– Is this sliver of brownies for me? – For me? – For me? – For me? – For me? – I know it’s not for me. – Because it’s for me. – [Jamie] Hey Blake, the floor is lava. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Oh no! (upbeat guitar music) – In today’s vlog, we play the
floor is lava at our school. But before I get there,
subscribe to our channel or give a big thumbs up! – Hey guys, we have a lot
of fun things planned today. The floor is lava! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! – [Steve] I’ll save you! – But before all of the fun… – This is where the magic happens. – We have to do some work. Alright. So the girls’
room has turned into kind of a throw fest. They’ve been throwing
everything in their room, especially after the birthday party. They have bags of all of their new toys just thrown on the floor of their closet. I’ll give you guys a little sneak peek. See all that? Oh, fun.
All of their new toys. So I am going to take
today, while they are gone at school, to organize
their closet for them. And maybe throw out some
things that they don’t use. Shh! Don’t tell them. (Lighthearted music) I’m going crazy! Now I have to clean it all up. Something incredible just happened. This is a huge pile of pajamas. No one wears that many pajamas! It’s time to get rid of some of them. Now it’s time for Steven’s room! I’m an organizing machine. Alright, so Steven’s
room is pretty organized. I added this to his
closet, so we could put all this stuff there, went though a lot of his things, organized them, put them in different places, and it looks amazing. Alright, so I’ve gotten a lot done. Their pajama drawer looks
way better than it did. Big improvement. But, to
be honest, this kind of thing is going to take a lot longer than just one afternoon. But now it is time to go get the kids. And now it’s time for the fun. The kids are back, and it’s homework time! – After homework, we get to have fun. – [Jamie] You helping
them with their homework? – Yes. – [Jamie] Payton’s working
on her favorite thing! – Yep. Definitions… ugh. – (Mischievous music)
[Jamie] Guess what, Jordan, Blake’s gonna finish
your homework for you! – [Jordan] Okay. – My baby sister ate my homework! How could you? – Alright, so here’s what
we have planned so far. 1) Go to the school’s book fair. 2) Go get Steven’s hair cut. – Yes. Please. – 3) Payton needs to pass
out her baptism invites. And it is raining and super cold outside. – We may need to heat some things up. – [Jamie] Alright guys,
we’re here at the school. You ready to go check out the book fair? – Yep. – [Jamie] Guess what? The
floor is lava! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! – [Steve] I’ll save you! – Yes! – [Jamie] Whoa, there goes the curtain. That may have been a little too dangerous. You have to be careful where
you play The Floor is Lava. – Guess what, guys? I’m safe. – Parker’s safe! – Welcome to the inside
of the kids’ school. – This is where the magic happens. – [Steve] Girls, the floor
is lava! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! So we’re at the kids’ school,
looking for the book fair. And not seeing it anywhere.
I think we’re lost. – I’m lost. – I know where it is. – [Steve] We’re still walking. Jordan! Why are we still walking around? – It’s right down here. – [Steve] You found it?
