Hello! And welcome to FridgeCam. If you eat food or even if you don’t, then this is the show for you. Coming up in the show today the chefs from our Chefs Table
(No Apostrophe, No Lawsuit) answer all your chocolatey questions. Ben loses his temper with chocolate. But first… me with my squeaky shoes,
Mike with his red t-shirt and Barry with his empty brain go head-to-head-to-head in an ultimate chocolate wrestling match. Battle. It’s a battle. We’re cooking. When I first heard about this chocolate battle I thought how do I predictably
sandwich peanut butter into this recipe? Then, thinking of the word ‘sandwich’ made me think of a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich. So, I’m going to make a
Peanut Butter and Jelly Chocolate Tart. Tart base is where it starts so it’s rubbing cubed butter and flour together to make
a breadcrumby consistency. When I heard we’re doing a chocolate battle I thought, what chocolate puddings are
out there that I could re-create and thinking of puddings made me think of Yorkshire puddings
and how much I love those. So, I thought, I wonder if you
can make a Chocolate Yorkshire Pudding, so I’m doing that with some
Chocolate Ice Cream as well. And it’s going to start with a white chocolate ice cream. Get your white chocolate, melt that down, in a bowl
with your mascarpone cheese and some sugar. Oh yeah, then whisk it, cling film, in a fridge – freezer, important bit for ice cream. When I heard we were doing
the ultimate chocolate battle I thought to myself, why don’t I do something
old fashioned like fudge, and then I thought, hang on a second, I also really like an old fashioned cocktail and I like fudge, why don’t I do an old fashioned fudge, but not using the… and that’s why I came up with
an Old Fashioned Cocktail Fudge. And it starts with candied orange which means I have to peel an orange and then cut it into slices and then put it into boiling water. So, whilst you’ve been gone
I mixed some icing sugar and an egg into my pastry, brought it all together. I’ve clingfilmed it, it’s going in the fridge for half an hour. I think Mike is an appropriate level
of scared for this recipe. And I’m not surprised, six and a half years in he’s putting all of the skills to the test. He is. So like, sweet pastry tart case. That needs to be neat and perfect and no holes. Yeah, and egg wash so
it’s a nice glossy shine. Yes. Then you’ve got the ganache which is another shine again. You want that shine,
you don’t want that cream to overboil, you don’t want to overcook it or the chocolate’s going to split. For sure. And then nut brittle. Caramel, yeah, he’s got to make a caramel. Always a weakness in the studio, not just for Mike, for everybody. He’s going to have to keep an eye on it. For Ben. And now for my chocolate Yorkshire mix. First… first the dry stuff, cocoa, flour, give that a mix. And then you want
to go for your wet stuff. Milk, egg. Mix the wet stuff first before putting it in the dry stuff. So, I actually probably don’t have to
wash anything else up, and then you give it a shake. There’s the (inaudible). It helps if you stick a fork in. I just thought, lots of people out there don’t know
what Yorkshire pudding is. It’s a battery, baked, amazing thing that you just put gravy and eat meat with. It does give people in Yorkshire
something to look forward to. Yeah, it takes their mind off the rain and the factories and stuff. That’s my batter done and
now I need that to rest for about half an hour. So, Barry is making a Yorkshire pudding. As ever with him,
he’s turning it on its head. It’s a sweet dessert Yorkshire pudding. Yeah. Super simple. It should be, eggs, flour, milk in Yorkshire pudding,
but a little bit of cocoa in this one. Will he take his eye off the ball and
get a little bit too big for his boots and think it’s all too easy and
leave it all to the last minute, and will there be a panic? This is rested. My oranges came up to a boil so I drained the water out and
then kept them in in here. I refilled my pan with some
water, a load of sugar, I’m going to bring that up to a boil and then simmer my oranges for about 45 minutes. Let me guess your thought process when you found out about
the chocolate battle. Step one, get all of the chocolate. It’s actually really lucky that what you brought for your packed lunch actually applies for this battle. With Jamie’s choice, I feel like Jamie’s more of a savoury man, kind of throw it in and see. When it comes to finally
weighing stuff out and a bit more precision, will he be careful enough with his fudge? I feel like he’s chosen a good recipe for that. The only is, will he drink all the whiskey before he gets it in the fudge? Or most of it. And you know when
