(playful xylophone music) – [Announcer] Tic Tac Toy! – Man, this is the worst! – You’re telling me, Chef Pierre. – Hey, guys! – Hi there! – Hi, girls. (deep sighing) – What’s up with you guys? You guys seem so bummed out. – I’m not, as you say, uh bummed out. – But you look way bummed. – It is ennuyer. (deep sighing) – [Both Girls] ennuyer? – It’s French for getting the blahs. – Oh, I see. – So what’s giving you the blahs, Chef? – Today is the day of the
Toy Cafe Baking Contest and last year somebody sabotaged my cake and I’m fearful that it will happen again. – There’s a Toy Cafe baking contest today? – Sure is. I thought I mentioned it to you both. – (gasping) We totally blanked. – Oh, that’s right, I remember now. – Well, now there might
not even be a contest. (sighs) – Really, why? – All my judges backed
out at the last minute and now I have nobody
to judge the contest. I might have to cancel the whole thing. Hmm… – (giggling) Okay? – Hmm mm. – Um, what’s up with the stare, Lulu? – Yeah, is something on my face? – Nope, nothing Addy. – You girls could be my judges! – That’s crazy. We can’t judge a baking contest. – Yeah, we wouldn’t know what to do. – Well, I can tell you what to do. Plus, the job comes with
a Toy Cafe goody bag and a spa day at the Toy Hotel. – Wow, a spa day and a goody bag? Brilliant! – Amazing! I’ll do it. – Yeah, me too! – Wonderful! Come on, Chef, time to face the music! – And we got your back
Chef Pierre, don’t worry. – If anyone tried to ruin your dessert, we’ll get them. – Merci ladies, I feel a bit better now. – Yay! Come on, let’s go get dessert ready. Go, go! (upbeat music) So girls, what do you think? – This is amazing! – And OMG there’s desserts! – I know right. The rules state to be
part of the competition each dessert has to be
part toy and part food. – This one’s part Barbie and I love it. – And this one’s part Shopkins, Maya. – And did you see this Hello Kitty cake? – And don’t forget to check out the Hatchimals one over here, too. It even has collectables on it. – I can’t wait to dig into these. – Well, the contest will begin shortly. But first, I thought it would be nice for you girls to meet all
four of the contestants. You already know Chef Pierre, of course. – Where is Chef Pierre? – He should be right out. – Well which cake is his? – Well, I can’t tell you that. – Notice how each cake in
the competition is numbered. – Yeah, so that’s so we
can’t know who made what. – Sure is! We wanted to keep the
contest as fair as possible. – Well when will we get
to meet the contestants? – As a matter of fact, right now! I’m gonna run down to
the contestant lounge and make sure they all
come up to meet you girls. See you later! – Where’d she go? – Oh bonjour Addy and Maya! Are you ready to judge the contest? – For sure, but we’re way nervous. – So nervous. I can’t wait for this to be over. – Oh, you will do superbly. What? Look at this. – Is that a bird feather? – Oui. But then who would put such an ugly thing on this beautiful dessert? – Good question. – Doesn’t sound like an accident to me. – Agreed. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open, Chef, and see what’s going on. – For sure, we won’t let anyone sabotage anymore desserts. – Merci mademoiselles. Aye, aye, aye. – This sounds so serious, Maya. – For sure. – Yoohoo! – She must be another contestant. – Well hello darlings. I’m Miss Periwinkle, I hear y’all are judging
the contest today. – Hello Miss Periwinkle, my name’s Addy. – And I’m Maya. – How do you do? – How do we do what? (laughing) – How do you do is just a formal way of saying nice to meet you. – Oh okay, I get it. – And I just love your outfit. – Why thank you, I wanted to look my very best for today. Honestly though, it’s
been a bit stressful. – How so? – Well, can I be frank with you girls? – Absolutely. (upbeat music) – Oh, Mr.Johnson, I’m so glad you’re here because the judges are ready to meet you. – Oh, well good. Let’s get this show on the road. – Well it shouldn’t be much longer. (sneezing) (groans) – Oh, pardon me. – Is that a feather Mr.Johnson? – So it is. – Hm? – Something wrong? – Oh, no, nothing. Why don’t you go up and
meet the judges now? – Oh, well. Thank you. – Interesting. – I think something fishy going on. – What do you mean Miss Periwinkle? – I found feathers in my icing. – Feathers? Like more than one? – Correct. They were little black feathers. – This is weird. – I should say so. Keep your eyes and your ears open girls. (upbeat music) – Hello ladies, I’m Ernie Johnson. I only got a minute, so let’s make this snappy. – Well, it’s been a pleasure ladies, but I’ve taken up too much of your time. Ta-ta! – Hm. – Huh?
