(suspenseful music) – Three, two, one, dumplings! (dramatically sobbing) – [Zach] Get in my belly! It’s dumpling time! (Try Guys theme music) – We are here at the
world-famous Din Tai Fung for the first ever Try
Guys eating challenge. – We are going to eat 400 dumplings today. – That’s right, the actual
record is 373 dumplings in 10 minutes set by Matt Stonie. There’s more of us, we’re
not gonna do it in 10 minutes but we’re gonna do our best. – Joining us today is Mike
Chen from Strictly Dumpling who is here to help us
eradicate that record. – ‘Cause we’re all that and dimsum! (Try Guys cheers) (Try Guys awes)
– Oh, and then dimsum! – Do it, yeah! – Yes, we’re like Dude
Perfect but we eat a lot! (light playful music) Today, I’m just trying to pull my weight. I’m just trying to take
400 divided by four and then just do 100. Ah! I just burped and farted at the same time. – I’m so excited to eat so many dumplings. I think today I can clear 100 but my goal is to beat Eugene. I gotta take you down. Look, I know that you can handle this but I can handle this too. I am hungover. Oh my God! Guys, this is a lot of dumplings. – I’m really excited about this video. I’m Korean so mukbangs
came from Korean culture. I think my goal is 150 today. – Oh no! – [Ned] So that means your goal is 151. (Keith and Eugene laughing) – I feel like I’m about
to have a heart attack. – My channel’s name is
called Strictly Dumpling so you guys know I love dumplings. I had a dumpling challenge in Japan. 6.5 pounds of dumpling. I finished like 3/4 of it. So I’m here seeking sort
of a dumpling revenge on its brethren, on its
much smaller brethren. Has anybody died eating too much food? – Today, I’m on doctor’s orders
to avoid inflammatory foods so as a happy compromise,
I’m just gonna take it easy. I’m just gonna have some
fun, savor the flavor. I’m here for you. – Seems like there’s two things in eating competitions, right? Speed and endurance. Since we’re not really
doing a true eating contest, we’re gonna try to
separate those two parts. Part one, we’re gonna get 200 dumplings delivered to the table and
see how many we can eat in the fastest time possible. – Each tray will have 10 dumplings so we’ll track our progress by stacking trays on top of each other. – And then after that, for round two, we’ll be a little more
leisurely with our eating and see how many we can
top off that initial 50. – Does it hurt your stomach? – Yeah.
– Yes! – Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s a lot of food. – It’s like Thanksgiving times 20. (gong bangs) – Oh, boy!
– Oh! – Oh my gosh.
– Oh! – Oh!
– Oh my goodness. – Ooh!
– Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.
– Ooh! – Oh my god! – It’s like a beauty pageant.
– Oh my god! – [Everyone] Whoa! – [Zach] Oh my god! Oh my god!
(Try Guys oohing) – Wow, thank you.
– Wow! – Each of us except for
Zach have 50 dumplings. Zach, you have– – [Zach] I don’t know, maybe 10 or 20. – I could give 10. The four of us are gonna see
how long it takes each of us to eat 50 dumplings. – Gentlemen, are you
ready to get your dump on? – Yeah.
– Let’s do it! – Commencing dumpling eating
in three, two, one, go! (Ned cheers) – Oh my goodness!
– Oh yeah! – [Ned] Look at that! – How’d you already eat one? They’re flaming hot! – Wow!
– Eugene, slow down! – Oh, they’re so hot! – Oh, they’re really hot.
– Oh, they’re too hot. – They’re too hot, they’re too hot. – I like to savor the first few. – They’re too hot! – Why are they so hot?
– They’re too hot! – They’re too hot. Ah, so hot!
– This is very hot. – [Keith] It’s so hot, it’s so hot. – [Zach] I think they could see the steam. These are fresh. – Are you guys one of those people that when the food is too hot, you spit it out or you
go ooh, (exhales deeply) until you swallow it?
– No, you do the reverse cool. (breathes heavily) – I do the Asian thing
where I just swallow it and my esophagus burns. – There you go! – I actually kind of love
the feeling of burnt skin on the roof of your mouth. – What? – You know what I’m talking about? Like after you burn
the roof of your mouth, you have that little dangly skin you get to play with with your tongue? – Ah, I’ve got a runny nose! – It’s to a ho-lo-rous level where I can just pop the whole thing. – Yeah, my mouth is
already burnt so badly. – I guess I could try that.
– That I’m just going for it. Done.
