– [Announcer] This video
(pencil scribbling) is sponsored by Zuru. – [High-Pitched Voice] Tic Tac Toy! (bell rings)
(percussive music) – These all-new Five Surprise Mini Brands make the cutest display. I can’t wait for everyone to see them. (moves to upbeat music) There, that’s perfect. I am a little curious what’s inside these new five surprise capsules, hm. Guess it wouldn’t hurt
to open it and find out. Mini shopping brands
that fit in your hand. (package squeaks) 70-plus mini brands to collect? (package rips)
Wow! (capsule cracks) Wow, five different choices. Where should I start? Eeny, meeny, miney, moe,
catch a tiger by its toe. If it hollers, let it go. My mother told me to
pick my very best friend and you are it! (package rips) Ooh, they’re teeny tiny Q-tips. (package rips) The itty-bitty Twinkies look so real. (gasps) What’s gonna be next? (package rips) Whoa, a Coldstone Creamery
milkshake? (inhales) (package rips) A collector’s guide and Airheads? (package rustles) Xtreme Bites, mm. Let’s check out the collector’s guide. Wow, super rare gold and glow in the dark. Let’s see what else I can collect. Wow! I want butter and ice
cream and peanut butter. And what’s on the back? Ooh! Bacon, Warheads, and Pez? And they even have the iced
tea I drink at home (gasps). I hope I get that in my fifth surprise. (package rips) (jar clicks) Real bacon pieces? Wow, the detail’s amazing. (jar clicks) Time to mark off what I found now. Check, check, check. Then the Twinkies and Airheads. So much fun and so much more to collect! (bell rings)
– I really appreciate you girls going to the store for me today. I know you wanted to go
to the Toy Cafe again, but today’s just so crazy, and I don’t have time to
do the grocery shopping, so thank you so much. – No problem, Mom. We’re happy to help. – Yeah, we’ll go to the grocery store after we have a quick
snack at the Toy Cafe. – Thank you, girls. Here’s the list. Here’s the money. And don’t forget the shopping bags. – Okay, I think we’re all set, Mom. – Now, make sure to get
everything on that list, and please be home before dinner. – We promise. – Let’s go, Maya. – All right, girls. Thank you so much, and
have fun at the Toy Cafe. (bell rings) – Hi, Lulu. – Hi, Lulu. – Well, hello, Addy. Hi, Maya. So nice to see you two. What are the shopping bags for? – We wanted to stop in for a quick snack, but then we have to go to the
grocery store for our mom. – Yeah, our mom gave us a shopping list. – Oh, really? What’s on the list? – Let’s see. Conditioner, gum, soy sauce,
Dum Dums, peanut butter. – Wow, speaking of shopping lists, have you two seen the new
Five Surprise Mini Brands? – No, not yet, but we’ve
heard all about them. – Well, here they are. – Wow, those look really cool. – Yeah, they do. Do you know what’s inside the Mini Brands? – Well, why don’t you girls have a seat? You can order a couple and find out. – That sounds fun. We’ll take two, please. – That sounds great. And what kind of snack would you like with your Five Surprise? – We’ll take some of
these cookies, please. – Coming right up. You girls have a seat at the table, and I’ll be with you in just a minute. – Remember, we told Mom we’d get to the grocery store soon, Maya. – Right, we’ll make this really fast. – Okay, girls, here are two
Five Surprise Mini Brands and a couple of cookies. – [Addy and Maya] Thank you! – My pleasure. I’ll be over by the counter
if you need anything else. – Sounds good, thanks. – These look delicious. (moves into rock music)
Mm. – For sure, but let’s open
our Five Surprises now. – Great idea. – These Five Surprise toys are always fun. I wonder what’s different
about these ones. – Only one way to find out. (package rips) Let’s see what’s inside. (capsule cracks) – Awesome. I can’t wait to see what
five surprises are inside. – Me too. You go first, Addy. (package rips) – How cute! It’s a tiny package of Dum Dums! It looks so real! – How funny! Wasn’t that an item on
Mom’s shopping list? – You’re right. What did you get, Maya? – I got chocolate syrup. It’s making me hungry. – Now it’s my turn to open one. (package rips)
Whoa! I think I got a shopping basket. How cute is this? (package rips) – Whoa! I think that’s a shopping cart! – Amazing! Can I put my Dum Dums in it? – Sure, put it on in. – I got a tiny Lipton iced tea. These minis are too cute. – My turn now.
(package rips) Wow, it’s WarHeads Super Sour. I’ve always wanted to try one of these. – Me too, and that looks way real. – I know, just like the
real thing, but teeny-tiny. – Maya, we could play
supermarkets with all these. – Speaking of supermarkets,
we should hurry up. – Oh yeah, right, Mom’s waiting. – Let’s open the last surprise. (package rips)
(Addy gasps) – Real bacon pieces! – And I got a mini Skippy peanut butter. – Wait a minute, Maya. I think peanut butter and Dum Dums were on Mom’s shopping list. – I think you’re right. Let’s check it out. (paper slaps on table) – Yep, here they are,
peanut butter and Dum Dums. – But it’s one sentence. – You know what, these would be super fun to play with in our doll sets. But if they were real size, we wouldn’t have to go buy
them at the grocery store. – Yeah, and we could stay here longer and open even more Five Surprises. – So what do you girls think
of the new Five Surprises? – We absolutely loved them.
