Hey, welcome to the channel. We are Sorted, a
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amazing things in food that make you go wow, between
stitching each other up and innuendos. Now be warned, we
have two chefs, but we give them
limited air time. And we make sure
all of our ideas start with a
suggestion from you. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m gooey in the middle,
baby, let me bake. Hello, I’m Jamie and
somewhere– that’s Barry. You know what, today, basically
everything goes wrong. This is one of, one of the
best / worst videos we’ve ever made. So please, get it
out there, give it a like, tell everyone you know. Today’s ultimate battle
is molten lava cake. They will go head
to head to head to come up with something that
is spongy with something liquid inside. The rest is up to them. Go! Oh, that’s how we’re doing this. OK, fine. Are these [INAUDIBLE]? Look at the stain in
that bowl, disgusting. Baz, did you say
you needed a bowl? I need a little bowl. There you go, mate. Thank you. I’m going to make a
cheats ice cream, which means whipping this cream
to soft peaks, which is one, knackering, then
two, the positive is that I’m making cheats
ice cream, which is basically cream and condensed milk. How soft peaks? Keep it in your original
bowl and then stir through some condensed milk. So be careful not to knock
all the air out of it. Add some mushed raspberries. And then, believe it or not,
we’re going to ripple it. This 30 minute fondant recipe
now becomes a six hour fondant recipe. Because this has got to go
in the freezer to freezer. So far I’m– You’re dusting. –I’m greasing my
ramekins and coating them in a little bit of cocoa powder. And I think you’re going to do
the same, aren’t you, Jamie? I’m going to do a mixture
of Graham cracker and cocoa powder around the rim. Part of the cake has not
cooked, has to ooze out. And that’s, for me, always
a chocolatey inside. But it could be other
things, couldn’t it? Yeah, you could add
other things to it. If you had an
imagination, you could put like something that wasn’t
chocolate inside, couldn’t you? You could add marshmallows. Yeah. You know what? That will fit perfectly. Look. Yeah, oh no. They’re mine. They just got chocolate on it. I know you’re going to
have to eat that now. Think lemon drizzle lava cake. I like both of those things. So inside is a
lemon curd, but it’s flavored with the exotic
citruses of kaffir lime and lemongrass as
well as normal lemons. So I’m hoping that that will
bring a different flavor dimension to your palate
and that your palate will be satisfied. With raspberry ice cream, my
palate is excited for this. Let’s just face it. Let’s be honest
with one another. I know it. You know it. You know it. You’ve clicked on this
video because it’s my recipe in the thumbnail. I think that’s very
forward-thinking because you choose to focus on the thumbnail
and you haven’t baked this yet. If it’s not got a molten center. I know, I know this is
going to be the best looking and the best tasting. Because it’s not
only got chocolate, but it’s also got peanut
butter and salty caramel in the middle. And Oreos. So you just ticked all
the cliche YouTube boxes. And sometimes that works. That’s why you clicked. And that’s why I’m going to win. Right now I’m just melting
chocolate and the butter in the microwave in a bit at
a time so it doesn’t burn. What if you combine
s’mores with– Ebbers hates s’mores. –a lava cake. So you put a marshmallow
mixture in the middle. He slags them off all the time. And then the outside,
you have chocolate cake. And then on the
outside of that, you have graham crackers crushed up. What if? That is the question. And I look forward to it. Yeah, all served with a salted
caramel and cinnamon ice cream. Pow.