– Oh dang, Eugene! – Damn! All right, well my 10 are gone. (bell rings)
– Let’s go, baby! (bell rings) – We should’ve added this as
a temperature challenge too. – I had no idea it was gonna be like this. – This is so sad, I’m eating
my favorite food so quickly. – There’s something so
cool about a soup dumpling. It’s its own cooking device. It’s like a little hot tub– – I’m done.
– The tub is its own body. – Oh my gosh, Eugene! – True dumpling was created in Shanghai in a place called Nanyang. It’s great because the
soup, most people think, how do you get the soup in there? It’s like magical soup dumpling elves! Well, it’s congealed whole. When you steam it, it dissolves and makes this wonderful soup. – Boom!
– Oh, thank you! That’s teamwork, baby! – This is the very best day of my life. This is so fun.
– 20! – You’re already almost done, Eugene? – Yeah, so I’m in my 40s. – Tortoise and The Hare. Maybe you should take a lap
and hang out, take a nap, let us catch up to you. – Wow!
– This is just a competition against the heat. – Eugene is crushing this. He’s got two more. – Wow, Eugene, that’s your last one? (bell rings) – Wow and time.
– Wow! – Oh, that was too long. (bell rings)
– Boom! Corn buddy, team corn buddy, done! – Oh my god! – You guys have 21?
– 20 left, yeah. – Let’s see who can win between you two. – Oh god, Ned, just take your time, man. I’ma slow it down. You don’t need to rush. – I’ve never thought
this was a competition. It was kind of a surprise for me. – So the original history of dumplings, 1800 years ago, there’s a
guy named Zhang Zhongjian and he is a doctor but he’s
also a government official. When he retired, he went back home and it was during the winter and he saw all his villagers, their ears were getting
frostbites and kinda falling off and so him being a doctor, he cooked together a
massive cauldron of lamb and herbs and Chinese medicine and he folded it into
little pieces of dough into the shape of ears
’cause he’s just that cute. That’s just– – Here’s a new ear for you, let’s eat. – Guys, this is a lot of dumplings. Nice job, Ned! – Fight the pain!
– Wow, good job Ned! (bell rings)
(Mike clapping) (Ned coughs intensely) – Tell us more, Mike! – (laughs) You’ve not been listening. – The villagers and the frost bite! – [Mike] And when the villagers ate the soup in the dumpling,
their ears were healed that’s why every single day of the winter, the winter solstice, Chinese people, we all eat dumplings so
your ears don’t fall off. – Keith has one last one. It’s his 50th dumpling. – 50th dumpling. – Come on, buddy!
– Wow! – Keith, Keith, Keith!
– Until he gets it. Chew it down, chew it down!
– Go! You guys feel the medical component? – I feel like I’m on
drugs, yeah, yeah, yeah. I feel like drugs are
in my system right now. – I feel good!
– I feel like it. – 2019 campaign!
(bell rings) – Yeah, Keith! Way to go, Keith!
– Right, all right. – My two favorite numbers, 15 and 19. – That was more difficult than anticipated because we didn’t
discuss the scalding heat of soup dumplings in baskets. So the first round, we tested our speed. This next round, we’re testing endurance. So we’re getting two rounds of 100. We’re dividing it 30, 30, 20, 20. – [Ned] Break the ‘pling! – We’re gonna do that twice
so it equals 400 total and each person is gonna tap out when they can’t have any more dumplings. – Next round! (gong chimes) – All right, we’re gonna
bring out our second round. We’re going to our endurance test. This is 100 dumplings
total, 30, 30, 20, 20. – Oh I forgot, they’re coming behind us. Oh my god, oh god!
– Oh there it is again. – I forgot all about this part. – All right three, two, one. – Dumpling time!
– Dumplings! – [Ned] Ooh! – So talk about the heat. Well you underplayed that this competition was just arbitrarily
beating a dumpling record that actually wasn’t soup dumplings? – Right. – Whose idea was it to do soup dumplings? – It was mine!
– Could this be a world record? – You guys love soup dumplings! – 90% of the audience
watching would not do this. Most people I know can’t
handle temperature heat. – I think my body’s doing something ’cause it’s starting to tell me that this doesn’t taste good. My heart’s saying yes
but my body’s saying no. – Number 51 was really easy. I was like, wow, I’m back in! I’m in number 57 and I, wowee, it’s amazing how just a few
more dumplings fills the pot. (bell rings)
Wow, Eugene. You really are a god. – I feel like I’m about
to have a heart attack. – Don’t do it. – I feel the dumpling attacking
my cardiovascular system. ♪ Just roll out the dough
and put in some pork ♪ ♪ And twist it all up and
steam it til it’s hot ♪ ♪ Then put it in your mouth
and it comes in your mouth ♪ ♪ And swallow it in your
mouth and it feels so good ♪ ♪ And it feels so good ♪ ♪ If you don’t like it
just don’t do it again ♪ (slow-mo playful music) – Oh! – Has anybody died eating too much food? – You’re so sweaty, Eugene. – Yeah, ’cause this is my 79th. – 79! – 80 dumplings! (bell rings)
– Ooh! – Wow.
