– Hi guys. So today, I’m gonna be showing
you three no-bake desserts that will become your
new family favorites. As many of you already
know, I’ve been checking out the Weight Watchers Freestyle Program. A special thank you to Weight
Watchers for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this video. The Freestyle Program
inspires healthy habits for a real life. So that you can eat
delicious foods that you love and maintain a healthier lifestyle. All right you guys, I don’t
know about you but I am excited to get to these no-bake desserts. So first, I’m gonna start with
the banana pudding parfait. First what I’m gonna do is I’m go add this instant
vanilla pudding mix. I’m just gonna put it in this mixing bowl. These dessert recipes are a
part of the Weight Watchers archive and you can get access to those when you become a member. Now I’m gonna add some lowfat milk. And you wanna use cold milk
just because it just helps with the mixing. It mixes better. Look at that. Ooh, there we go. Now, I’m just gonna whisk away. Ah, it smells good. Starting to see it thicken
and that’s what I want. Because we are making pudding. What’s so amazing about
this recipe is the pudding is instant and it’s no-bake. Then I’m gonna add some
fat-free whipped topping. All right. I’m just gonna fold this into the pudding. What the whipped topping is doing is it’s making it a little lighter. It’s kind of making it look like a mousse. So we are ready to parfait this up. (laughing) So our first layer, our bananas. Now on to our next layer. The pudding. Look at that. I’m just gonna put some in there. There we go. Okay. Now we’re gonna add some more bananas. I love a good parfait. Just because in one bite you just have so many
different flavors and textures. And now on to our next layer. Some more pudding. There we go. I love making parfaits. It’s almost like a little art project. I’m gonna add another layer
of fat-free whipped topping. Now I’m gonna top this with
reduced fat vanilla wafers. What I love about adding
this vanilla wafer to it is it just adds a whole
‘nother texture to it. It gives it a nice crunch. You are a beauty. Doesn’t this look yummy? A banana pudding parfait. Next up, we’re making mini chocolate peanut butter ice cream sandwiches. Yum. I mean, who doesn’t love to
make the recipes with ice cream? This is a low-fat chocolate fudge bar and I am going to just take
this ice cream off the stick just like that. Awesome. I’m gonna add a tablespoon of
unsalted creamy peanut butter and add it to my bowl. Now I’m gonna add some peanuts. Sprinkle that in there. I’m just gonna mix all
of this up together. So what I’m trying to do is
mix the creamy peanut butter into the ice cream. I don’t wanna over mix this
because I don’t want it to melt. Now I’m gonna make my ice cream sandwiches with these amazing
delicious chocolate wafers. Look at that. So this is just a perfect little dessert when you’re craving
something sweet in minutes. You can eat one now and store
the rest in the freezer. Strawberry cheesecake shots. How does that sound? I’m gonna show you how to make them. To my bowl, I’m gonna add
reduced-fat whipped cream cheese. I’m gonna put all of this in there. Yummy, yummy, yummy. These are gonna be so much fun. I’m gonna add some powdered sugar. Next, I’m gonna add some
fat-free vanilla yogurt. Add some skim milk. There we go. And now I’m gonna add some
lemon zest and lemon juice. I’m gonna give this a nice whisk. There we go. It smells so good. The lemon with the vanilla. I love that you see the little specks of the lemon zest as well. It’s so pretty. Now I’m gonna add some
fat-free whipped topping. The whipped topping is gonna make it really nice and airy and light. This looks fantastic. I have some graham cracker crumbs here. And to that, I’m gonna
add some melted butter. There we go. A pinch of salt and I’m just
gonna mix this together. Add a layer of crumbled graham crackers. Just kind of give it a little pat down. And with the scooper, I’m
gonna scoop out my filling. There we go. Look at how pretty that looks. You see the little specks of lemon zest. This looks incredible. Look how pretty this looks already. And then I’m just gonna
add my strawberries on top. (gasps and sings) There we go. Look at how pretty this looks. You are gorgeous, honey. Gorgeous, darling. So there you have it. Three delicious no-bake desserts that your entire family will enjoy. And a special thanks to
Weight Watchers for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this video. For more information on
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I’ll see you next week. Bye guys.