– Oh, good. – They’re so fun. – And check it out! We found some of the mini versions of some of the items
on Mom’s grocery list, like Dum Dums. – And I found a mini peanut butter. – Wow! – We just wish they were bigger. It would save us a trip to the store. – Hm, let me see them. (packages rustling) Mmkay, you know what? I might have a brilliant
upon brilliant idea. – Really? What is it? – Take these minis up to Chef
Pierre in my toy kitchen, and ask him to use his magic microwave to whip you up something even bigger. I think he can pull it off. – Wow, okay, we could do that. – Yeah, we’ll be right back. – Okay, good luck, girls.
(footsteps) (bell rings) (jazzy saxophone music)
(timer rings) – Oh ho ho, my creation
should be complete. (pan clanks) Beautiful, beautiful. The guest in the
Rainbowcorn Suite will get such a nice surprise with
their room service order. Now to let them cool a bit. (footsteps)
– Hello, Chef Pierre! – Bonjour, mademoiselles! – Lulu sent us up here
’cause we need your help. (moves into upbeat music)
– What does “bodja, mademoiselle” mean? – It is French. Bonjour means hello. And mademoiselles means, uh, girls. – Oh, how fancy-smancy. – So you need my help. How can I be of service? – We need your help making these bigger. – Like the ones in the grocery store. – Aha, these must be from the
new Five Surprise Mini Brands. Magnifico, they do look just like the ones from
the store, but smaller. – Exactly. – Hm, let me think. – Lulu suggested you try
your magic microwave? – Why, yes, of course. Why didn’t I think of that? Let me go give it a try. – Thanks for trying to help us. – We’re in a bit of a jam. – A jam? – Yeah, a jam’s kinda like a problem. And our problem right
now is finding everything on our mom’s grocery list. – Well, then we’ll use
the magical microwave. – Wow! – [Addy and Maya] It is magic! – We’ll try the Dum Dums first. And we put it in. Then we close it.
(microwave rumbles) And now we press the magic button. (moves into rock music) – Now what do we do, Chef Pierre? – And now we wait. (fingers tapping)
(moves into banjo music) (Addy humming) – What’s taking it so long? – Patience, girls. Magic takes time. – Okay. (hums) (fingers tapping) (Maya sighs) (Chef Pierre snores) – (grunts) Oh, it should be done. (microwave rumbles)
(moves into rock music) Voila! – You did it! – [Maya] OMG! – Thanks, Chef Pierre! They look exactly the same. – Can we put in the peanut butter now? – But of course! (jar clicks) And now we close it. And I’ll press the magic button. (beeps)
(microwave whirs) And now we wait.
(moves into banjo music) – Not again. (Addy sighs) (fingers tapping) (timer rings) – It’s time! – Finally.
(moves into rock music) – Whoa! It’s so crazy how the mini peanut butter looks like the real thing. – I know! Thanks again for your help, Chef Pierre. – It is my pleasure, girls. Au revoir. – Huh?
(jar clicks) – It means goodbye. – Okay, come on, Maya. We better hurry. (footsteps)
(bag rustles) (bell dings) (footsteps)
I can’t believe that worked out perfectly. – Me neither. Addy, are you thinking what I’m thinking? – That we should study
the collector’s guide? – And see what else is
for Mom’s shopping list. – Exactly. So it looks like we need conditioner. – Found it. – Really? – It’s right here, Addy. – It looks like we also need gum, Maya. – Gum, gum, let me see. Look, there’s two options for gum, but we only need to find one of them. – And we also need soy sauce ’cause we already have Dum
Dums and peanut butter. – You won’t believe, but there’s soy sauce in there too, Addy. It looks like there’s two
of them we could find. – Awesome, and now we
just need to find them. – Hello, girls. How’s it going? – Good timing, Lulu,
’cause we need your help. – You were right. Chef Pierre was able
to turn our Mini Brands into life-size brands. – That’s great news, girls. So why do you need my help then? – We need to buy more
Five Surprise Mini Brands. – That way, we can find
the rest of the items on our grocery list. – That’s no problem. How
many do you girls want? – Addy, how much money do we have left? – Let me see. It looks like we have
just enough for four more. – Well, let me get them for you then. I’ll be right back. – I sure hope we find the
Mini Brands we need, Addy. – Me too. It’s getting late, and we
have to get back home soon. – For sure. – All right, four Mini
Brands for you girls. Best of luck. I’m crossing my fingers for you. – All right, we’ve got to hurry, Addy. (packages rip) – Whoa! – I got extra crunchy
peanut butter this time. I prefer creamy though. (capsule cracks)
(Addy gasps) I got the conditioner! Another item off our list. (package rips) – [Maya] Ooh! I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. – Mom has this in our fridge. – (gasps) Yeah! Ooh, ice cream bars? I also got face cream and sunscreen. – Those are awesome, but
they’re not on the list. – What’s your last one, Addy? (package rips)
(Addy gasps) – [Addy] OMG, it’s Mentos gum, another item from the list. – Which means we only have
to find soy sauce now. – Girls, the Toy Cafe will
be closing in 15 minutes. (moves into hard rock music)
– Oh no, we have to hurry. – We have to bust these last two open. (package rips)
– And hope we find soy sauce. – My first one’s a body wash. – Check out the Pez! – Incredibly cute, but
it’s not on the list. I got Spam and Mentos. – And I got ice cream
flavored lollipops and soap. – That’s awesome, but we only
have one more each to open. – And what happens if
it’s not the soy sauce? – I don’t know, ’cause
we won’t have enough time to go to the grocery store now. – I know, because we spent all day here opening Five Surprises. – So we better find the soy sauce. – Okay, here goes nothing.
