– Hello you guys, and welcome back to another top five video. Today we have another countdown. Top five, five items,
we’re counting ’em down. And because it’s that time of year, the children are going back to school, I thought it would be fun
to share with you guys school lunches from around the world. Yeah, here’s a little secret. A lot of these places have
better lunches than us. All of these places have better lunches than we do here in the United States. Just tryin’ to warn ya. Don’t get jealous. Now, I understand that all of these may not be accurate or maybe
they’re slightly accurate, maybe you’re from one of these countries, and it’s not exactly what you
had for lunch, that’s okay. This is just to give everybody an example of what children in these countries may be having for lunch compared to what kids in the United States are having for lunch, it’s just for fun. Just go along with it, it’s just for fun. Here are five school lunches
from around the world. Number five, South Korea. That plate looks jam-packed full of food. Can a kid finish all that? I mean, they have fish soup, they have fresh vegetables, broccoli, kimchi, duh, and tofu over rice. I’m full just thinking about it. Who can eat all that for lunch? Now kids here in the US may have a lunch similar to this one. Fish sticks, whole milk, carrots and celery, cold, of course. Cold applesauce and French fries. All those go together, don’t they? No. Number four, Finland. Finland, I just love saying Finland. I wanna go to Finland one day because I wanna have a lunch like this. How awesome is this? This looks like a dessert at a restaurant, not in a school cafeteria. Dessert pancakes with fresh berries? (exhales sharply) I’m jealous. Pea soup, um, maybe not. Beet salad, mmm, I love beets. Bread and a carrot salad. No meat, no protein? Hmm, now a student in the United States might have an orange, whole milk, chocolate chip cookies, tater tots, and of course, chicken nuggets. Um-hmm, I would definitely eat that lunch. Number three, Greece. I love Greece, I love it. It’s on my bucket list. One day I’m going to Greece. So here is a little picture of what children in Greece
may have in their cafeteria. Greek yogurt with pomegranate seeds. Right there, you win. You win, right there. With that alone, you win. Tomato and cucumber salad. (exhales sharply) Winning,
you’re still winning. Stuffed grape leaves. I don’t know about that, but you’re still winning,
you’re still winning. Fresh oranges, still on the vine. Like now you’re just showing off, like what, come on, take
it off the vine at least. You’re not gonna make us look that bad. Baked chicken over orzo. Mmm, yum, yum! You can keep the stuffed grape leaves, everything else, I’ll take, you win. Game over. That was Greece, now
let’s take a look at what a student in the United
States might have for lunch. French fries, those are a staple. Rice Krispy treat (exclaims delight) you’ll trade that for anything at lunch. Lettuce and tomatoes, is that a salad? Lettuce and tomatoes for your cheeseburger and whole milk. Greece still wins, but I like it. Number two, France. I can hear the little French music now. Do they play that in the schools? They get green beans, fresh kiwi, carrots, a big fat steak, that’s
what I’m talking about. Apples and a piece of cheese. Not bad. That steak gives you some
bonus points, not bad. So that was France. Now let’s look at a student
in the United States. A little baby pizza, how cute. A chocolate glazed donut, yeah-yah! Frito chips. We’re missing something. Barbecue sauce, maybe
that’s what we’re missing. And chocolate milk, mmm, mmm, mmm. Two doses of chocolate in
one lunch, bonus, um-hmm. And number one, Italy. Italy wins, they take it home. Put everybody else to shame. Put us to shame in the US, put everybody else to shame. Check out what they’re eating. Fresh grapes, um-hmm. Caprese salad. That’s my favorite salad
in the whole wide world, I love that salad. I’d move just for the salad. A baguette, of course. Pasta with tomato sauce, mmm, mmm, mmm. And a beautiful piece of fish over a bed of arugula. Now, I don’t eat seafood
myself, but that’s okay. Everything else is delicious. You win, Italy. Now, let’s look at a student
in the United States, to see what they would have. I also picked us number one because this is how I remember the traditional United
States student lunch being. I don’t remember any of the other ones. But it is a staple to have a square pizza. They are the best. So here we have a square cheese pizza. Do you have a square cheese pizza, Italy? I bet you don’t. We do. Sweet corn, (exclaims delight). A soft pretzel, chocolate milk, and a fruit salad. Now that there is a meal I remember from when I was in school. That fruit salad, everybody
wanted the cherry. Don’t you remember? That was the best part
of that fruit salad, is the little half of a
cherry that’s in there. They only put like 1/2 of one cherry in like four gallons of that fruit salad, and it was like a treasure, it was like a prize if
you got that cherry. Do you remember? That cherry and that square pizza, those were the good ol’ days, those were the good ol’ days. All right you guys, that is it for another top five video. I hope that you have enjoyed. I have learned a lot. It was eye-opening because other countries are eating like a boss, and we’re not. Congrats to all the countries who feed their students
like kings and queens. I’m totally jealous. But you don’t have a square
pizza, so I still win. I hope that you are enjoying
these types of videos. If you are new to the channel, I put out three to four videos every single week all around food, all things foods,
everything food, food, food. I will see you guys in the next one. Bye.