– Today, we are going to play a new game called Monster Prom. It’s a dating sim where we try to get a date to prom and we’re monsters. – At prom, I was a monster. A Red Bull monster. ‘Cause I was hopped up on Red Bull. – Let’s meet some monsters! – Okay, the fun thing about this one is that it is multiplayer,
so you can play online with other people, you can play alone, or you can play with
your friends right here. – Wait, that means we have
to fight over the prom dates. – If you guys come for my date, then yeah, we will have to fight. – All right. Spooky High School, the
sweetest years of our lives. We were on a wild journey to
discover who we really were. (gasps) Wow, we really were. I still am, I’m not gonna– – I was on a very boring journey to find out what I
already knew was the case. (laughing) – Matt came out of the womb
just like this, mustache. (baby crying) – Can I choose Blue maybe? – It’s cool that you
can pick your pronouns. Orange is my favorite color,
so I’m gonna pick this guy. – This is how I feel
on a day to day basis. – Three weeks were left,
and as we fantasized about our dream prom dates,
we were all scrambling to catch the attention of one of our six most charismatic classmates. – Small school. – Oh, Mirand Vanderbilt, 19. She’s been at high school for a while. – Yeah, whoa, what? – A sweet mermaid princess who’s as cute– This is me. – Oh boy. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Keep reading. She was as cute as she was genocidal. – Correct me if I’m wrong,
but isn’t genocide like, wiping out an entire race of people? – It’s just Thanos. – Damient LaVey, 21– 21 at high school prom? – What is this prom? – A fearless demon with a taste for destruction and a love of fire. Scott Howl, 21, a werewolf
athlete who compensated for his rather small brain
with a stupidly huge heart. – Aww. – 4XX.
– Liam de Leeon-court? – Lion-court. A hipster vampire whose
stand-offish demeanor hid what he was truly a loveable dork. – Boom. That’s me. (laughing) – Polly Geist, – Hello – A party ghost with an insatiable hunger for all the wrong things. – Sounds fun, sounds like a good night. – Vera Oberlin, a mean, self-made gorgon with a merciless sense of business. – Didn’t see you there. – Feel like Scott’s my type. – Oh, I 100% am feeling this demon kid. – This guy.
– Yeah. – He looks very mean.
– He likes fire. – Look at his eyes! – No, I think he’s just, like, intense. – He does look nuts. – (laughs) Yes. – I don’t know yet. They’re gonna have to win my heart. – Aww. – Three weeks to choose your prom date, and even more daunting,
we only had three weeks to woo them and conquer their heart. – Monster Prom’s Stupidest
Pop Quiz Ever, trademark, will throw a bunch of
absurd questions at you and turn your answers
into character’s stats. – A radioactive possum just bit you, what superpower did you get? The superpower of always choosing the right combination of
emojis, this sounds great. Probably rabies, nah. The incredible power of writing fanfiction so compelling that the actual
creators of the TV shows decide to go with my
ideas and crazy ships. – One of the writers of, I
think, Battlestar Galactica sent in some stuff to
Star Trek, they liked it and then he made a career out of it. – I’m gonna say manipulating other people. – I too think I’m gonna
go with the emojis. – Number three, click it. – All right, let’s do this.
– Papow. – Ooh, we’re charming!
