Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs! I’m Gwen! And I’m Chiara! It’s exam period right? Eh what are you doing on Youtube? What are you doing here? Just kidding! So today we’re going to check out three study-friendly cafes. Let’s go! So we’re here at our first location called Brew Maison, and it’s near Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) – as well as Stevens MRT station. So we’re trying a few things today. We have a Taro Latte, a chicken dish, a fish dish – and a Chicken Bulgogi sandwich. It’s a little hidden gem, recommended by one of our video producers back in office. It really is a good spot because it’s in the middle of many schools. I study [at] SIM right, but I’ve never heard of this place before. So this is a Lunch and Dinner Promo, you get a Mix & Match of two main dishes. We got the Chicken with Korean Red Sauce with rice, and Fish with Korean Brown Sauce with pasta. OK, we try to rice one first! Honestly speaking, I feel that I can finish one portion myself. How much is it ah for like one set meal? 2 for $10. So 1 for… $5? *Gasp* It’s damn cheap right! Look at how thick it is, and how meaty it is. So it’s like a fried chicken patty on top of a mountain of rice. Can you smell the sauce? It shouts Korea! Yeah! Oh actually… [Dae] Han Min Guk! Shh! People here to study. Mmm, OMG I love the sauce! It’s like spicy, sweet and tangy at the same time! I love the meat though. It’s juicy, it’s easy to chew. It’s soft, like a fishcake almost. The whole entire chicken has like flavour to it. I love the sauce so much that I think
just give me an egg, and like a whole mountain of that sauce, I can finish it with a bowl of rice. Next one, we have the fish pasta. You know I really appreciate pasta that are not dry. Like there’s enough oil and the sauce inside together. I know what this is already. What is it? It just tastes like Japchae. Oh! Yeah yeah yeah! It’s sweet and savoury at the same time. Is there a Japchae sauce? Tae Kim, Tae Kim, you need to go back to your roots! I have to say that it is crispy. A bit plain, but I think that’s why you have to eat together with the brown sauce, then it might have more flavour to it. I won’t complain lah, it’s $5. I would eat it happily. Actually if I were to come here with a friend right, I would buy like these two and then I’ll share. Next we have the Chicken Bulgogi sandwich. OMG, it’s damn big leh! Should I cut? No! There’s no doubt that the meat is well-marinated. But just that, as compared to the set meals right, I rather spend – C: 20 cents more
G: Yeah! C: For a plate of that.
G: Yeah! It’s a novel dish, I’ve never seen it anywhere before! I’m actually quite excited for the last one ’cause it’s finally a drink, so we can refresh ourselves. Mmm… it smells like yam! It’s Taro. It’s damn good, it’s really very good. Let’s stop the filming first, we finish this. It’s like one of those thick milky shakes, but a warm version. If you wanna look for some fusion food, with plugs, with wifi, somewhere comfortable, quiet, I think Brew Maison is a good spot. Everything is just nice here, just that, it’s a bit too cold. Bring a jacket. So I’m quite excited to go to our second cafe. Let’s go! So we’re finally here at the second cafe, and it’s called Twenty Eight Cafe – and it’s located at Dhoby Ghaut. I really love the ambience here. It’s so basic, it’s so me. This is so Chiara, legit! When the food arrived just now, and the both of us were like… *gasp* Can we eat?! So first up we have the weekly promo set. It comes with a drink as well as a main, and it only costs $9.90. The thing is, this is off the menu, it’s a Chef’s Special, so it changes like every 2 weeks. So this time we have the Scrambled Egg with Smoked Salmon Toastie. So for Twenty Eight Cafe right, they open like 7.30am – 5pm on a weekday, and 8:30am – 6pm on a weekend, so the food here is totally for breakfast, morning people. At first glance right, it’s really juicy, and I love that about scrambled eggs. You can really taste the fresh ingredients, they put a lot of like vegetables inside. Tomato, lettuce and even onions. The thing is that the smoked salmon right, it’s not smoky enough for me. It’s not as strong leh, I feel like I’m just tasting a very typical scrambled egg toast. But if you’re looking for something light, you’ll really love this sandwich. And it feels very healthy like what you said, because there are a lot of vegetables inside. I think it’ll be a good start to a day. especially if you’re studying, it has all the nutrients you need here. So aside from the mains right, we have the latte. It’s not too bitter, so if you’re not a fan of coffee you’ll like it ’cause it’s very milky. Oh! Yeah I agree leh. It’s not that bitter, which is good. Almond Croissant! And what’s this drink? It’s an Aloe Vera Rooibos with Rosemary Cold Brew Tea. As compared to the mains right, I feel like I’m more excited for this. Same! Because I’m like a sucker for sweet stuff, and especially if it’s a refreshing drink. Interesting. It tastes totally different from what it looks like. So it looks like it’s going to be sweet and fruity, but honestly it tastes a bit like… underwhelming? It’s not bad, it’s totally refreshing. For the drink right, $6.50 is a little bit too pricey. Shall we try the Almond Croissant? Yes! Can I just say that the Almond Croissant looks super like… Christmasy! Yeah yeah, like I can feel Christmas coming! And this croissant goes for $4.50, which is actually quite affordable. Usually when I go cafes right, I will check out their Almond Croissant. I really love the one from Tiong Bahru Bakery. It looks like they just spammed a powder of sugar here. Look at the almond slices, it’s like a lot leh! (Spam leh!) It looks like the Esplanade, but on a croissant. I’m looking for that spongy centre. I’m impressed, because instead of the centre, they put it on top. You need to have the crunch from the almond, and the buttery fragrance, and the texture of the croissant has to be on point. This ticks all the right boxes! The thing about this right is [that] it’s not too sweet. The almond taste doesn’t overpower the whole croissant. If you’re coming here, and you feel that you don’t want to eat like that much, then you can just get the croissant. I feel that overall right, this kind of cafe really suits you. It’s [minimalist], it’s simple. There are so many plugs around this cafe! That’s a plus point! Every single table seems to have like one like plug each. I can totally imagine what a study date will be over here. Do work, then you get bored, then you get hungry… C: Get an almond croissant!
