– [Man] At midnight,
you have to play a game. – [Woman] Why? – It’s just something
we do when someone new joins the family. – A game? What game? – All right, so we’re gonna start off with the horrifying children’s
games, because obviously this is a horrifying
version of hide-and-go-seek. So, Chutes and Ladders, how
would you make it horrifying? – Real, wait, are there snakes in there? – I can’t remember, I
remember Snakes and Ladders. – [Jacqueline] There’s
Snakes and Ladders too, so. – So we can just put snakes
in Chutes and Ladders. – There you go. – How about a goat dungeon? – Oh, a goat dungeon, with the ladder. Mmm. Without a ladder. – Um. (laughing) I have no idea. How do you make that more scary? I just like snakes and ladders. – [Woman] What is Chutes and Ladders? – I don’t know. (laughs) That’s basically what we’re hearing. – [Interviewer] I mean
you climb up the ladder. – It’s been a long time
since I’ve played this game. – Yeah. – But I’m aware of it. – You climb up the ladder, and
then if you get on the chute that means that you lose
and you go to the bottom. But I think if maybe the
ladders had like knives on it, instead of rungs. – What if the chutes had snakes in it? – [Interviewer] Yeah, yeah, there you go. (laughs) – I got really excited about that. – So, so this one’s a
little bit more for you, Samara, but, What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? Did you play that as a kid?
– Oh yeah! – That’s an Australian game,
it’s similar to our version of Red Light, Green Light, but how could you make
What’s the Time Mr. Wolf– – Real wolves?
– Real wolves. – More snakes. (laughing)
– There you go. – That’s good, she’s
getting the same thing. – Alright, I don’t think
you can bring snakes to Monopoly, to make it more horrifying. – Well, (laughing) you would think. – [Jacqueline] What would
you do for Monopoly? – To scare kids?
– Yes, to make it terrifying. – Some evil billionaires. – Oh, that’s–
– Truly evil. – Billionaires.
– Who are kids, and who are bullies.
– They are big bullies, big bullies.
– That feels so similar to things. Anyway (laughs). – Don’t say that. What about tag? How would you make Tag horrifying? – Snakes. – Snakes, yeah. (laughing) You tag them with a snake. – There you go. – That’s actually brilliant. Alright. Operation? – Hmm. – Get children to do the operation. – [Jacqueline] Oh my God, you
are really good at this game. – Blood bath. – Leave stuff in the
body, like, add nails, put nails inside.
– That’s actually good. Like, bad operation, like–
– Yeah, terrible operation. – I think there’s a video game like that. – You guys are crazy. (laughing) That’s good. – I like that one. Okay, couple more. Duck, Duck, Goose. – Real ducks.
– Duck, Duck, Death. (laughing) – Duck, Duck, Death! You have to shoot the duck. (laughing) – What?
– Well, Duck, Duck, that’s the one where you hit
’em on the top of the head, so maybe you like–
– Yeah. – With water guns? Oh, well bop ’em. That’s even meaner. (laughing) – Bop ’em?
(laughing) And you call it Bop ‘Em?
– Yeah, like, cause you know, you go Duck, Duck, and you’re suppose to do it softly, but like, you could like– – Yeah, have a hammer
– Really hit ’em, with a snake!
(laughing) Strangle ’em with a snake. – Alright, if y’all can
work in snake to Hot Potato. – It’s not a potato anymore, is it? – Snake Potato. – Snake Potato.
(laughing) – I would eat that. (laughing) – Snake potato? Do they eat snakes in Australia? – No.
– Okay. – I know some places do. – Some people do, yeah. – I’m just, just curious, I’ve seen this. But, alright, that’s it. I didn’t think Australia
was some crazy land, but.. (laughing) you said you wanted to eat it so. (laughing) – Have I eaten a snake before? I don’t think so. – This sort of premise
begins at a wedding, so what’s your worst wedding horror story? – I mean how many
weddings have you been to? – A few. – Have you? – Do you have a good one? – I’m tryin’ to think– – A good horror story? I mean usually there’s
someone that gets drunk. – Divorced? (laughing) – People do get drunk a lot. – They get drunk. – I don’t know if I can say
without offending people at my (laughs). – Say it, say it! – I know, that’s what I was thinking. – Depends on how bad it is.