– So charming, so smart, so creative. I love it! Which inanimate object do you think would make the best
girlfriend or boyfriend? – A human-sized pillow depicting a character created by myself. An ATM. A dildo. (Ryann laughs) – A human-sized pillow? – Aw, that’s cute. I’m gonna say an ATM,
because like, I don’t know– – That makes sense with what
I know about you, no shade. Let’s just go with this. – What criteria would you
use to name your children? None of these accurately
describe my decisions, which is like, characters
from things that I love that I won’t tell my
children they’re named after. – Hermione will figure it out. (laughing) – I think, you know, the
non-heteronormative name. – I, too, am gonna do non-heteronormative. – I’m gonna go with “I
will research a name “that is pun-proof and joke-proof “and no one will pick on them.” – Oh no! I should have picked swear word! – Don’t choose for me. – I forgot that I’m trying
to woo someone else. – This is a (bleep) cool high school. – Well, think about if
you’re wooing this guy, you wanna go to a– – I wanna go to the outdoors! – Where do you think he’s gonna go? – I think he might go to the outdoors. I’m starting a rave guys. You gain two fun. What no one seems to
understand about filters is that they’re not about
making pictures better. They’re about making pictures
browner and harder to see? – Oh, he’s a hipster. – That’s why I use my own, I don’t like him. Where’s the demon guy? I mean, if I didn’t date the demon guy I’d be totally dating her. I took the liberty of
having my royal spies, oh, she’s a princess? You could be royalty if you date her. Discover the password to his account, so we can give it a total makeover. But what to do? Okay, should we use his account, oh wait, I don’t need to ask you guys,
– This is just you. this is just me.
– This is you. Should I use his account to
post a bunch of porn, no! – Yes. These are both terrible! – Porn and bomb recipes, I
feel like, what a combination. – Yeah, I guess pay people to follow him. Oh, so wealthy. Okay. You run into Liam in the halls. Aw, poor baby, look at his little blush, he’s like, “I wanted
to go under the radar.” – I’m gonna go where I
think Scott’s gonna be, and he looks like a jock,
so I’m gonna say the gym. That day an epic dodgeball
match takes place. I do love dodgeball. Everything seems lost, but you deliver an inspirational speech, leading to a spectacular comeback, yes! Whoa, two charm, nice! – You’re very charming.
– I’m super charming guys, wow.
– [Kelsey] Wow. – Wow. – Can’t help it. – I don’t want to meet
Liam, I want to meet Scott. Oh wow, oh this is a very skimpy – Hello. – gym outfit, this does not
pass the fingertip test. Oh, Damien is checking out
fabulous hairstyles, let me see. Oh that’s so sweet! We want to see! (Ryann yells) He’s losing his shit and
you kind of feel responsible so at least you handle
some of the damage control by stopping Miranda and
Polly from seeing his phone. I divert their attention
by making money rain, wow. Or turn Damien’s phone into a bird. I can do that? – Apparently. – I just want to see what
happens if I turn it into a– – Yeah you should do that. – So smart. What a great spell, Ryann. I totally get your statement. Nowadays we are way too
addicted to our phones, we should get addicted to something better than phones, like birds. Whoa, I got creativity and smart points. – One smarts. – Smarts.
– One smart please. – Hey. Theater boy. That day while rehearsing
for the class play, it’s as though the muses
themselves have descended to give you a figurative blowjob. I don’t know what that
would entail or mean. Your performance is intense
and inspiring, of course it is. You gain plus two creativity. Yeah, I am just blowing it up. In the course of your
activities, you come across Vera and Polly hatching
yet another scheme. This has been a fruitful
partnership so far, in terms of making people
look like imbeciles. But I think it’s time we monetize. You gotta, in this day and age. I don’t want to sell out. But you have a point, we
can’t sacrifice our brand. Again, it’s all about the brand. The question, of course,
is how do we do both? Why don’t you make up
some phony workout craze? Oh man, I do have a great prank
for you, I call it stealing. I like that. I like where your head’s at, but it could use a catchier name. How about “ambush finance”? That sounds pretty neat. Oh yas! You gain two creativity and one bold. – Whoa, thirteen!
– All for listening? – Everybody chooses something cool. Say your choice out loud and the rest of the players before clicking, okay. – Everybody chooses something cool? What does that mean? – So everyone say something
that would be cool and then we say what the coolest thing is and then we collectively decide
what the coolest thing is. – Oh boy. – So okay, three, two, one, werewolf. – Books.
– Corgis! – I think mine is the coolest. – Well books does not win. – (laughs) Books? – Corgis are cooler than werewolves. – Corgis are cute, werewolves are cool. Can we argue that? – No.
