– These desserts make
being a vegan pretty sweet. What’s up? I’m Chas Truslow, the
producer for Fork Yeah, and we just wrapped up shooting the stunning vegan
desserts at Rawsome Treats. The owner, an ex-muay thai champion, started making these vegan desserts as a way to bulk up before fights and satisfy her sweet tooth. – I compete in muay thai,
which is Thai kickboxing. Just like most fighters, we train so hard when we have our fight. Whatever we eat, it has to be very minimal
in order to maintain weight. I still wanted to indulge, and that’s how I came
up with raw desserts. The reason why we keep it raw is because heat destroys enzymes and some vitamins and minerals in food, especially with produce
and raw ingredients like nuts and fruit. The health benefit that I
gain from these desserts, when you eat raw food, your body receives the
nutrients right away. Your body knows when to stop. You’ll feel full and satisfied already. – Watt offers over 30 different desserts, like her signature choco mango pie. She starts by spreading
out the chocolate ganache, made from cacao nibs,
and then freezing it. Then she tops the chocolate with a layer of tangy mango pudding that perfectly balances the dessert. I also highly recommend trying out her guilt-free red velvet cake, which she finishes with a dusting of freeze-dried raspberries. The dessert I was most
looking forward to trying was Watt’s signature
mint chocolate chip pie. – The mint chocolate chip
starts from making the crust, I use pecans, dates,
cacao powder, cacao nibs — the cacao nibs make it
crunchy like chocolate chips. So I blend everything in together, put in the pan, and set
that in the freezer. Then I make the filling:
I use soaked cashews, eight hours at least to make
it just so nice and creamy. I add mint leaves — the green color comes from the mint leaves and spirulina powder — coconut oil, agave, and blend everything in together, and then put that back in the pan. We put it in the freezer
for a half an hour, and drizzle with dark chocolate sauce. – Still craving more sweets? Check out another Thrillist YouTube video, and please like, comment,
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