(orchestral music) – The Tarte Tatin. Luciano Pavarotti called it
the sweet nectar of the gods, while Placido Domingo referred to it as the mother’s milk from heaven. I want to be very clear about this dish that I’m about to make for you. Um. It’s extremely difficult. There are culinary
students that will tell you that they’ve spent their
entire lives trying to figure out how to do it and so many of them have failed miserably. I don’t want you to try this dish at home, but I’m going to make it for you just so that you know how it’s done, so let’s begin. So we’re going to start by
making our sugar-water solution and the ingredients we’re going to use are half a cup of sugar and
a third of a cup of water which have already been pre-set here. Pre-setting your ingredients
always makes it easier. Now, while that’s heating
we’re going to take an apple and we’re gonna slice it up into eighths. You know a lot of people don’t know that the Tarte Tatin was
actually discovered by accident. And it’s a very interesting story really. There was a Swedish pharmaceutical company that was trying to come up with a cure for testicular cancer and they found that when
the nurses were examining the male subjects that the
subjects were getting aroused. OK. So there’s our apples and… Our sugar-water solution
is just about ready. I’m going to add a tablespoon of butter. You can see why I didn’t want
you guys to make this at home. Now, we’re going to take our sugar and water solution here and we’re going to pour it into our cup. We’re gonna start adding our apples. You just want to put maybe as many as you can fit in there. OK now we’re just going to put on the top our puffy pasty puff. They say the Tarte Tatin is not only one of the hardest desserts to make, but also just one of the
hardest things to do. OK so I’ve got the oven pre-heated, I’m going to put it in
there for 20 to 25 minutes. Just a little lesson about baking, you never want to open the oven door while it’s cooking. I know there’s a tendency
to want to make sure that it’s cooking, but
you just got to be patient and trust it. If you open the door there’s going to be cool air that’s
going to get in there and fuck the whole thing up. So you just want to be patient and you’ll be rewarded, so. (orchestral music) OK, so it’s been about 25 minutes. Let’s see… what we got here. OK, well this looks just about perfect. I just like to dollop it with just a little bit of creme fraiche. And there you have it, the Tarte Tatin. – [Director] Cut. – Oh hi. And thanks for joining us here on the Henry’s Kitchen Masterclass. I want to remind you that every Monday we’re going to be uploading
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