The reason why I love ice cream is that it’s one of the ultimate comfort foods. It’s the classic Ratatouille moment where if you eat it it just takes you back and touches some sense memory of yourself and it really brings you back to when you were a kid I think the best foods do that. Hi, I’m Ian Carandang I am the head sorbetero and
owner of Sebastian’s Ice Cream. Sebastian’s actually, basically started from my desire for some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. One day I was at the Duty Free department store, I got every pint of every flavor I could get So, it’s like my world was just opened up. So, I really wanted to make my own. and so I got a Ben and Jerry’s recipe book along with an ice cream maker. After a few years I got good at it, my classmates in college approached me about making a side business. Where I would make the ice cream and they would take care of the other logistics. And that’s how Sebastian’s got started! The very first ice cream I made
for Sebastian’s was cookie dough. Cookie dough was like a Ben & Jerry’s original flavor. I love how simple it was where vanilla ice cream and unbaked cookie dough would make something magical. We use real vanilla and standard Western custard base ice cream. You mix that all up, and then you make actual cookie dough. So, that was like the very first flavor we’ve had and up to now, it’s still our top seller. There’s no real secret to it, there’s just a lot of elbow grease and a lot of work. The origins of the Chilly Burger just reveal my age. In that they came from a direct, direct inspiration from Coney Island’s Eskimo Rolls. And I expanded on that idea
where it’s not just chocolate chips. Now, it’s more about different types of cookies where I’ve gone and invented my own. Even now, I’ve invented
Cookie Dough cookies, where it’s like A chocolate chip cookie, and then we top it with chunks of cookie dough. that’s like a Sebastian’s Chilly Burger exclusive. Trying to make things in the age of Instagram, like, that really is something that any restaurateur or food purveyor has to do. My goal with the Masterpiece Milkshakes is that I could make something that was pretty, and beautiful, and Instagrammable, but also delicious. The Birthday Cake milkshake is
like a cake shake, basically. It’s got pound cake. We blend that up with some
sweet cream ice cream We put in some sprinkles, so the shake stuff has, like, all these little colors. And then we put in the glass, we put it in a ripple of ube fudge. Then, we pour in the shake, and then on top of that, we put in ube whipped cream. So, this gorgeous purple color, pink frosting, and fruity pebbles. That was my answer to myself if I could make something aesthetically pleasing, and delicious, at the same time. The story beind the Poppits is that I wanted to make something that you could eat inside the theater. Because movie theater snacking is like a different thing altogether, where it has to be portable and it’s something that you can eat in the dark, and not worry about spillage. Enter the Poppits, where I wanted to make The smallest ice cream nuggets dipped in a shell. You can just pop them in your mouth and eat them while you’re watching. The story behind the torte, the very first one, was I called it an ice cream pizza, or an ice cream pie. Where we have like a large cookie crust and then we top it with like a layer of ice cream and I would plop a round of leche flan on it. It’s a bit informal, it’s a bit clumsy. Everything is balanced. Like, I really went through many versions, just to get that perfect ratio, and to make it beautiful. I draw inspiration from, basically, everywhere. It’s not that, “Oh, it’s a month,
I need to make a new one.” It’s more about, basically,
where if the inspiration strikes me. If anything, like, this is the dream. Right now. That I am getting to play with food, come up with things, come up with good stuff, and bring it out to the masses. If they like it, then they come back for it, and have them appreciate it. How many people can get to say that?