– What I love about macaroons
is how delicate they are. (yelling) This is gourmet cooking. (yelling) Welcome to the Try Guys make macaroons. (yelling) (upbeat music) – Today we’re making fancy,
gourmet, expensive cookies. The kinds of cookies
you can make into trees, insert shot that helps
justify that statement. – Today we are making macarons. Not macaroons. – Macaron? According to the chef it’s macaroon, so suck it, Zach. – Macaroons are the things with coconut, macarons are like the little sandwich cookie things that you love. – Yeah, tomato tomato, you can call them both but nobody does. – Our special guest
today is Gabbie Hannah, one of my favorite people
in the entire world. – A macaroon is a
completely different cookie. I bet you say fucking gif. How do you say your name? Why is that? Because your parents named you that. Now if people started calling you Kay-oth or Key-ith, or something,
you’d be like that’s annoying, because that’s not your name. The creators of gif call it a gif, Keith. (soft music) – Welcome, I’m Fabien, I’m the pastry chef for Laduree Los Angeles. So today we’ll try to show you how to make the french macaroon. – Could you say that again? – [Fabien] Macaroon. – Oh no. – Macaroon. – He’s saying -oon. They say on. – Oh. – [Fabien] I’ve been making them my whole life with my grandmother. After when I finished school,
I started pastry school and I’ve been doing that
for around 15 years now. – How long are you in
school until they’re like okay, you can handle the macaroon. – It was that macaroons
can take a few years, yeah. – A few years?! (laughing) – Oh my god. – This is like advanced level? – To get the perfect macaroon
is pretty advanced, yeah. – I like the way macaroon’s taste, but I love the way they look. The smell, you can pack
them in little tiny boxes and they’re like the perfect gift. – I love sweets. I like caramel, I like
cheesecake, I like chocolate, I like cake, I like tiramisu,
I like it when you can stir it up, I like when you can mix it, I like sweet, healthy
things, I like rich things, I like subtle things, I love sweets. (upbeat music) – Chef, I know we haven’t
earned it, but, may we? – Yes. (gasping) – Oh wow. – Wow! (singing) – Oh my god. – So today we’ll make some macaroons or let’s try some first. – Oh! – Come on. – You did not. – [Keith] You made them
a little triceratops. – So it should be crunchy
outside, really soft and creamy inside. – [Zach] What is this flavor? – [Fabien] Orange blossom. – Orange blossom. – I taste the flower. – It seems like there are infinite flavors in the macaroon world. – [Fabien] Yes, there is no limit, as long as you can find a good recipe and make it work, we have over like maybe 500 different recipes. – 500?! – [Fabien] Yeah. – That’s a lot of cookie sandwiches. – 160 years. – Today we are all making
our very own macaroon. We’ve all chosen different flavors. I’m not a dessert guy, I like salt. I like fried chicken. I thought if I was going
to make a macaroon, I should make it pair with fried chicken, and what goes better with
fried chicken than waffles? I’m making maple ones,
they’re gonna be maple. – [Fabien] A big
ingredient is the almonds. Almond and powdered sugar, and I will grind it until
I get a thin powder, but I still want some pieces
to have a little crunch. – [Zach] Oh yeah, there’s like still little chunkies in here. – [Ned] Wow, so is it gluten free ’cause there’s no flour? – [Fabien] Yeah. Gluten free. – Whoa. – Shit! – you know, lately I feel there’s been too much tea spilling on YouTube, and it’s taken us away from the real tea that really matters, tea. I’m gonna make a tea-flavored macaroon. – Okay so I beat up the egg
whites until they are nice and foamy, and after, I will
pour my simple syrup sugar that we bake into the 120 degrees Celsius and I will pour it over the egg whites and the sugar will cook the egg whites. – Wait the sugar cooks the egg? – Yeah.