(package rips) Double raspberry ice cream bars. It’s not soy sauce. – It all comes down to
the final Five Surprise. (package rips)
I found it! I found the soy sauce! – Awesome, we have to get these
to Chef Pierre right away. (swoosh) Hurry!
(footsteps) – Good luck, girls! I guess I’ll stay behind
and clean up the mess. (bell rings)
(footsteps) – We did it, we did it! – You girls are back! – Lulu, we got all of our
items on our grocery list, thanks to you and Chef Pierre. – Check it out! Here’s the soy sauce. – Wow, Kikkoman soy sauce. Pretty cool. – Yeah, and check out the Mentos gum. – Wow, that is spot on. What else did you get? – This is a conditioner. – TRESemme Luxurious Moisture. Incredible! – Isn’t it? – Your mom will be thrilled that you got all of your shopping done. – She gets her groceries, and we get the Five Surprise Mini Brands. – Yep, it’s a win-win. – You’re right. – Now, let’s get these home, Maya, so we can play grocery store. – Well done, girls. I really enjoyed watching you
open all the Five Surprises, and hey, where did all
my Five Surprises go? They were just on my stand. I better go do some investigating. I’ll see you girls later. – [Addy and Maya] Bye, Lulu. – Let’s put the toys back in
the capsule so we could go. – Good idea. (capsule clicking) There. Capsules in the blue bag. – Shopping items
(package rustling) in the pink bag. And we need to get home. It’s getting late. – Yeah, I hope Mom isn’t too worried. – Me too. – Let’s go. (moves into techno music)
(footsteps) (bell dings)
(moves into rock music) – Magnifico! Twinkies! And Mentos! It is all beautiful. – Chef Pierre, what’s going on in here? Did you take all the
Five Surprise Mini Brands from the Toy Cafe down there? – Oh ho ho, yes, yes, sorry about that. I needed to restock some
items in my kitchen. I thought this would be
an easier way to do it, plus more fun. – Oh, I see. – Check out my chocolate bars. They’re double raspberry. – Wow, that is pretty impressive. – And the soy sauce. Every chef needs the soy sauce, huh? – Yes, I can see you’re
having fun, Chef Pierre, but why do you need shampoo
and sunscreen and Q-tips? Oh, these are pretty cute though. – Well, I may have gotten
a little carried away. – Maybe just a bit (laughs). Well, I’d better go place another order of Five Surprise Mini
Brands for my cafe now. And I’m gonna have to keep
you away from the next order. – Sorry.
(Lulu laughs) – Oh, Asian Sides, Teriyaki Noodles. But it is all so beautiful. What shall I make next? (bell rings)
(moves into gentle music) – We’re home, Mom. – And we got the groceries. – Oh, perfect. Thank you so much. I was starting to get a little bit worried about you two though. – We got everything on your list. – I can see that. Wonderful. I’m gonna take these to the kitchen and start putting them away. Thanks again, girls. – And let’s head to our doll kitchen to put our groceries away. – Sounds like a plan. (moves into light rock music) – I’m putting the Spam,
the chocolate syrup, and the Mentos on the counter. – Perfect. And I’m getting all of the
ice cream in the freezer. (door slams)
– Okay, what should our doll
make for dinner, Maya? – Well, we got butter
and pasta and bacon bits, so we can make some
delicious Italian food. – With Moon Pies and Twinkies for dessert. – But what about the Dum Dums I’m putting there on the shelves? – We’ll have those too. – So let’s pull out the pots and the pans, and let’s start cooking then. – In goes the pasta. – And I’ll add a touch of soy sauce. – That looks good. I think Mom’s whipping
us up a delicious dinner, and our dolls
(pieces clattering) are gonna have a delicious dinner too. – Yep, and thanks to our
Five Surprise Mini Brands. (bell rings)
(moves into techno music)