’t choose one
with not a lot of stuff on it. – Ew. – And then you have to
eat that whole slice. – I’m gonna throw up. – Ew look at all the. It looks so nasty. That is not, oh, look at that right there. – Don’t we just love all of this. – It’s like sticky. It’s just sugar. It’s like stuck. It’s like dried jolly
ranchers or something. – Wait, hang on. – Eww. (laughing) There you go. – Three, two, one. – Okay I just got bread. – This doesn’t taste very good. I can’t look at that. – My stomach hurts so bad. – Whew done with my first bite. That candy heart was the
worst thing I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. Flip it around. Look at this. Look at that. Yummy. The cranberries kind of become like hard. It’s almost like they’re candied. Like glazed almost. I’m not excited for this
bite with the chocolate. – That does not taste good. (techno music) I mean it’s like strawberry jam on pizza. – I can’t really describe
what it tastes like but there’s something that it tastes like and it’s like a dessert
with the chocolate, caramel and bread. It doesn’t taste bad. The worst part is the candied hearts. Those taste disgusting with the cheese. But the rest of it’s good. Rylan’s is nasty. Thank you guys so much for
watching this challenge. It was disgusting. Rylan’s was nasty. – I’m like picking food out of my teeth. – It looks gross. It looks like somebody threw up on it. That’s what it looks like. Mine looks like a decent
pizza except for the heart. The hearts were disgusting. They were nasty. Do not recommend. The chocolate was actually not too bad. It was okay. – Yeah I don’t really know what I ate. It was just kind of there. So I tried a little of everything. – On a scale of one to ten. Ten being delicious I’d say
mine was a four or five. It wasn’t terrible. – Mine was definitely a negative 100. Do not recommend. Alright well you guys can
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and what we should put on our next pizza if we
do this challenge again. And we will see you guys soon. Bye. – Bye. (techno music)