– The boys are gonna be here any minute. My name is Donna and I have eight kids. Four are in college and two are married. Today in the house we
have Morgan and Maddie. – Our whole family loves food. I think it just comes
with having a big family. – Sometimes the house seems really quiet. But, today Dylan and
Jordan are coming home. – And we’re making them a cake! – Morgan and Madison are
gonna be large and in charge and I’m gonna just be
like, the supervisor. – Hopefully our mom
doesn’t get in the way. Now, oil and eggs. I can’t, oh! – Maddie! – Pour the batter in the pan. And now, we just gotta bake it. – Okay, let’s gets this cake in the oven. Cake is ready! Fan the cake, Princess Maddie. Now you grab the pan. Sprinkles, here we come. – You are making a ginormous mess. – Are there sprinkles on my face? – You do now. – Okay, the boys are
gonna be here any minute. – Don’t drop the cake. – I won’t drop the cake. – Hey!
– Welcome home! – I missed you! – What’s up, girls? – We made you a cake. – You made this?
– Yes! – We made it. – Can we eat it now? – Families get together around food. All right, give me a plate. – I thought I was next! – It’s really bittersweet to not have the whole crew at home. But, it’s so exciting
that they’re moving off and becoming grown ups and
having their own adventures. You don’t stop being a parent,
but when they go to college, the relationship in many
ways, is even more rich. Don’t mourn the passing of one season, ’cause the next one is
gonna be just as amazing. Just being together, all
of us, is what my heart longs for when they’re away.