– (electronic music) – In our latest work, we have the next generation water harvester. This can work out in the
desert where there’s no supply of energy aside from sunlight. – What it does is that it
collects water from the atmosphere to very dry conditions
and then releases it so we can harvest it as a liquid water by using only energy of sunlight. The key component of this
device is this powder. We call it Metal-Organic Framework. It is composed of organic
molecules and metals. We leave it overnight,
because during the night, we have a lot of water
content in the atmosphere, so these water molecules gets inside the framework and stay there. You can imagine it’s like a sponge. – We’re going to put a
lid on the top of the box to make sure none of the water vapors coming out from the powder
can escape from the box. We put the shade on top of
the lid to direct the sunlight right on top of the MOF to heat the MOF. – [Eugene] When this powder heats up, the water molecules come
out of the framework, and we can collect them as liquid water. – [Farhad] We can get
about one third of a cup of fresh and and drinkable
water, and it’s always possible to get more water using more amount of MOF powder, or a bigger box. – [Eugene] We were trying
to come up with the material with our Metal Organic
Framework which won’t leave any traces of organic or
inorganic material behind. After we collect water,
the bottom of the device, it’s absolutely clean. It’s hundred percent pure and
you can drink it right away. Cheers. – [Omar] Our studies
in the desert uncovered many different things concerning the box, the configuration of the
box, the size of the box, the way the MOF is placed in the box, that affect how much water is harvested. This new Berkeley device is reconfigured as to be suitable for the
desert anywhere in the world. Almost one third of the
world is water-stressed. To be able to deliver liquid
water is quite powerful. We are already working on the
next generation MOF material. This is an aluminum based
MOF that will be cheaper and more economical to scale up than the one we’ve already reported. So this a tremendous
boost to commercialization of our water harvester.