[WHOOP] Ebbers, you’re not a fan
of the s’more, are you? I feel like we’re
a bit s’mored out, but one thing I would say
is after 1,200 recipes, you’ve got to work at how to
put other things inside of other things. And I’ve never yet seen a s’more
combined with a molten lava cake. But have you seen lemon
drizzle in a cake before? Not in a molten lava cake, no. But you have seen
it in a cake before. Not as many times as I’ve seen
s’mores on this channel, no. Oh. For reference– oh. Let’s make this
more interesting. I’ve got egg in my collar. Oh, it’s down my shirt. He’s laid it. I washed– I just
washed that off. No, you didn’t. I did! What? The whisk? Yeah, you piece of doggy poo. No, that’s mine. That’s mine. No, I’m using it. There’s only one, let me use it. How many grams of sugar is that? This is mine. You were biting me
like a schoolchild. [INAUDIBLE] You just sucked. I did a solid bite to you. And I started dribbling,
so I thought I’d just– You just sucked my thumb. And I’m really
concerned it’s ascended. I’m going to kill– I’m going to murder you. Why? Have you got a lemon
on your ball bag? You’ve got one of my
lemons on your ball bag? No. On one side, I’ve got my
eggy, sugary, salty mix, the other buttery chocolate. We’re going to bring them
together, whisk them, and then fold in my flour to create my
perfect, chocolatey batter. This is why it has
to be chocolate. Look at it. [GARGLING] [LAUGHTER] We actually just gone there. That’s where we’ve gone, right? [COUGHING] Yeah, yeah, don’t worry. It’s not there yet. It’s just, I had
to get it into– [INAUDIBLE] you were about to
spoon it into your ramekin. No, it’s fine. Stop interfering! So for my lemon curd, I’ve
got eggs, I’ve got sugar, I’ve got juice and
zest of some lemons. I need to retrieve the other
lemons from the guys’ pants. I will kaffir lime, lemongrass. And I’m going to thicken that
on a low heat in a saucepan. In that saucepan is
also going some honey. I have mixed some dulce de
leche and some peanut butter together, salted it. And I’m only going to
put a couple of teaspoons in the middle. I’m also going to put
it back in the fridge so it sets a little bit more and
doesn’t start to cook too much. Because you want to
stay runny later on. So again, two
teaspoons to the middle then top it up with chocolate. And hopefully you should have
a chocolate and peanut butter effect in the middle. Like a marbly,
swirly, molten bit. Yeah. What did you do? What on earth is going on? Just giving it back. I wanted to play fair, so. Oh no. So I processed my
eggs the wrong way. I’ve got a lemon from earlier. So I don’t need it anymore. That is perfect because
I can’t use those anyway. We’ve started again. We’ve now got two egg yolks. And now I can put
the full eggs in. What’s the problem? I’ve washed up those whisks. [LAUGHTER] They were just
clean whisks there. I didn’t know they were yours. I know I washed those up so
I could use them in my cream. This lemon curd is good to go. You know how I know? This. So now I’m going to
stir in some butter and then strain
it through a sieve and put it in the
fridge to cool up. Oh. Have you not whisked it? No. What have you done then? I just stuck it straight in. All right. Well, I have made a major error. He’s not whisked
his cake mix at all. I wondered why everyone
was doing that. Bowl– What’s wrong with you? What’s the matter? No, I had a bowl,
just had a bowl. I turned around for a second. Oh, I was just using what
was in the kitchen, which I thought was the brief. I thought that’s what we do. The whipped cream. I’ve added my melted
butter and chocolate into the egg mix, folded that
in with some flour, combined it all, and now it’s ready
to go into the ramekins. Sugar, butter beaten
until pale and fluffy. So now into that
goes eggs and milk. In case it couldn’t
get any more citrusy, I’m zesting some
limes into my sponge. Then I chuck in some flour,
stir it all together, fill my ramekins halfway. I’m going to pipe my
lemon curd into the middle and then put the rest
of the batter on top. So this is not the time to have
a casual lean as I’m cooking. Who knows what’s
going to happen now? Marshmallow mix into the
middle of my fondant. My fondant is in the oven. So I’m going to have a little
go at some presentation, which has always been my strongpoint. Something, something, something,
quenelle some ice cream or something. So the thing with
molten lava cake, you’ve only got a
very small window to get it absolutely right. And we’ve challenged the
boys to go one for photo, one for some sexy shots,
and one for me to cut into. Or I can just [INAUDIBLE]
if there’s no time. No. Later. This is your test one
for photo, isn’t it? And yours isn’t going
to be the photo, so. You don’t know that. People are watching
this for my fondant. They want to see
this in [INAUDIBLE].. Oh my goodness, he’s so
cock sure of himself. And it just so happens that I
have some limes knocking about that I used for zesting. So I’m going to squeeze
the juice out of those and combine that with some icing