– Can we argue the merit of: you have to be real to be cool? (organ music)
– Ooh, burn! – On that, I like the– – Cause I don’t believe in corgis! (laughs) So it goes corgis, werewolves, then books. – Week one, noon. Oh, do I get to pick where I sit? I’m sitting by hot demon Damien. Damien comes over and
drops his own money pile on the table and also some organs. – What? – Not bad, but I prefer to exert a little less effort for my income. Income? You mean this stuff? This is just what people throw at me to get me to stop punching them. Oh, he’s so aggressive. And this is what people
throw at me to keep me from revealing what kind
of porn they’re into. Wow, they’re all like pretty degenerate. Ugh, I’m sick of terrorizing
people one at a time. There’s gotta be a way to terrorize everybody in the cafeteria at once. Should I set the building on
fire and charge an exit fee or trick everyone in the
cafeteria into having an orgy, then film it, blackmail in bulk? I’m gonna say set the building on fire and charge an exit fee? – (bleep) up. – Oh, he liked it! – Good for you. – But you might be changing
yourself for a guy. – I like pyro! No, I think I like fire too. Bonfires, candles– – Arson. – As you approach your
chosen table, you see Liam carefully framing his artfully
arranged jelly dessert when, Foodpic! Oh god. – He is hairy. – He is. He’s also a big guy, wow! Whoa, he screams everything. When I say food, you say pic! Food! – Pic!
– No. (laughs) I like food! Pic!
– Food! – Wait, why are they sitting together? I know, I know, my cheerleading
just isn’t good enough. I need a cheer partner to take me, (gasps) I can be his cheering partner! I can be his partner! – Who, him? – Yeah, he wants a cheering partner. Look how sad he is, look at that. Scott already has chosen
you as his cheer partner. (whoops) Yes, I love it. We’ve gotta pick Liam up
and toss him in the air. It’s the only way to really
amp him up, that’s true. We are going to use art to cheer him on, the quiet art of mime. No, that’s not a cheer, so
I’m gonna definitely pick the choice that I think
Scott’s gonna prefer. (whoops) Yes! Get it, amp him up! We’re gonna get him in
the sky, let’s do it. Who’s the cat, where did she come from? – I’m interested in this cat, hello cat. I’m liking this gal over here. – Polly? – Sure, that’s her name. You arrive at your table
to find the Coven eating, and Polly and Miranda screaming. Whoa, hello. – Oh, an actual coven, yeah. – We’re under attack, alarm alarm. Summon the guards. Oh, they have guards at this school. We’re not attacking anyone, we’re eating. Ah, I can feel them in my brain making me less cool and sexy ahhh. You can’t allow your friends
to be attacked, and I won’t. Quick, save them from
this fiendish menace. Joust them in Miranda’s honor. Drug their food. – Oh wow, what a dark turn. – Drugging is creative. I’m not gonna do that. Joust them in Miranda’s honor, I say dope. You slap a colander on
your head, a baking sheet on your chest, and a jousting
lance under your arm. My hero, charge, vanquish the invaders. Whoa, hey, we don’t want any trouble. We’ll just move over there. Oh, valiantly fought, noble champion. Let’s trade places. Everyone chooses a brand. – One, Gucci.
– Red Bull. – Marvel. Player order is decided based
on how intriguing it would be if the selected brand decided
to produce their own TV show. – You’re out,
– What? – ’cause that’s already happening. I’ve never even watched a
Marvel show, so how about that? Red Bull gets on the
tube, I’m watching it. – Wait, how are we gonna choose this? – Wait, you said Gucci,
then Marvel, then Red Bull. – Yeah, okay, I’m gonna go with that. – I need some creativity and which one of these things
represents creativity? The theater, I imagine. You start singing and suddenly
everyone else joins you in a kick-ass musical number, wow! – That’s my dream! – This is literally like
High School Musical. – That’s pretty cool. Creativity plus two, nice. You’re deep in yet another
discussion with Liam, goddamnit. – He’s everywhere. But you stop your conversation– – Damien! He looks cool! – He looks scary, this is– – He does look cool. – Hey Damien, what are you doing? (yelling) He’s screaming at us. I have a huge secret I want to, – (gasps) Aww, Damien!