– [Fabien] Yeah. – Whoa. – [Keith] Oh its merengue-ing. (upbeat music) – So now I will mix the almond flour with a little bit more egg whites and for coloring, depending
on the color we want to use. – Well, the first step, I’ve been dying to know what this feels like all day. – Shaving cream and
whipped cream together, must be the perfect thing
to pie somebody with. – It’s got some resistance to it. Oh yeah. Do you need the egg whites? – Yes. – Okay, here you go chef. – Thank you. Here you go, chef. – Thank you so much, chef. Here you go, chef. – Oh, thank you, here you go, chef. – Thank you. So I’m just mixing the color
and the egg whites together. It looks pretty red now, but it will become really nice pink. – I’m Italian, so when I think macaroon, I think pizza, and what’s the
closest I can get to pizza is strawberry and basil. Kinda like tomato and basil. I’m gonna make the outside shell pink, ’cause it’s close to red. – I would like to make peanut
butter and jelly macaroons. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so why not bring it to a cookie form? – [Fabien] So I will just
pour everything inside. – Whoa, this looks straight
up like that crunchy slime that they do on YouTube. – Oh my god! – Oh it’s squand! – You haven’t added any
flavor in yet, right? – [Fabien] No. – Is the flavor in the cookie
too or just the filling? – Just the filling, most of the time. – Whoa! Secrets exposed! – We want it to be a little
bit liquidy but not too much. – [Ned] You want to keep the
fluffiness of the meringue. – [Gabbie] So the flavor of the cookie is essentially almond. – Yes, the flavor of the cookie’s almond and what we’ll put inside
the filling after a few days will infuse the shell
from one to three days. – So a fresh macaroon is like a bad thing. – Yeah, it’s not that great. – You don’t want it fresh. – This is crazy! – You gotta be macaroon-your-game. – Wow. – I’m gonna make my outer cookie green. Chef, you said that the
green is very strong, right? – [Fabien] Yes. – One drop, two drop. So you just put it in? – Yeah, I just put it in
and I made this porridge. – Here’s the thing,
I’m a really bad baker, but I really like to win. – Oh I’m competitive too. Also, I don’t want to come in third place. Literally anything
else, except for fourth. Every time we’ve done this,
I’ve come in third place. – And third we have Ned. (sighing) – Third place, the apple pie. (sighing) – I got third place. – You definitely got third place. (laughing) – That’s cool, that’s great. (gasping) It’s very upsetting. – Now chef, am I putting
this whole cream in? – Yes. (laughing) – Oh, you just went for it. – Yeah. – Gabbie, tell me about your EP. – It’s called Two-Way Mirror. – How’d you come up with that name? – I caught my ex cheating on me. – Oh. – Because another girl wrote I love you in the steam of the shower,
and then when I took a shower it re-steamed the mirror,
and then I love you showed up in the mirror, I was like– – Oh! What? – Yeah. – Wow. – Uh-huh. – All right, I think mine’s
pretty well combined. At this point, I’m just
knocking more air out of it. – Uh, yeah, a little bit more. It’s not shiny enough yet. – [Ned] Until I have a nice and shiny– – They are fully ready when we pipe them, they won’t stay in shape and it will become really flat and look weird. – Oh my thumb, my freaking
thumb is getting sore. – Whoo, my grip hand is. – Geez, god. – [Zach] Chef, your
hand must be so strong. – How’s my consistency chef? – Seems it needs to me mixed. – Mixed. – Oh my hand! – Wah, golly. – Oh my thumb. – I think that’s done now. – He said keep going. – You got this, Keith. – How’s this looking, chef? – Looking great, yep, you’re good to go. – Thank goodness. – Okay, so now I will pipe the macaroon. I will do two different
size, a mini macaroon and a little bit larger macaroon so we can fit more stuff inside. So we’ll put my macaroon
dough in the piping bag and just pipe small round shapes. – [Zach] Oh yeah, oh yeah. – [Ned] Oh yeah. Look at ’em gloob. – Just need to make sure
you have two of each of the same size so you can sandwich it. – This is the most exciting. Scoop. – Gloop, gloop, gloop, gloop. Gloop, gloop, gloop, gloop. Gloop, gloop, gloop, gloop. – Gloop, gloop, gloop, gloop. Gloop, gloop, gloop, gloop. Gloop, gloop, gloop, gloop. Gloop, gloop, gloop, gloop. Gloop, gloop, gloop, gloop. ♪ Well I put my batter into a bag ♪ ♪ And I the bag’s got a little
metal tip on the big ol’ pan ♪ ♪ And I let it go drip drip drip ♪ ♪ I put the cookie out
to make the cookie bake ♪ ♪ But it’s not just a cookie ♪ ♪ It’s a macaroon hey ♪ – Squirt! – Mine’s ugly as fuck. – What’s happening over there? – A disaster. – [Fabien] Don’t put them
too close to each other. – [Ned] They need to be farther apart? – Yeah, we’ll have a
big line of macaroons. – That’s just back to the drawing board. (laughing) – Okay I get it now, if you
put it closer to the ground. – Put it on the ground. (laughing) – I wish I would have