sugar, mix it until it’s lovely and smooth. And that’s going
to be my drizzle. Do you know what? I don’t mind mine not
being the thumbnail. Mines more about taste, I think. [INAUDIBLE] left. Just remember, you don’t
have enough mixture. Just remember that. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] You just spoiled
Jamie’s chef-y flair? Stop it. We all know how this works. You do something and then
I do something worse. And then you do something worse. And then Ben’s veins
pop out of his head. And then we both
gang up on Barry? Yeah. Just do that and
see what happens. Will you stop it? All right, I’ve
got to save this. [INAUDIBLE] cake right. That’s going to go in there. This is OK. [GASP] So it turns out, I
was too organized. And because I made all three of
my lava cakes at the same time, whilst the other two
were sitting there and this one was
cooking, the marshmallow was slowly falling
further and further towards the bottom,
which is actually the top when you turn it out. And therefore, it doesn’t
come out the ramekin because it gets stuck. What does lava do
from a volcano? It erupts. This is the eruption
of the s’mores– can we just take
a picture of it? Barry? Yeah, mate? Can we take a picture of mine? I’m really busy, mate. Fine, I’m going
to take a picture. And it’s going to
be the thumbnail. And then you’re going
to cry to your mommy. [CAMERA CLICK] [CAMERA CLICK] [CAMERA CLICK] I might have nailed it, James. They’re completely blurry. The shutter speed
is like really slow. Why is the shutter speed so low? I changed the settings. [BLEEP] right. [LAUGHTER] Its construction time. [LAUGHTER] What happened? What went wrong? I don’t know. Your ice cream looks a bit sad. It all looks sad, James. You all right? [INAUDIBLE], you all right? I’m taking that to
the table because I’ve got no other choice now. I turned mine out
and it wasn’t cooked even though it was the
same amount of time as the other ones that
I’ve made just now. So I’m piping it
full of my curd. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [BUZZER] I’m going to start from this
end because this one might have an ooze. And then we’ll get– That’s definitely got an ooze. Then we’ll discuss that one. There we go. Oh, it’s the best one yet. Come out. That has got a nice
ooze, a nice dribble. That’s got an ooze. It’s not as easy as
that, though, is it? I’m so sorry, mate. It’s fine. It’s really funny. It’s fine. Shiny, glossy, slightly
different texture with the peanut
and the chocolate. Hot and cooked all
the way through. Normally, if a chocolate
fondant or a molten lava cake sticks to the rough
of your mouth, it’s probably because it’s
a little bit undercooked. Yeah. That’s not the case here. That’s the peanut butter. This is because of
the peanut butter. That is actually delicious. That is–
That is quite annoying. –divine. It might be the thumbnail. Well, I told you. [INAUDIBLE] thumbnail right now. [INAUDIBLE]
Don’t inflate his ego. It’s massive already. However, I like the
fact that you’ve gone for something different. You haven’t gone for chocolate. Slop on a plate. Your third one isn’t
as good as your first two, which is quite annoying. Really annoying, isn’t it? I am not confident
about this at all, mate? Well, you’ve done
a second injection. I have. Ignore– maybe just shut
your eyes from now on and focus on the flavor. And get a bit of ice cream. And get a bit of crunch. So I have to, unfortunately,
judge on what’s been plated. Because your first two
also, also look the part. But what this does
is taste delicious. And since it’s fresh,
the curd has got a tang. But it’s still that kind of
gooey, just about liquid center you expect from one curd. And the ice cream is great. [LAUGHTER] Now, I think you might
have a new thing here, Jay, puddle cake. I’m going to do the honors
and taste it, but my– I’m guessing, from
looking at it, it’s probably a little under. You know when you muck around
and you’ve done something wrong and you try and
get away with it, you can’t get away
with fondant like that. But to have three
different cakes and them all come out
different– differently. Yeah. And the first one was
actually the best. Also, you did miss the plate. I didn’t miss the plate. So this one flew out of the
pot, whereas the other two stuck a little bit and I had
to get the knife around there. This one, I turned it
over, and it went “aflegh,” and then it went “maah.” Conceptually, your cinnamon
mascarpone ice cream is the best compliment
of all three. The idea is good. It just– it just didn’t work. What happened? This has changed color. I thought in your first– I thought this was brown. Communication error. Oh. The thing with
molten lava cake is it is all down to how it
looks and that molten ooze. So you guys can probably judge
third, second, and first place as well as I can. But all of them tasted great. You know when you buy
them from the supermarket and you put them in the
microwave for 50 seconds, they come out
perfect every time? Yeah. Do that. The question is, would you
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