– They won’t watch this I promise you. (laughing) – What happened, what happened? – There was a really sad bridesmaid, who made a speech about her break up and, like, the room just cleared. It was really sad and awkward. – Was she drinking? – Yeah. – Well, I’m from the south,
I could tell you about a lot of rednecks that
get drunk at weddings. (laughs) – Sometimes shot guns, I’m from Alabama. – Okay, well you know then.
– Yes (laughs) – You know, it’s a good
excuse to like, let go. – Yeah. – Free food and cake. (laughing) – I find that people who
can’t wrap up the speech. There always like, “oh
my god, me and Diane, “we were best friends, “we used to call each other cookie sisters “because, oh, whatever.” And then at the end they’re like, “Anyway, I love you so much, “I love Ben, Ben’s great, I love you guys, “so much, I love you guys,” (laughing) and I’m like, “Oh my god,
just give me the dessert!” – The cookie sisters! – Good job, Mark, that’s good. – It’s not bad. – That’s very good. – It’s good. – That is a very good impression of a horrible wedding speech. – That was his speech. (laughing) – And that’s my general,
kinda way of speaking. – No, and I just wanna
add the comedy of asking that to the woman that starred in, “Four Weddings and a Funeral” is definitely not lost. (laughing) – Great speeches, though, great speeches. – Great speeches in that movie. Did you guys get to play
hide and seek on set? Like, I figure like you have to right, to just do some kind of game? – [Andie] You guys were
playin’ games the whole time. But they just did like, word games. – [Samara] Yeah, Mark has this crazy game, that makes you want to kill yourself. (laughing) – [Mark] Yeah, it’s not dark as that. (laughing) – [Host] Mark? – That was just how you
reacted to the game. – I’d get so annoyed. – It’s a really nerdy game, it’s like, it’s so nerdy.
– it’s very nerdy. – You come up with the
word, it’s five letters, no repeating letters, and
then the person has to guess how many, it’s just so bad. But that’s what we played. – It’s a word game. – Did you like, text it
to each other, or like? – At the end, I’d just be like, “I need to get this word right.” – You used to be really upset, like, and it’d be a big scene,
and you’d be like, “hang on a second,” – Well ’cause some people would get it in like six guesses and I had five pages, – But then you got good! – And Mark was like, nope, nope. I did get better. – Didn’t we play something else? – We played. (laughing) – Oh, yeah. (laughing) – [Andie] What did you play? – You gonna make that public? – Oh no. – [Andie] Yes you have to
now, the audience will be mad. – Play it with me, show it. – So me and my sister when
we were really little, we made up this game, and we, for lack of a better word, we were little, so we called it the elephant game, and I showed Mark and we played. (laughing) Basically, your hands become elephants. – So yeah, so, these are elephants. – And then you have to walk
and try to get the other person’s nail, – So you get me, – And they like, fly. – And then I’m dead. (laughing) – And that’s it. – That is a great game. – Big in Australia. – Big in Australia? – Yeah, big with just me and Morgan. (laughing) – And now me. – And now you, I like that. I definitely like that. So, there’s a lot of like
prosthetics, and blood and like practical effects in the film, so who had the most fun
with the prosthetics, or like the make up and
all that kind of stuff? – Hank and what was her name? – They were great.