made my tray look better, ’cause yours are really nicely spaced. – Ah, that’s so kind, Gabbie. You know, I always loved meeting fans (laughing) of my work. – Feel real good about my technique now, but it took me a while to get there. – Mine are sort of abstractly
living on the pan now. His were a lot better looking. – Yeah, he’s better at this. – It’s only because he’s
dedicated his life to it, Zach. – So I will shake them nice and flat. (Zach laughing) – [Ned] Yeah! – Okay, ready to go into the oven. – Wow, so excited. – [Zach] Keith, wait for me, my god. – Well we can’t wack at the same time, there’s only one wacking towel. – Yeah, my shit’s circular as fuck. – Oh wow, that one’s getting big. – Well I forgot about the wack part and these are gonna get huge and it’s just gonna
become one giant thing. – This feels weird to just. – [Gabbie] It is fun though, right? – [Ned] Smack it. Come on! – Gah! Ah! – Why don’t they call them wack-a-roons? – Wack-a-roons. – Wack-a-roons. – I am adding peanuts to the top of mine because I have a peanut
butter and jelly macaroon. Just a little bit more fun texture to it. – Because I’m making maple,
they have these little powdered crepes, sprinkle them
just nicely atop my shells. – And what’s better with tea than a little bit of rose petal? – That’s perfect. That is artistry. – Those nuts are gonna burn in the oven. – Yeah. – I got this weird Mickey one. – But maybe this mickey one will work with this almost Mikey one. – Oh, you know what? You’re right, if I combine. (gasping) Keith, you’re a genius. – Oh Zach! That won’t have been wacked! That part of Mickey’s head
wont’ have been wacked! – I did it. – Wow. – I combined them. – Now that we have finished our macaroons, we are going to put them in the oven for 150 degrees Celsius for 13 minutes. (upbeat music) – Okay, so the macaroon
shells are out of the oven and they are nice, so I will
flip so I can sandwich it. So I have a rose petal buttercream. I will come and pipe just a
little bit of rose buttercream in the shell, and just need to close them. Perfect sandwich, so I made
them a little bit bigger so I will be able to add
more stuff in the macaroon. – [Ned] Oh boy! – Raspberry. I will add also a little bit of sweet so the sweetness of the leche
will balance the sourness of the raspberry, so I will just do a little bit of
decoration, make it look nice. (upbeat music) – All right, let’s check
out our finished macaroons in three, two, one. Oh! – Ned! I thought these were examples! These are ours? – [Ned] Look at them babies! – Oh my god! Wow, we actually did a really good job. – Oh look at these, oo. – Yours look great! – I think yours are actually better. – [Zach] Really? – [Keith] Than mine, yeah look they have the little foot ridge. It just shows that it grew and got taller, whereas mine didn’t look like– – Let’s see the bottom of yours. – [Fabien] Yeah, the mix
was better than yours. – I didn’t mix it enough
or I mixed it too much? – [Fabien] Little bit too much probably. – Too much? – Wow, so I did it just right. – I’m trying to only
pick out the best ones. – Oh my god, there’s a hair in this one. – What? Is that your hair, my hair? – That’s a cat hair, bro. – And then check this
out, this was a mistake, but we made it into a feature. We got Mickey Mouse macaroon, macaroons. Oh Mikey, you’re so fine. – Oh I’m dumb. There’s supposed to be
bottoms of these cookies, but I made them all tops, so they’re gonna have to sit on nuts. (laughing) I’m dumb!
– That’s funny. – So I’ve got earl gray,
matcha, buttercream. No tea is complete without
a little bit of honey. – [Keith] That looks awful. – Yeah, it looks straight
up like geese poop. – It looks awful. – This looks like some guacamole. – Looks like guacamole that’s turning. – Okay so I am going to
make my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Vanilla and peanut butter,
blueberry, I’m gonna mix those together for part of it. – I’m pretty much just gonna stick with the maple on the inside,
but I’m gonna do a little decoration on the outside, some pecan, some berries, really make it feel like it’s a Belgian waffle experience. Mm. I think it needs some more maple. Just a dash more. – This is strawberry jam,
a little bit of balsamic. – That is a powerful flavor. I’ve got some fresh basil here and my wife’s favorite
cheese, mascarpone cheese. – Bro! – You like it? – That is alarmingly delicious. Is this spoiler alert? I’m sorry, but that’s diecious. – I mean we’re producing
the video, we can both be tied for first place. – Work on down, work on down,
work on down to flavor town. – Dollop. Dollop. Yeah, heck yeah, all right. Wow it has an interesting
matte finish, doesn’t it? – [Zach] It really does. – It really looks like wasabi. – [Ned] Whoa, look at that spiral. – Pretty good, right? – [Ned] That’s a perfect spiral. – Maybe too much jelly question mark? Probably? – Whoa! – That’s a fucking peanut