– God damn! – You are allowed to
tap out if you have to. – I’m not tapping out. I’m fucking beating you, bro. (Zach laughs) You’re going down! – Keith is the turtle, man. You’re the turtle. – I’m not gonna stop. – You are slow but you are–
– Steady. – Yeah! – You guys have a new personal goal? – 80.
– 80. – My personal goal is just one more and then one more after that and then one more after that. (playful music) (light tapping) – You okay there, Ned?
– Ah, it hurts! Oh my god! (playfully mumbles) – [Eugene] Looks like you’re at 65. Five more to 70. – [Keith] Oh, gross! He’s got pork juice on his nose. (guys laughing) (Ned groans) – Mm! – Is he always like this when
he’s full or just dumplings? – I’ve never seen this before. – I’ve never seen this before either! – I just ate 69 dumplings. – Oh, you two at 69!
(Mike cheers) (gong chimes) – For our final round, we
only have 90 dumplings to go to hit 400. We can do this. – I have a new realistic goal. I wanna challenge the Asians. I think we both can hit 100. – I think so.
– Let’s just both hit under. I think 200 between us, then we would be half the table. I think we can do it. – I still haven’t finished
my 70th, thank you very much. – [Zach] You could do it, buddy! – You guys ready?
– Ready! – Three, two, one, dumplings! – Wow.
– But first, that heat. – Feel the rhythm, feel
the rhyme, get in my belly! It’s dumpling time!
– Bravo! – How many was I at? (Eugene groans) – Yeah, careful. (chopsticks tapping) – Oh, are you okay?
(Eugene groans) – If I go slower, I’m
gonna not finish 100. (playful music)
(slurping) It’s almost like at this point, I basically could just be drinking pork which usually sounds like a great time but right now, it’s getting difficult. – Oh, I just burped and
farted at the same time! (Zach burps) (bell rings) – Eugene, you’re so impressive. – What do I do with this?
– Let’s talk about Eugene. – [Eugene] Alright, I got
10 more before I hit 100. ♪ Little dumplings in a box ♪ ♪ Little dumplings in a box ♪ – 67!
(bell rings) – You gotta get to 69, Ned. That is the funniest one! – You’ve gotta end at 69, bro. – I can’t! – You can do it.
– No! – [Mike] Every dumpling is closer to me just vomiting everywhere. When the vomit comes, it’s not stopping. – Hold on, Eugene,
you’re in your last one? Eugene just is chewing up dumpling 99. That means with the next dumpling, he will be a dumpling centurion. – Oh my god, oh my god! Wow, you’re amazing! – 100 dumplings.
(rock music) – Wow!
(bell rings) – Yes! Yes! (Zach cheers) – Fuck yeah, I could do 69!
– No, oh my god, stop. – I’m gonna smash these
two dumplings in my face! (Ned groans) (laughing) (rock music) 69!
(bell rings) (Zach cheers) (Ned cheers) I have conquered my personal boundaries! I am officially tapping out. (Ned clapping) (bell rings)
(Zach laughs) 69 dumplings! (Zach cheers)
– All right! – I’ve already eaten more
than what’s recommended for me but I have one dumpling for every year of my beautiful life. 28 dumplings. (Mike and Zach clapping) (bell rings) Tapped out. – I’m at 73. – And Mike is about to
eat his 99th dumpling. – [Keith] Wow, Mike, you’re incredible! – Here we go! – All right Mike, you got this. – Number 100. – [Keith] Wow! (rock music) (bell rings)
– Wow! (Try Guys clapping) – Wow, wow!
– One more for me to get to 75 and then I am
tippity tapping out, out, out. – Don’t look at the dumpling. Look past the dumpling. See past the dumpling. The dumpling is an after thought. The dumpling has already been eaten. – Wait, oh, wait! Wait for it! (rock music) (Keith claps) (bell rings)
– Yeah! – 75!
– Yeah! – 75.