– Oh. – Olga? – They were fabulous. – The three maids. – The maids, they had the– – Yeah, they were amazing. – Yeah. – Did you guys get to
play around with any, I mean you guys get kinda– – I had a hand one. – But you were covered in blood? – I was gonna say– – Yeah. – For a long period of time. – I had some blood, but
that was the extent of it. – That’s my next question, what’s the, does the blood
taste like something, or? – Delightful. – Is it? – It’s like caramel syrup. – Yeah. – Oh. So who got dowsed in it the most? I guess you, yeah. What was that day like? – Delicious. (laughing) – ‘Cause it’s caramel syrup and then for the guts and innards
they used banana and jelly, so it was like dessert. The only downside is it gets very sticky. So your eyelids can’t open up for a while and you’ve got hair stuck to you, – Ew ugh. – Yeah. – Mmm. (laughing) – So this is my next question, ’cause this is not the type
of film I’ve seen you in, normally, like I said, so was this like, alright I wanna go genre, or what exactly made you be like let’s go
get bloody, let’s go get– – It was a great script. It’s a really well written,
fun, and it’s a brilliant idea, it’s extremely clever, and it
has also a lot of humor in it, so it’s not your typical horror movie, like you’re so scared,
even though there are a lot of moments where you are scared,
and there’s amazing gore, it’s really bright and funny and has comic timing, and opportunity for great comic timing, and fun to get to work with wonderful, beautiful, young people. The first scene I did was, – I whacked her in the head. – We fought, we got in a
fight, we had to fight, I’d never been in a fight,
so I was winging it, just trying to figure out how to do it. – You were great, but
I hit you in the head. – You were fabulous, you’re a pro. – But in rehearsals, you had a bump. – I know you did hit me (laughing) – But I told Cynthia, the night you gave me a black eye, then I remembered, oh, it wasn’t a black eye,
but it was a good story. – Oh my gosh, did I give you a black eye? – No you didn’t give me a black eye, but it was a bruise, I had an egg, you know how sensitive your forehead is? – It was like, “Hi nice
to meet you, Andie” and then bff. – She gave me an egg, she gave me an egg. But what was really funny,
thinking back on it, if you think back on it, is they weren’t really
helping us at first, right? So we were like in this room,
with a pad and all that, trying to figure out how we
were gonna do this fight scene, and we were just, both of us are like, gonna go out at it 100%, you
know, no hold back, right? Even this like figuring
out, we’re goin’ right? We’re professionals here. We’re gonna kill each other. (laughing) And then, they had to
stop the whole thing, and they were like no, no, no stop, they made everyone leave the room. It was very dramatic, you know, calm down. – Was that first day of filming? That was the very first day. – This is like, just rehearsing. This was just the rehearsal for the scene, – It was the first– – Then I got boxed in the
head, it was an accident, but the drama behind it. – Well yeah, they thought maybe Andie Macdowell’s gonna leave. (laughing) – Oh no, no, no! – [Host] She’s a trooper. – I just, I had a little egg. – We know that, yeah. – I just knew that if we
put ice on it right away, have you ever had one of those? – I have had one of those,
but I’m normally the person that walks around with a
baseball bat on my forehead for a week and half ’cause I didn’t think of the ice thing right away. – Yeah if you ice it, it’ll go down. – So that kinda brings
me to my next question, did you guys have to do
like specific training to get ready for it? Like, nothing? They just kinda threw you guys in there. That sounds about ready
for this movie, actually. That makes a lot of sense. – We wanted it to look sloppy and messy and the stunt team were really
great in keeping it look like we weren’t fighters, but
making it very, very safe. – Awesome, alright I have
just a couple more questions. What was your favorite
hiding place as a kid? Like in your house, or home? – I used to love to hide outside. We used to play sardines or kick the can. – Mm-hm. – Which was one of my, did
you ever play kick the can? – Kick the can? No. – So much fun. Well you know, you played kick the can? – Yeah, well it’s a version
kind of, I guess like, kinda like hide and seek but
not really, it’s more like, sardines is hide and seek
almost exactly, right? Sardines you hid with them?
– Sardines, one person hides, and then you find them, and
get in with them, so much fun. – Yes, yes. – I love that game. And kick the can is, one person’s it, and you might do that, you remember that thing
you do with you hands? It used to be this thing
that you do with your hands? – Oh yeah, where you pick each other, eenie, meanie, mini – How you get the person’s it. – Yeah. – Anyway, so the person
that’s it has to count, and you go hide, and then
you run in and kick the can, and you’re safe, so you
have to get to the can. – Oh. – It’s like reverse, hide
and go, it’s basically like kinda like, get back here, that kinda thing
– yeah, exactly. – Before somebody catches you. (upbeat music)