– Okay, I can do this. – If it hurts, just work it. – That is my balls up here, and then my dick is back here at my butt. – No way, your balls are
not all the way up there. – Today is a drag show
here at Buzzfeed Studios. – We had a lovely time turning- – This hairy Sasquatch of a man into a- – Beautiful woman. – Without further a due, my daughter. – No, I don’t think I’ve
ever been to a drag show. – You’re gonna be in one, tomorrow. – Goin’ straight to the top. – Drag queens, drag culture,
I don’t know anything. – I will be your guide. – Which makes me your mother. – I don’t really know what that means. – Not biological, obviously. – They build a house as a family. – So basically drag queens
are like Game of Thrones? – Very much so. – It’s an art form, you know? It’s like you’re an actor playing a role. – Dude by day, lady by night. – People love drag, so much more now. – I’m always all about this stuff. – So, this is competition, right? – I wanna win this thing. – I know I’m gonna be prettier than them. – You might need more time on makeup. – Mayhem, your daughter is shady. – What kind of queen would you want to be? – Have you ever seen like,
a blue collar drag queen? I’m seen as a normal guy, I have never changed this hair cut. – So you wanna be like, totally opposite. – I wanna be bat shit crazy! Dirty, Nikki Minaj a trois, like Kesha. – I could work with Kesha, so we’re going to make you look trashy. – I’m prone to hurting myself,
because I get too intense. – If she fell down drunk. – I’m glitter, and Champagne. – [Both] Champagne. – I like keeping on the character, staying true to a lady. – I really like Katy Perry. – But then every now
and then you get real, like pop into the deep voice, too. – He just looks like a dessert. – He will turn you into
a bubblegum pop princess. – Hi, this side of lady. – You sound real stupid, and I like it. – I thank you. – Gingivitis. – My names, Ginger Vitis. I’m so sweet I’m going
to give you a cavity, but don’t worry, I’ll fill it. – Is there a woman that inspires you? – I feel like a lot of the
influences in my life are male. – What kind of music do you listen to? – I don’t like listenin’
to pop, and I guess I’m just kind of silly and a little nerdy. With dashes of insecurity. I don’t know how that
translates into drag. – You don’t know how you’ll see yourself, until you see yourself in drag. I saw embrace the dash
of insecurity on stage. – Kornucopia, cause
I’ve got a lot to give. – Your Kornucopia runith over. – I’m kind of crass. I’m often hung over, I
just have zero filter. – Ratchet. – I don’t want to be ratchet. If I’m going to be a woman, I want to be a classy woman like my mom. Where’s my pants? – I have no idea what I would call myself. – I was watching porn
and I got mine that way. – So you’re telling me I have to go home and watch pornography?
– You should. – And then I’ll know my drag name? – The first thing I thought was “Rikkake”, “TuckleBerry Finn”, “Sushi Homemaker”, that’s like sexist and
racist at the same time. – I never wear heels, mostly
because my feet are so big. – I don’t even understand
why ladies where heels. It’s almost gross, how perfect they are. – Just shove em down. – Just give me a little runway walk. – You could have gone your
whole life without heels. – Oh I love it though,
it adds to the walk, it adds to the confidence. – Don’t they hurt so much? – Oh, yeah but it’s worth it. – It hurts, it hurts. – There’s nowhere for my toes to go! – You have not known this pain. – Especially the girls,
after the club closes, and they’re struggling to get to the car. – I’m just gonna rest while you talk. – They’re the most
special torture devices, to make women move very slowly. – Yeah, no kidding! – I feel like I’m trying to
ice skate for the first time. – You expect me to dance in these? – Yes, I do. – What? – No daughter of mine will wear flats. – I wanna get the emotion out, I wanna make the people cry. – So we were talking about
Robyn, “Dancin’ on my Own”. How do you feel about that? – I love that song. That song’s all about feeling. – So it’s really easy to
sink into the emotion of it. – You need to focus
more on being feminine. – I just want to blow this house up. – From here up has got to
be a little bit softer, a little bit flirtier, and then from here down, a little bit more over the top. – Yeah that’s fine if you do that. – I like croissant peacock. – Oh you got it, yes! – Instead of like specific
lyrics, or specific moves, it’s more about the essence of the song that you have already. – We’re doing “Partition”,
make love to the word. – Driver, roll up the partition. – Yes, I can’t do it. – I just have to think I
