Some strange food trends take the Internet
by storm, but leave you wondering exactly how or why you’re supposed to eat them. It’s not just the Instagram age that has seen
all these weird fads popping up — for decades, the collective consciousness has been captivated
by the next new thing and when it comes to food, some of it is just downright bizarre. Congealed salads There are a few words that should probably
never be used to describe food, and “congealed” is one of them. But back in the 1930s congealed salads were
all the rage. You could put almost anything in a mold with
some Jell-O. Whether or not you actually should do it is another story, but it was the Great
Depression and people were looking for just a little bit of hope and sunshine wherever
they could find it. If you thought congealed salads ended when
the Depression did, you’re sadly mistaken. Congealed salads graced the inside of cookbooks
in the 1960s and ’70s as well. “To give your salads a holiday look, start
with Jell-O” Even weirder, they seem to be making a comeback
today, with everything from spaghetti-oh aspics with vienna sausages in the center to jello
molds filled with everything but the kitchen sink floating around on Instagram. Be wary of anything called a “surprise loaf”
at the next event you attend, but honestly that could describe any of these dishes. “Ewwww” Glitter coffee Glitter, even edible glitter, isn’t new, but
it wasn’t until 2017 that news broke that coffee shops had started using edible glitter
to jazz up their cappuccinos. Now Instagrammers are even adding edible glitter
to their coffee at home. Why? Because it’s all about the presentation. Information on whether or not the glitter
gets stuck in your insides as relentlessly as it gets stuck everywhere else isn’t included
in the menu description. Freeze-dried astronaut food For decades, it didn’t get any cooler than
being an astronaut. We were obsessed with the idea that we could
blast into space and float among the stars, so it’s not entirely surprising that once
we figured out we didn’t even have to leave Earth to eat like an astronaut, we were totally
down with that. “You should try Space Food Sticks. For good nutrition, and lasting energy. In a chewy, tasty snackfood”
According to Gizmodo, it was in the 1960s that mass media was running with the idea
that freeze-dried astronaut food was going to be the way of the future. It was space-saving, economical, and efficient. Even better? It was cool! If you didn’t have freeze-dried ice cream
at least once during your childhood, you were seriously missing out — and you need to
get some. This particular trend may not have taken off
like the media predicted, but you can still pick up some freeze-dried foods just for nostalgia’s
sake (or, you know, if you’re a doomsday prepper). “One of my favorites is… is freeze dried
chicken. I love this. I mean, this is the, the ultimate high-tech
prepper food” Rainbow and galaxy foods Thanks to social media, we’re developing all
kinds of food trends that hinge on appearance rather than just on taste. Take a quick glance and you’ll definitely
find some rainbow food. While there are some things that seem like
they were made to be turned into rainbow-inspired creations, others maybe not so much. There’s rainbow burgers, rainbow sushi, rainbow
grilled cheese, rainbow bagels, rainbow pizza, and even rainbow hot dogs. If savory rainbow food isn’t your thing, just
look at the trend of galaxy-themed desserts. They look amazing, and they include everything
from cakes and cookies to candy apples and lollipops, all decorated to look like something
that was plucked right out of the night sky. Between rainbows and your very own starry
night, this all brings us to a very, very important question: what will future generations
think when they see your Instagram? “No way!” Cheese tea Quick, think of two types of deliciousness
that should absolutely never, under any circumstances, be mixed together. If you said “cheese” and “tea” you’d probably
agree with a ton of people — but another ton swear it’s the best thing since sliced
bread. “Oh! I actually like it. I do. You never thought this would taste like this”
According to The Independent, this particular trend started in Taiwan. To be more precise, it’s iced tea topped with
whipped cheese. Does that clarification make it any better? We’re not sure. The trend started by using powdered cheese
and moved on to incorporate whipped cream cheese. It started to spread outside of Asia by hitting
the US and the UK first. Considering how seriously the Brits take their
tea, this is pretty much blasphemy. Deep fried everything There are a lot of incredibly important discoveries
that have been made over the course of mankind’s existence, and the discovery that you can
deep-fry pretty much anything set a massive precedent for American food trends in the
21st century. Are we proud of this? We’re not sure, but you have to admit the
fact you can deep-fry soda is pretty impressive. “Look what you did”
Also on the list of surprisingly fryable foods are pizza, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Oreos,
cheesecake, apples, Moon Pies, cupcakes, jelly beans, starfish, tarantulas, seahorses, and
more bugs than you’d be comfortable thinking about. Also, deep-fried beer ravioli are a thing,
too, and that’s definitely important. “Hey hey Billy can you deep fry your shoes? Hey! No problem! Got nothing to lose!” Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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