– (gasps) Wow, he wants– – Layers. – This is a true Troy Bolton moment, he just has a secret life
that he wants to, be yourself. Once upon a time, there was a young demon who was a huge fan of cars
and illegal drag races. Oh, Boo Paul’s Drag Race
sounds like an amazing show. Wow, so he fell in love with
drag queens, I live for it. – That’s so cute! – He wanted to make other people fierce by becoming a makeup and hairstylist. That makes me like him a lot, actually. How can I help him be a better hairstylist and makeup artist? Witness a loved one getting
killed or almost killed and get so angry you end up unleashing a new level of stylism. Wow, that’s a very
aggressive way to do this. Meet a tough adversary and build a rivalrous frenemy
relationship that pushes you. I like that, because I’m
like, you can be frenemies and then you can push
each other to be better. – Mozart. So charming, okay. – Okay, I wanna be more… What do I think Damien likes? – This is me, right? – Boldness? That day you skip class and
just hang out in the bathrooms. You give zero (bleep) but
you gain two boldness! Afterwards, Miranda beckons you. Oh, she’s so cute. Phase one, oh my god,
can we be best friends? We need to make him real life popular. What is, what is– – Wait, pause. – Why is she so interested in him? – I’ll dress up as him and
give the best campaign speech, pay a million people to vote for him. I’m gonna dress up like
him, I think that’s cute. Ah dang it, I want to be bold. I want to bold and I’m
just charming instead! Gentlemonsters, for too long
your school’s been ruled by Prom Kings who care about things. To be honest, I don’t even care if I win. If I don’t, I’ll just blow up the school with the hydrogen bomb I
buried under the cafeteria. – We can’t keep talking
about damaging schools, it makes me very nervous. No, I’m just saying, the things that people do in schools is scary, right? – He wins! – You did it.
– I like that sweater. – Oh, he doesn’t want this attention. – Oh no.
– He hates it. – But I got two fun and
one creativity, baby. – I’m on the internet! Got that EZ-mail. Getting scammed. I lose ten karma, what the (bleep)? You’re minding your own business and then Vera grabs you by the collar and yanks you into a
huddle with her and Polly. This is Vera. – Yes.
– Yeah. – This is Polly. – Yeah. – Polly’s always scantily clad
– I like the shorts. – I just–
– I like the shorts! – Good for her, let her
wear what she wants. – Touché. – Ambush finance has been
a huge success, too huge! They want us to write a book about it. Who’s they? You can decline book deals, if you’re ever hit with a book deal. (Ryann laughs) But we don’t know how to write a book. And we already accepted the advance, nice. They say it’s missing a
big reveal at the end. Some kind of ultimate
secret to ambush finance. That’s where I come in. Yeah, I’m creative. The ultimate secret to ambush finance is that there is no secret
and you’re all suckers for buying this book. That’s a good ending, a twist. Oh snap, looks like I’m
coming after Damien. We’re stealing their
money by tricking them into buying a book about stealing money. That is good. Through the roof. – Oh, we’re at the weekend. – So far I feel excited. I do not have a date to prom
yet, which is kind of sad. The time’s ticking. – What are we gonna wear? Wasn’t what I expected, but
I’m having a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see if Damien likes me. I have a feeling he wouldn’t like me but I’m gonna hope for the best. – I just want the werewolf guy to like me. We already had fun doing cheers together, but I think Liam’s always
around and it’s annoying. I hate it. – Normally, got my sights set on someone and I’m after them whole-hog. Don’t have an idea here, so we’ll see. – Bye! (upbeat music) (logo whooshing)
(logo squeaking)