want to fuck the person. – So the morals of lip sync is, “Make those pussies wet,
and make dicks hard.” – This has to go? – That has to go. – All of it? – Yep. – How long does it take to shave a leg? – How well groomed should this area be? – Gotta get those pits and
get them legs together. – So I’m the only one showing leg. – Show the skin you want! – I’m trying to be a classy lady. – Oh, hardwood floors work the best. – We’re shaving your pits and taking care of the whispies. – Pits for sure, look at this. – I could put weave in that chest hair. – To the neckline of the top, and sideburns, and the back. – I don’t even know what
my skin looks like anymore. It’s like I haven’t seen it in so long. – I shaved a little bit
of Zach’s chest hair. That was a mistake. – We don’t get paid enough. – Half the battle is when you transform. When you look like a different person. – Isn’t it weird to think that glue sticks are most commonly bought by elementary school kids and drag queens? – You’re automatically
gonna act different. – I really feel like this
should be an Olympic sport. – There is fuck ton that goes into it. – It’s like a condom for my head. – I want nothing more
than to just rub my eyes. – Look at her, though! – What do you think our founding fathers would say about this? – “They wore more wigs than us!” – This is like a skyscraper
of makeup on my face. – Are there straight guys that do drag? – There are! – There’s the fear of
compromising your masculinity. – I need a break, I need
to step back for a sec. – But who cares? – So drag name, I was
thinking “Koree Anne”, “Kay Drama”, “Cheyenne Pepper”. I like it! – But I don’t understand,
like, I don’t have breasts. – You know what, I have a lot a flab, that maybe we can push around. – I got this for you. – Thankfully we aren’t
showing no cleavage. – I’ve got hips for you. – So, this is how you make an ass. It’s literally the couch cushion. – Well, there is a man
shoving foam into my butt. – You have to cover all of the boy. – Looks a little Lindsey Lohan. That could be good. – Finish your fucking drinks. – Suck it in. – Oh boy. Oh, crap! – I’m giving you a fucking body. – Where’s the dick go? – You take your nuts, you put them up in the socket. – What socket? – Where they came from
before they dropped. – Bring them upstairs. – I feel like I only
have a split level house. – Pull your dick back. – Touch my butt hole with my dick? – Yes. Like a thong. – How do you guys pee when you’re working? – We don’t. – I’m going to go tuck in the bathroom. – Holy Shit, oh my God. I think I did it. – You’re flat. – I’m flat. – Guess who tucked. – A typical drag show would be, a cast goin’ out there
and do their little dance, and gettin’ money. – Tonight we’re going to be popping the cherry, for Buzzfeed. – My daughteress found herself right away. – I feel like we could really surprise her with how like a woman I could become. – Her name is Ginger Vitis. – Misty gave me so much more confidence. Don’t worry about getting the words right, if you just sell Ginger
Vitis to other people, and you connect with the audience members, that’s all that matters. – I love that. That he throws himself into everything, and she was beautiful. His tucus. – You were all the treasure
at the end of my rainbow. – I just wanna warn the first row, that this could become a splash zone. – So what does your wife think
about the whole drag thing? – She thinks it’s funny. – Champagne Canne. – I thought it was gonna be kinda weird, then I would feel uncomfortable, but once you put all of this on, you really become a different person. – Or at least you feel like you are, until your wig flies off. – Baby, fix your hat. – I don’t fucking care! – How’s everyone doing tonight? – With my sisters, they
are both judgmental, witty, the most cut throw
Asian girls you’ll meet. – My daughter, Cheyenne Pepper! – Physically, this is torture on my body. My toes are crushed,
my balls and dick have disappeared somewhere within me, I’m sweating under this wig, I feel like there is
twenty pounds of makeup on my face, and yet, there
is like a rush to it, which is really cool. What’d you think of the show? – How are you so skinny? – We can prove to Mom that I’m
finally the prettiest sister. – Now before I bring my daughter on, who, unlike the other performers, is not a whore. – I can’t just be a half ass
drag performer, for my grandma. I gotta do this. – So give it up for Kornucopia Kornfeld. – I didn’t even know who you were, she did such a great job, and I didn’t know you
had such fantastic legs. – Oh well, thank you. Huge respect for drag queens. They are both better men and better woman than I am. Who do you think he resembles? Just pick somebody. – His father.