Guess what else I found? The floor is lava! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! – Payton! – [Steve] Did you make it? – [Girls] Yeah. – [Steve] Oh, she did. Stephen,
I don’t know if that counts. – I’m safe. – Mom and baby Blake are safe. And Payton was all the
way inside here, safe. – Guys, I was behind Taylor by the way. – We finally found the book fair. – [Steve] Hey, Taylor? – What? – [Steve] Those don’t look like books. – It’s a cat book. – I found one. – Princess books. Parker will love that. – And of course, I found
the Star Wars books. – [Jamie] Are you enjoying the book fair? Are you really going to get a Lego book? – Yes, I am. – I keep trying to get her
to look at other books, but she does not care
about any other books. – I want Legos. – [Jamie] Guess what,
Parker? The floor is lava! – I’m safe. – [Jamie] You didn’t even
have to move. High-five! Did you find what you’re getting? – Yes. “I Survived.” – [Jamie] What did you survive? – The American Revolution. – [Jamie] You’re old. – Yes. Yes I am. (playful pop music) – I picked “Sassy”. – Because you’re sassy. I got a book about
ballet, because I always dreamed to be in ballet. (♪Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of
the Sugar Plum Fairy”♪) – You already know what I got. – Descendants 2. – Legos. – [Jamie] Guess what,
Payton? The floor is lava. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! She’s fast! Um, we’re breaking the school rules! – We successfully completed
another book fair. We got 5 books with limited complaining. Kind of. But we are
done, and now it is time for Stephen to get his hair cut. I don’t know the last
time he got his hair cut. But it looks ridiculous. – Yes. It looks ridiculous. – This is actually one of the first times that Stephen came to me and was like, “Mom, really? I need my hair cut.” (Stephen agrees indistinctly) He even recognizes when it is that bad and it is that bad. Steve’s hair has gotten
that bad before too. – But I look better than him with it long. – [Stephen] Hey! Comment below on who you think
looks better with long hair. – Stephen, we’re almost there
and this is the last time you can make the choice
to have a man bun or not. – I want a man bum. – [Jamie] What? – [Girls] A man bum? (Jamie laughs) – I said man bum. – Bun. Man bun. (Parker singing to music, unclear) – She’s singing. – Kiss this long hair goodbye. – Alright, we’re at Aunt Brianna’s house and she’s gonna cut Stephen’s hair. – Let’s get handsome. I
mean I already am, but. (Hip hop music) I’m feeling good! – Stephen’s haircut is almost complete. He looks like a human being again. And he’s pretty handsome
when he’s all done up. – Yeah I am! (Hip hop continues) – Stephen’s haircut is complete. We went to the book fair. Now it’s time to take Payton to drop off her baptism invitations. – Time to hand out my baptism invites! – [Steve] Payton, wait! The
floor is lava! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! She’s melting! – I have to sacrifice
myself for my invites. (knocks on door) – [Family Friend] Am I invited? – Mm-hm. – Well, thank you! (Hip hop music) – Stop number 2! – So excited for my baptism! – Alright, we are home
from all of the stuff we had to do today and
I was yelling for Jordan because I couldn’t find her anywhere. Because we were going to eat some dessert and then I realized
maybe she was in the car. What were you doing in the car? – Sleeping. – Sleeping. She fell asleep in the car and everyone came inside
and I couldn’t find Jordan. Are you awake enough to eat brownies? Okay, good. Good. It’s time for ice cream! – Any brownies! – And brownies! Do not forget
the (distorted) brownies. – Don’t forget the brownies! – Don’t forget, (robot
voice) the brownies. Don’t forget the brownies.
Don’t forget the ice cream. Come on, come on, come on. – Everyone’s going crazy! Is this sliver of brownies for me? – For me? – For me? – For me? – For me? – I know it’s not for me. – Because it’s for me. – All of the kids are silently eating their ice cream and brownies
but little do they know that I am going to surprise them with “The Floor is Lava” soon. The floor is lava! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Oh, Payton, holy moly. – I saved you, Blake! – [Jamie] Stephen sacrificed
himself to save baby Blake. – [Taylor] Blake! – [Jamie] Whoa, Taylor’s safe! – And of course, I’m safe. – [Jamie] Hey, Blake. The
floor is lava. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Oh no! – Thank you, Alexa! – She gave us presents! – I got ballet shoes. We got bracelets! – I got squishy. – [Jamie] Let me see your squishy. – Squish, squish, squishy. – Thank you, Lydia! – I loved your drawing. – Thank you Haven! – Thank you Sophia! I love your drawing. – It’s so pretty. – [Both] Thank you for
the drawings, Sierra! – Love the picture! – Thank you, Tiami,
Sierra, Everly, and Zerian. You guys are awesome! – Our question of the day is, what else should we play at our school? – Subscribe to our channel! – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up! – And see you guys tomorrow! – [All] Bye! (Lighthearted guitar music)