butter and jelly sandwich. – [Zach] Okay now I’m
gonna give mine a little dusting of tea, a little finish. – Okay, so I have my strawberry
jam and balsamic outside, then I’m going to make a
center of mascarpone and basil. It looks like a little pizza! – It does look like a little pizza. – It’s like pizza sauce and cheese. – You did a good job. – Wow. – You ready to smush some boys? – Let’s smush some boys. (upbeat music) – [Keith] Now we just gotta
do the signature finish. I’m just gonna stab it into the cookie. – [Ned] Oh wow, Mickey. – [Zach] Mikey, yeah,
he’s having a moment. Come on, Mickey, stay together. (Gabbie laughing) – [Gabbie] That’s cute as fuck. – [Ned] It’s a mommy and me macaroon. – [Gabbie] Cut a strawberry in half. – [Ned] A whole strawberry. – [Gabbie] Cut it in half. – [Ned] A piece of basil. – Oh yeah, I already know
exactly how mine will look. Daddy and the champs. – Keith, I need your help here, man. I know we’re competitors,
but right now I need you to help me get this
Mickey onto this plate. – Okay, okay. Hold him, hold him, hold him. It’s like Operation dumbo
drop but with a Mickey. – [Zach] Oh my god. – Oh. Feel like we’re on Cake Boss or something. – All right, we’ve plated our macaroons and now it’s time to judge them, but we’re all gonna be
winners ’cause we’re all gonna eat these at the end. (soft music) – Eugene’s gonna be so
jealous he wasn’t here. – Yeah, screw that guy! – Yeah! – All right, Chef, these
are our four macaroons. – Beautiful pronunciation. – Thank you, I thought that was good. – You did great, yeah. – You all did a great job with the shell. There was a lot of
different and great idea and so yeah, I’m really excited to try it. – This is my continental
breakfast macaroon. Maple buttercream and
there’s pecans on the big boy but not on the little guys. – They look nice, the
shell is little bit thin, can’t really taste the maple. – Aw man. – You should have put more
little bit at the end. – Fuck! Cut into the big daddy. – Oh it’s nice and crunchy outside. This is good. The pecan and everything, it’s very good. – Chef, I hope you’re
ready for some drama, ’cause this is the spilled tea macaroon. Hints of earl gray, matcha, honey. We also have this Mickey one. He’s kinda just for funsies. – The macaroon shell looks really nice. I love the sprinkle of the rose on top. – Thank you, Chef. (suspenesful music) – Interesting. – Thank you. (laughing) – Tastes a lot like matcha, but it’s good. – So tell me, in France, did you guys eat peanut butter and jelly? – No we don’t. – So this isn’t as
nostalgic as I had hoped, however, welcome to America. (laughing) Very generous with the filling. – Maybe a little bit
generous, that’s good. – Fun! Yay! – Chef Fabien, this is my
strawberry and basil macaroon. It’s what I imagine pizza
would be if it were a dessert. – Like the plating, maybe
a little bit too crunchy. – I’m so intrigued. Bro, bro. Bro. – That balsamic in the
strawberry is pretty good. – Nice. Now guys this was really about enjoying the process of baking and appreciation, but
now Chef, we do need you to pick a winner. – And the loser, and start with the loser. (laughing) – Okay, so in fourth place I will put this one. – Oh! – [Keith] Very surprised,
but perhaps it was because it was the most basic. – The macaroon shell little bit too thin. – So it was basic and bad. – No, no, no no. (laughing) – In third place (suspenesful music) I will go with this one. – Oh my god. – He’s never not gotten third place. I can’t believe I was
here for this moment. It’s because Eugene’s not here. I’m your lucky charm! – You’re my lucky charm! – Can you guys quit
celebrating for a moment and let me live in my sorrow? Chef what was wrong with my perfect tea? – Flavor of the matcha was
a little bit too strong, so it’s not for everyone. – Not for everyone? – Yeah. – But you liked it, just between us? – Yeah. – Who is the winner of the Try Guys plus Gabbie Hannah macaroon contest? – Though they are both
good, I like the peanuts on top of this one, but
it’s a little bit too sweet. – Okay. – This one could have
had some stuff on top like sprinkle or want a
little bit more color, but the taste is really interesting and I love the idea of
everything you put together. So it’s pretty hard to judge, but I will go with the strawberry and basil. – Oh my god! Wow! Wow! Thank you, Chef, thank you, thank you! Oh my goodness! – I’m proud of you. I’m really proud of you. – Wow. Wow. – That’s amazing to go from
perpetually third to first. – My Nana would be proud. – Thank you to Laduree for having us. Thank you, Chef, for teaching us the way of the macaroon and congratulations to Ned who finally didn’t get third place. Congratulations, Ned. – Thank you, wow. – You know what, guys? We tried. – You’re bad. (upbeat music) (Keith laughing) – Really looks like what you
don’t want it to look like. – It looks totally like poop.