JOE: Hi, I’m chef Joe and we’re here at Serendipity 3 making the world’s most expensive dessert. 00:30
JOE: Uh there’s a lot of gold involved in this, now we’re also going to plate the frozen
hot chocolate goblet with twenty three carat, edible gold. This dessert in total has about
five grams of edible gold. 00:48
JOE: We’ve found 14 of the rarest most exotic cocoas. 01:08
JOE: And then we have the world’s most expensive truffle, this is twenty six hundred dollars
a pound. And this is twenty three carat, edible gold from Switzerland. 01:23
JOE: And here we have Serendipity’s $25,000 dessert. And of course, you keep the spoon. 01:32
WOMAN: Never ate gold before. 01:41
WOMAN: It’s really good.