you sort of need a little bit, and he goes, oh, a little bit more
and a little bit more. Will he be reserved enough to stick to the recipe? -It’s going to be difficult. After those oranges
have cooked for 45 minutes I’m going to toss them in sugar and let them dry for an hour then they become these
lovely candied oranges. And now, this is the bit that I learned from James. I’m going to trim the edges but you have to do it in a specific way. Let me refer to this. Roll your dough big enough to cover your tart tin. And once it’s over cut off the excess and press the pastry into the edges until there’s no air between the tart tin and the pastry. Get rid of more excess giving it a final press then
stab the base with a fork. So, I’m going to now try and copy the James way of trimming a tart. Really? Why? Why? Watch the video, this is how he does it. Aaaah. That was just a funny joke. I’ve actually lined the tart case
with baking beans, which incidentally aren’t wasabi peas and I’ve left it in the fridge to rest. To make my fudge I’m going to melt as much dark chocolate as I can lay my hands on. I’m going to take that off the heat and then I’m going to add in
a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a whole tin of condensed milk, and then, as much of this whiskey as
I don’t want to drink, which will be about 3 tablespoons. Because I’ve got nothing
really else to do I thought I may as well heat up my skillet in the… what are you doing? I’m just baking off my tart now that has rested.
For 15 minutes at 180 degrees. Thanks, mate. Thank you mate. I thought we’re drinking fudge. Friends. Friends. Oh, it’s so silky. That is nice. It’s good, isn’t it? Okay and now, enemies? Enemies. Enemies, yeah. Have a look at this. That is a tart case. I took it out after 15 minutes,
got rid of the baking beans, egg-washed it, back in for another 5 minutes. Boom! And it’s not crap. Yes! So, now I’m going to make a ganache. Cream, sugar, into pan, up to the boil. Chocolate, butter, ganache. And now this is where it gets good.
I’m going to layer the tart case with jam, peanut butter, the chocolate ganache, top that with peanuts and sea salt. I’m going to put this in the fridge for
an undefined amount of time. Oh, wait a minute, that looks good. Now it’s a sexy chocolate battle. It’s now a chocolate battle. Yeah. It’s on. Whoah no. Why are you wiggling your arse as well? You’ve got it. You’ve got to leave it. Step away, step away. Move away. I mean, you have got that strawberry sticking up over there. You’re really annoying me. Go on, bury it. Hey guess what, I’m going to do something. Now, my skillet is nice and hot, in with some vegetable oil and then back into the oven until the oil starts to bubble. This goes into the fridge. Now my fudge base has cooled it’s time to add the toppings. We’re going to
melt some more dark chocolate, spread that over the top and then we’re going to top it off with
some grumbled digestive biscuits… grumbled that was, not crumbled. We’re going to cut some
cherry liqueur chocolates, spread them over the top
with some chocolate chips, some cut up Daim bars and our candied orange. (inaudible), best of friends. My boyfriend just walked
into the living room during the sexies, took one look at the laptop,
rolled his eyes and walked back out. I regret nothing. I would cook up Ben’s ego. There’s enough for the entire world. So, I think my oil is hot enough. You can tell ‘cause it’s got like
a little shimmer on top. That’s bubbling mate. No, that’s bone hot. Right, everyone mind your faces. What’s going to happen? Supposedly it starts to cook,
the bottom starts to crisp up, it goes back in the oven and it should start to rise and create like an upside-down dome. I thought it was going well, and then I remembered
I’ve got to make caramel for a nut brittle. So, this is what I’m going to do. Sugar, water, in a pan, heat it up. In the meantime, I’m going to
blitz up some peanuts in a food processor. And then I’m going to
keep an eye on my caramel mix until it goes deep golden brown
and it starts to smell like caramel. Oh, dude it looks great. It’s worked! -You can’t see it. -I’ve got a rise. That’s good. That’s alright. Even distribution of my… Evenly done? Just like that? Lovely. Is it supposed to be
on the nuts or next to the nuts? A little bit on and a little bit next to I think. While those guys plate up
in an ultimate chocolate battle we thought we’d give you
another Chefs Table with chocolate as the theme. Jazz hands. What doesn’t go with chocolate? I’ve got an answer for this. Water doesn’t go with chocolate. No, that is science. You weren’t expecting that? -I was expecting a flavour.
