I do want to say this to those of you who are watching who are not yet where you want to be like keep going like keep going don’t quit you’re already in pain you’re already struggling like get something from your pain I realized at some point when I looked at my family’s history I was like some things I don’t want and some things I want but there’s some things I don’t want and then I remember having to say one day to myself, you are your father’s child like you know even though he didn’t raise you even though in the beginning you guys had you know whatever little stuff y’all need to get through E don’t lie you are lazy at times you know what I’m saying like E you are super social and you’d rather talk than work you know I’m saying I just had to grow up but then just be real myself and just say E the only way you’re gonna be successful is you got to discipline yourself you know when you look at a horse Im talking about a thoroughbred it still needs that what is that thing called that thing they put on it It still needs that without that you know you gotta control them you know it got a lot of juice got a lot of energy he can go for it but you gotta hone that and so I realized like yo E you sleep in you play video game don’t lie to yourself you are powerful but you have some vices and you have some vices that take you down a crazy road like you are your father you are your grandfather you are your mother you are your grandmother it’s real and so I started saying okay E you got to discipline yourself and this is for me this ain’t for everybody I start getting up at 3 o’clock in the morning was like yo you have to get up a little bit earlier because you didn’t finish school you didn’t take care of your business so you can’t get up the same time another man who gets up who handle his business so you need to get up at 3 if you’re gonna catch the greats you got to get up at 3 you got to go to bed earlier this is why I said I’ve never drank or smoked because the men in my life who did it were extremists had an uncle who died cirrhosis of the liver you know I had other uncles who drank and my father bless his heart but he was strung out on drugs for about 14 years I just like yo E you can see that they don’t know how to do it casually like it ain’t social drinkers like they ain’t social or something they taking it to a whole nother level and so for me it was like you got discipline yourself you’re not gonna die if you never know what alcohol tastes like but if you taste it you might have the same experience they had so you just got discipline yourself you know I do vegan most of the time and I tell people all the time I love fried chicken I love macaroni and cheese I love a lot of dessert but in my family is diabetes so it’s like yo E if you do what they do then you gonna get the results they got so yes chicken is good and macaroni cheese the way my grandma makes it is great and yes the pound cake is phenomenal but if you want to be with DeeDee for the next 30 40 years and want to be able to walk you know I’m saying I don’t want to be on the cruise I was just on the cruise and then a couple people were on the motor scooter people with the cane and the walker and I’m not mad at them but I’m like I don’t want that I want to be able to walk at 60 at 70 I want to be independent at 80 if I can be so I’m gonna have to make some sacrifices down for the long run whatever it is I say I want I want it like air you know and air is one of those things that you know cuz people always say why do you say Air why? cuz you go without that for a few seconds my friend and it’s a wrap it’s done so there are people who want stuff but you kind of want it well you want it bad but you don’t want it as bad as you want to breathe so to me obsession is wanting something so bad that you know I go to bed when I wake up to it I make whatever sacrifice I grind like it’s like I can’t live without it and so there are people who fantasize romanticize about stuff but like they’re not obsessed with it so when they say fried chicken or the salmon Im like i don’t really like salmon like that but salmon or the vegan burger all right give me the vegan burger that is not what I want to eat but I’m obsessed with Dedes health I’m obsessed with our marriage I’m obsessed with the love I’m obsessed with her so I’ll do what every I’ll do whatever it takes that’s what I’ve obsession means to me not saying it or dreaming or effect but I’ll do whatever it takes to make that dream become a reality I’ve been you know speaking for over 20 years I study people I’m like oh my man graduated magna cum laude, summa cum laude why is he broke I’m just like confused i’m thinking about if i was that smart it would seem like I would just own half the world but what I realize is it doesn’t make a difference if you’re smart, born in a wealthy family born broke I realized what makes people different is the energy level that they have and the energy level is because of what’s driving them you feel me so if you got a Ford Focus that’s a baby engine There’s nothing wrong with a ford it’s just a baby engine and when I was coming around here I could tell it’s not gonna make it you know in all these neighborhoods right here but when you look at an f-150 that engine it can pull a lot you can put bricks in there you can do construction whatever you want to do you can put a vehicle on that sucker and drive it because of the engine and so what I try to explain to people it’s like y’all gotta understand that if you got these big old dreams with these little small engines got these big old dreams with double-a batteries big old dreams with a D battery you can’t power nothing with that so when I say DD that’s like that’s a big engine that’s v12 that’s like don’t give me off You got 87 octane you know you got 89 you got 93 it’s all gas but it’s different and so when I say a gazelle like a gazelle is only driven by I don’t want to get caught you know I’m saying I just don’t want to get caught so when you’re running because you don’t want to get caught versus you chasing because you gotta feed your family you got Cubs it’s just different so after running for so long first of all I didn’t have no plans on running so that’s number 1 like I didn’t have any plans on running so now you got me running when I didn’t have no plans on running so guess what after so long of running and you still behind me I’m about to give up because I didn’t have no plans on running so now it’s like I’m running running running running I’m looking at you and you still behind me and I’m just like you know what since I’m not running toward nothing anyway I just get weak and give up but if I’m running towards you and saying my wife gotta eat my son got to eat my daughter got to eat and they’re not gonna make it if I don’t come back with something then I’m not gonna stop until i get that thing so that’s what I’m saying like what’s pushing you what’s driving you look you cant come back to DD and say Yo D I’m sorry i didn’t catch nothing today you can’t say that to DeeDee DeeDee don’t want to hear DeeDee will be Like alright go back out there Don’t come back until you get it and because I want to be with her I’m like gazelle look I don’t you have to be strong I’m just gonna keep running and you gonna stop sooner or later and I’m not gonna stop dream big but get small wins though you know what I’m saying dream big but get the small wins I’ll never forget hearing John Elway speak once you know John Elway was like I became great by being good over a long period of time