G: Wait study date?! All the guys out there… *hint hint* she’ll be here everyday! There are a lot of couple seats here, so if guys out there want to find Chiara… Please don’t put this into the video Mars! (Mars is the PD) Don’t put this in the video, I’m gonna know! So we’re finally down to our last cafe, and this is Lowercase which is located within – LASALLE College of the Arts. Today we’ll be trying 2 dishes, one is a pasta set which comes with a drink, and Gravity Waffles. What’s that called? M8 ah? The… PD: Matrix Oh! Matrix. Okay, so the first dish we’ll be trying is probably the Gravity Waffles – because it’s defying gravity now, so we better help it. Shall we? Gravity! Oh sorry. OMG it looks so impressive! And I’m actually quite scared leh, ’cause it looks like it’s going to topple. I’m quite amazed leh, because I heard everything here is house-made. So like the fact that they can do this right, I’m actually quite interested to try now. You said that they made everything from scratch right? Look! Even their sauce is not maple syrup, it’s like some caramel, and they have some very high-class spread of berry compote. You know what? The best thing is the popcorn! Ooh! Let’s take it out, let’s take it out! What are those in the middle? Marshmallow! It’s a Popcorn Hot Dog! Mmmm… (Nice?) It’s like atas popcorn! Let’s try the main dish here which is the waffle! I like the “crispy on the outside and soft on the inside” ones. Oh actually, yeah yeah! Is it nice? It’s the waffle that we like. Faster! I want to eat! The best part is that they have three waffles here leh! Yay! So 2 for me and 1 for you? How about we play scissors, paper, stone, then we decide who will eat the last one? Okay okay. What are you going to put? Stone! You say one ah! Okay. Scissors, paper stone! Firstly right, the waffle itself is sweet enough. I feel that I can eat the waffle alone by itself. Apparently they use gelato here instead of ice-cream, I think it can pull off as a Hokkaido Milk flavour. This is $15. $15? (Yeah) It’s a bit pricey, but for the quantity and quality, I’ll totally pay for it again! Actually honestly right for $15, I wouldn’t buy it for myself, I would rather share it. So next up we have the Pasta set – which is $13.90, and it comes with a pasta as well as a drink. So for the drink right, I heard you have to pay $2 if you want a coffee, but for teas, it will be free, it will be inclusive of the $13.90. And for pastas you can choose like Alfredo, or Aglio Olio, Bolognese, but for today, we got Prawn Aglio Olio because we love it! The pasta right, is quite impressive. It came in a huge bowl. And the prawns right, it’s like those plump [and] juicy kind. And yes! I love it when they have a lot of garlic. Firstly, it’s not dry, which is what I’m very thankful for. For me, I think the garlic taste stands out the most. It’s very aromatic, it’s fragrant. But the thing is, it’s a tad too salty for me. I think it’s fine for me, so it depends on like your own preference. I think the prawn looks very fresh. It’s juicy, and it’s plump and it’s flavourful. And it’s well-garnished with the garlic and the black pepper, so there’s a lot of taste to it. Looking at the menu right, what we got – Prawn Aglio Olio is actually $16. But if you come during lunch time between 11am – 3pm, you can get both the pasta and a drink at $13.90. The place here is relatively bigger than the other cafes we went to, so I feel more comfortable studying here. Same, I really love this place. They have like ambience lighting, they have many plugs, so you don’t have to come early to fight with other students. And another plus point is they have free wifi. So Gwen, did you get any studying done? For me, my favourite got to be Lowercase. Out of all right, the ambience was the best – as well as the food. The Gravity Waffles! It was my first time seeing it lah, so I thought it was quite interesting, and it [tasted] good as well. It’s not that expensive to be honest. I don’t mind paying that amount for the ambience and the food. Twenty Eight Cafe will be my pick. ‘Cause for me when I study right, I feel that I need to people watch for a break. The area around there, there are a lot of people coming and going, it’s super cool! And the ambience is on point. And the prices there for the food right, it’s not bad. If you need a mid-day snack after studying for a while, pay $4.50 for that Almond Croissant, you’re good to go!