-Yes. Water and chocolate do not mix. It’s easy as game over. I was thinking more flavours. -Okay, go.
-Like, you’ve had an experience with a hot chocolate with Marmite which I don’t… -Marmite and hot chocolate…
-Personally, subjective, -Marmite and hot chocolate, nope.
-… is excellent. Excellent. What’s the difference between
real chocolate and compound chocolate? So, compound chocolate has like vegetable fats and often sweeteners in it, so because vegetable fats
are cheaper than cocoa fats and cocoa butter, it’s the cheaper version of chocolate. It behaves slightly differently and
it’s normally a thing you’ll find in cheaper chocolate or
covering cheaper chocolate bars.’ Is dark chocolate better for you than white or milk? Short answer is, yes, dark chocolate is better for you
than white and milk. Mainly because white and milk
have loads more sugar in them. And dairy, so, sugar and dairy. And dairy too. But yeah, dark chocolate has loads of
good nutritional properties as well so you should be eating
dark chocolate, just a little bit. Seriously though, what the heck is chocolate bloom? It sounds like some pretty flower thing. Pretty flower things are good especially when they bloom. But chocolate you don’t really want to bloom, ‘ ‘cause that’s like the
white bits you get on chocolate… Yeah, and it doesn’t look pretty does it? It’s the kind of chocolate if
you’ve left it in the sun and it’s melted and then re-set again, it has that blooming effect.
It hasn’t got the glossy shine but it is still edible. Yeah, it’s absolutely fine to eat. -It’s just not great if you want it to look lovely.
-It’s just not as pretty as a blooming flower. Oh, we nailed that. -Well, I think Ben and I mustered together
a wealth of answers there, didn’t we? -That is chocolate covered. However, another topic next time, you guys keep sending your questions in
you want us to answer either in the comments down below or on Twitter. Let’s go back to the guys for plating up. Welcome to Chocoholics
Not-So-Anonymous. I’m going to start with this one over here. As ever, Barry’s gone a bit out the box. So, you’ve got dark chocolate,
like a chocolate moussey, ganachey thing, mango. But the thing we’re really judging here is the Yorkshire pudding, which is light and crispy and even with the cocoa powder
in there, which is quite difficult, it still rose. This feels like it’s a little bit of a cliché. Chocolate tart, it seems a bit obvious. He knocks me down
like they do in the army only to build me up again. Hang on, crispy bottom. Technically fabulous. It’s so good I want to punch you. And then we go here. As ever, chocolate on chocolate
on chocolate on chocolate. I’ve said it before, I’m going to say it again, I’m not a fan of whiskey. However, you know, it’s not just
overpowering, it’s just good. Hey, but you’ve got to make a choice. This one, I like the fact that it is different. I wouldn’t have thought of it,
and for that reason, it sits in a very good position
but only second to that one, which is my favourite today. That one wins. But it’s not up to me entirely ‘cause you guys get a say in it as well. Make sure you check out the poll on YouTube, give your favourite a Like. And head over to SORTEDfood
where you get the full recipes, give them a go and give those a Like too. I have chocolate in my heart. Yeah, that was more chocolate than
I could chuck a chocolatey stick at. But if you’d like to see some more chocolate then the winner of this battle
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a forfeit of some description. Definitely going to have to do a forfeit,
so make sure you tune in for that. But that FridgeCam had everything. It had Barry’s regional references
that nobody outside of the UK is going to get. It had fudge munching. Yes. And if you stick with us we’re going to see Ben’s real temperament
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and you’ll be taken right there. Good bye. Who wants more fudge? No, no more chocolate. We’re saving the rest for tomorrow. I think the reasons
my nipples are even bigger today is because now I’ve chocolate in those too. You’ve got chocolate nipples? Chocolate nipples. Shall I go and melt another
couple of hundred grams of chocolate, show you something useful with it? Temper, temper.