– Huh? – Um, hi Mr.Johson, I’m Maya. – And I’m Addy. – So you two ladies are
judging this competition? – [Both] Uh-huh. – And just what are your qualifications? – Qualifications? – Well, certainty. You must learn how to judge
toy desserts somewhere. Like at a school or something? – Oh, you mean like Toy school? – You went to Toy school? You must know your toy
desserts quite well, I suppose. – [Both] Oh, we do. – And we heart baking. – So you bake often? – [Both] All the time. – Well good enough for me, I suppose. I shall not keep you. (balloon popping) (gasping) Oh, did I do that? There you go. – He’s kind of odd. – I think so, too. We should keep an eye on him. – Copy that. (upbeat music) – I wonder where the next contestant is. – How’s it going girls? – Pretty good, but where’s
the last contestant? – Mrs.Green? I don’t know, I’ll go
find her in just a second. But did Chef Pierre tell
you about the feather he found in his dessert? – Yeah, we were there when he found it. – And Miss Periwinkle also found feathers in her dessert. – You’re kidding me. Something is definitely up. I was talking to Mr.Johnson earlier and a feather fell out
of his handkerchief. – No way. – Yes way. I’ll go and find Mrs.Green. – There she goes again. (clearing throat) (gasping) – That might be Mrs.Green. – Hi– – I hear you two girls are the judges. – Yes, that’s us. My name is Addy and
this is my sister Maya. – How do you do? – Very well, I shall say. – Okay. – Hm, not as fancy as
I thought it would be. – We think it’s awesome sauce. – Awesome what? I’m going to assume
that means you like it. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Lulu put a lot of hard
work into this contest. – Hm, I’m sure she did. (gasping) – Notice her hat Addy? – How could I miss it? – Did you say something? – Nope, nothing at all! – Good because I’m much too tired for any nonsense. – You’re telling me. – I heard that. – Um, Mrs.Green, you should be getting back
to the contestants now. Don’t you think? – Why of course. Oh, I almost forgot. Lulu was asking for you both. You should see what she wants. – Okay, um, yeah, we’ll do that. – Sure, um yeah, what she said. – Very well. – I think we should follow her, Addy. – Well, Lulu said Mr.Johnson
had a feather, too. It could be him. – You’re right. You follow Mrs.Green, I’ll follow Mr.Johnson. – Deal. (upbeat music) – Hm, these spectacles aren’t working. Probably need some more tape. – (gasping) Here comes Mrs.Green. (playful music) – That seems to be better. Hm, might as well look at
those contestant’s cakes. – Hatchables? How absurd! – Is it almost judging time? – (gasping) They’re both in here now. – Okay. – Come on, Maya. – The suspense is killing me. – Ditto. – Hm. – (gasping) He’s reaching into his pocket. – Is he getting a feather? – Disgusting! It was a false alarm, Maya. – OMG did you see that? – What is she gonna do with that feather? – Okay, it’s judging time! – Very well then. – Mrs.Johnson, what are doing up here? You need to be downstairs
in the contestant lounge. Shoo now! – Goodbye. – Did you say judging time? – What got into Mrs.Green? But yeah, I brought forks and plates and it’s judging time. – I think we’re ready for this Lulu. – Oh you girls will do great. Now, we need to consider
both the taste of the cake and its presentation to
decide who the winner is. Best of luck! – Oh, I just don’t know Miss Periwinkle! I have such a bad feeling about today! I smell sabotage. – Oh I know what you mean, Chef Pierre, I have seen too many black feathers on our baked goods and
not a single black bird. – Ah yes, something is just not right. (upbeat music) – Well I think we can agree that the Barbie cake looks fabulous. – Yes, excellent presentation. But horrible taste. – I totally agree. Way too dry and just disgusting. (dramatic music) – The Hello Kitty cake
has a nice presentation. I appreciate all the pink. – Well, let’s take a taste now then. – Not bad. – Definitely a step up from the last one. Mmm.
– Mmm. So what do you think about
the Shopkins cake, Addy? – Well, as much as I love Shopkins, I think the presentation could have been a little bit better. Yeah, I’m with you. I would like to see some more toys on it. But this taste is amazing, Addy. Mmm. – Mmm, you got that right. Not so fast! (gasping) – [Both Girls] Mrs.Green! (upbeat action music) – Stop! Come back here! – You can’t leave! – Well ladies and gentleman, despite a little bit of chaos today, there is a winner of our
Toy Cafe Baking Contest, who will get to take home
our Bake Off Champ spoon. Girls, I’ll let you do the honors. – Drum roll, please. – Oh, sure thing! – And the winner is. Cake number four! – The Hatchimals cake! (snoring) Oh, that is mine! Magnifico! I am so honored! Chef Pierre, you’re cake was absolutely positively delicious. – And the Hatchimal theme was stellar. Even with the feathers. It kind of worked. – For you Chef Pierre. – Oh, merci merci. There are no words for my joy. I am the greatest chef in the world! – Ah, now this is the life Maya. – You could say that again. – I’m so sorry to interrupt your charcoal masks treatments girls, but I’m going to bring
some fresh pillows for you. There you go Addy and Maya, there you go. I think you guys will find our new feather pillows simple divine. – Feather pillows? – You’ve got to be kidding me. (upbeat music)