– Good job, good job. – Wow! – And that says you eat
another one for good measure. – [Zach] 101! – 101. The Asians have decided
we’re gonna tap out 101 each. (Eugene claps)
– Three taps in the sky. (Eugene and Mike clapping) – And then on the table.
– Slam! (bell rings)
– All right. Good job, man. – Good job to you, buddy. – Guys, I think that means
we did not officially hit 400 between the five of us but– – But we hit 370 whatever? – What is that? – 373?
– 101 plus the other one, that’s 202 plus? – Just count how many are left. – 28. – 202, oh, that’s exactly 230 plus 75 which is–
– 69! – No, no, 100.
– 305 so that’s 374. – Wasn’t that 378 was the record?
– No, it’s 373! – No. I’m doing math right now so (mumbles) out of the 400. – I got it, I got it, I got it. – If it was 373 then we
actually passed him by one. – [Ned] That’s 378. – So how many did we eat? – 374 by my math.
– Four. – Matt Stonie ate 373! (Try Guys and Mike cheers) – Oh!
– No! – Oh my god.
– No! – Oh my god.
– Wait, so you’ve had the number wrong the whole time? – I went with what we were texted! – Just dumplings. – It was the pot stickers. – I’m Googling it too. – We still hold the
record for soup dumplings! – Here’s the deal, we don’t have a research
department anymore. It’s an independent venture,
a small crew, small team and if you wanna support us, subscribe, go to Patreon.com/TryGuys. You got a lot. You can buy the merch,
it all looks real cute. A lot of ways to support us. We don’t have research department. – Can you eat 11 more? – Can you eat 11 more
dumplings for us, Zach? – I could but it’s a bad idea. – I love you to death but I’d rather watch
you suffer for a night than the four of us
vomit across the table. – So if I eat 11 dumplings. – You’ll be our ringer. – It was always you! – It was always you, baby! – Will you do it?
– Gentlemen, give me your dumplings! – Oh!
– Oh! (triumphant music) – In the grandest twist,
Zach is coming up from behind to contribute 11 more dumplings. – I know I said my doctor said
I’m not supposed to do this. I got my medicine, I got
my tummy stuff, I got this. – I’m just sad that our
celebration was for not. It was such an organic celebration. – No, we’re gonna earn it. We’ll just put that after again. We’ll show it twice. (Keith burps)
– Just watching other people eat at this point hurts
me to my very soul. (Eugene coughs) – I’ll be honest, my stomach
actually hurts, like hurts. – You guys know they only
have one toilet here? – It’s fucking me up right now. Oh my god! – [Mike] Can someone stand in
front of the girl’s restroom so we can also use that? – I have three more! One for each of my beautiful
friends, sorry, Mike! (everyone laughs) – I was part of your team! – This one is for Ned, a
father, a fighter, a lover. – Wow!
(bell rings) Wow! – This one is for Keith, the biggest mouth in all the lands. (bell rings) – Oh god. – I can’t even look in that direction. Keep going, buddy! – We are at 384 right now. One dumpling left and we
pass Matt Stonie’s record even though it’s between five people and it was more than 10 minutes
and not the same dumpling but it means something to us. – Yeah, it does.
– It means a lot to us. – And this dumpling is
for my friend Eugene. An artist, an icon, a dumpling eater. – Thanks, bro. (Zach groans)
(Mike claps) – Swallow it, swallow it.
– Done! (bell rings)
(clapping) – Yeah, Zach!
– Yes, we did it. All right.
(Mike cheers) – Oh, wow! – Let’s just replay the other record. – Play it again. – And we’ll just play what
the last time we got excited. (everyone cheering)
(triumphant music) – Suck it, Matt Stonie! Thanks so much to the
amazing, incomparable, Mike Chen of Strictly Dumpling and several other
successful channels as well that you don’t even know or maybe you don’t always
realize it’s by him. – I don’t even know.
– He’s got so many. – Well, I just wanna say thank you guys so much for having me
on this historical day, one that will live in infamy. Love you guys, thanks
so much for having me. – Yeah, Mike Chen! (Try Guys cheering and clapping) Yay Mike Chen! – Oh, how wild! – All right, you ready? Until next time, we’re the Try Guys, – [Everyone] Soups up! – Happy lunar new year! I’m not saying soup’s up. (Mike laughs) (Try Guys theme music) But we’re both so Asian that 101, one dumpling over 100 makes
me feel somewhat satisfied. – Our moms would be proud of this– – Our moms will be proud. – Actually, they’re gonna hate us. – Yeah, they’re gonna say– – How dare you? You ate so much dumplings! – You’re going to be so fat.