In the game of “which fast food chain can
create the most ridiculous menu item yet,” KFC may have just taken the title, and that’s
no small feat. After all, Arby’s recently introduced the
world to the meat carrot, Burger King started selling tacos, and Jack in the Box made burgers
into french fries, all of which are hard to beat when it comes to absurdity. But KFC’s latest offering isn’t pulling any
punches, and though they’ve ratcheted up the ridiculous factor, they’ve done so in the
best way possible if you’re a Cheetos lover. The fried chicken chain debuted the Cheetos
Sandwich nationwide on July 1st, 2019, and it is a sight to behold. “Is that a KFC chicken sandwich with Cheetos
sauce and also actual Cheetos on it?” “It’s like two logos in every bite!” The new menu addition takes the classic Crispy
Colonel Sandwich and turns it up to 11 by smothering the fried chicken filet in Cheetos
sauce and adding a layer of Crunchy Cheetos underneath it, atop a hefty smear of mayonnaise,
of course. “Is that high-quality, folks?” “Yes!” Why would they ever do that, you ask? Well, according to KFC, “Only the finger lickin’ cheesiness of Cheetos
could rival our finger lickin’ good chicken, so KFC and Cheetos joined flavor forces to
make this deliciously crispy, crunchy, cheesy sandwich.” If you’re looking at this bad boy thinking
it’s got to be over the top in the nutrition department, we’ve got good news for you: If
you’re happily chowing down on the Crispy Colonel Sandwich already, the Cheetos Sandwich
isn’t much worse for you The Cheetos-laden choice comes in at 560 calories, just 100
more than the regular sandwich. It’s got 8 more grams of fat, for 33 grams
total, and only 10 milligrams more salt though at 1,180 milligrams, it’s not exactly salt-free. Is it health food? Decidedly not. But you didn’t go into KFC looking for health
food, whether or not it’s adorned with Cheetos, did you? Now for the important part: Does it taste
as good as it looks? That depends. If you’re the Washington Post, whose headline
proclaims, “KFC’s Cheetos chicken sandwich looks toxic and tastes like a missed opportunity,”
you didn’t think it looked good to begin with. But damning headline aside, taste tester Maura
Judkis did have to admit, “Against all better judgment, I ate this nuclear
slime sandwich. So far, I haven’t died. Yay! It is, I am apprehensive to report, better
than it looks. Sure, the sandwich looks terrible, but terrible-looking
foods can also be good well, ‘good’ in the way that we grade on a curve when it comes
to fast food. Does it satisfy both our curiosity and our
taste for salt, sugar and fat? Yes. Will it make you laugh, and then also make
you feel ashamed of yourself? Yes, and yes.” The Takeout’s Kevin Pang gave the Cheetos
Sandwich a warmer reception, saying, “…the Cheetos oil tastes like get ready
Cheetos in oil form, as if cheesy dust was blended into melted butter. You can imagine how that would taste sauced
over fried chicken. The mayonnaise serves as a binding agent and
adds some creaminess, but it’s the crunchy Cheetos itself that proves to be the revelation.” At the end of the day, Pang concluded, “This sandwich feels like gimmickry at the
outset. I can assure you it’s not. It’s a bit messy, it feels something more
appropriate for middle school cafeterias, but dang is this ever a clever idea and more
importantly, it’s a clever idea well-executed.” If the Cheetos Sandwich floats your boat,
you may have more Cheetos-KFC collaborations to look forward to: Delish reports that for
the sandwich’s launch, KFC hosted an “All Orange Everything” pop-up in New York City,
and offered several other Cheetos-infused dishes, including Cheetos Hot Wings, Loaded
Fries, and mac and cheese. Was it a sneak peek of new menu items to come? We can only hope. Unfortunately, the Cheetos Sandwich is only
available for a limited time, so KFC recommends that you “enjoy those orange fingers while
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