[Emily] Hello! Welcome to Seoulmates Podcast. I’m Emily [Rachel] and I’m Rachel
[Emily] and we are sitting in a hallway. We’re live from Tiger Con, the artist alley. [Rachel] What up, TigerCon? [Emily] Hey, TigerCon what’s up?
[Emily to passersby] Hi! We have free
buttons. *car revving and peeling out* *upbeat music* [Emily laughing] [Rachel] It doesn’t smell that spicy.
[Kat (Angelic Daze Cosplay) offscreen] Is it really stealing at that point? [Emily] Is it though? [Rachel] Is it? Or is it just gifting yourself?
[Emily] OK, give me a piece. [Emily] Ok, two white people are going to try and eat wasabi Kit Kats. [Rachel] *imitates sound of wine glasses clinking* [Emily] Oh my god! It’s really spicy! *air horn noise* [Rachel] I like wasabi. This is good. It’s interesting though, you wouldn’t think that wasabi and vanilla would go together… [Emily] That’s bad…
[Rachel] But it’s actually pretty good. [Emily] That’s pretty spicy actually, it’s like spicy chocolate. I don’t like it.
[Rachel] It reminds me of um, horseradish. I like it. [Emily] Ooo, delicious, horseradish for dessert. Love it. [Rachel] Horseradish vanilla, my favorite. [Yumi King’s husband offscreen] I can’t stop. Once I start, I can’t stop. [Rachel] We can’t, we can’t, we can’t stop!!! [Emily] Ok, so we’re going to try the sweet potato flavored one now. [Rachel] Which, I already ripped this one open.
[Emily] She already ripped it open, yeah. [Kat (Angelic Daze Cosplay) offscreen] It’s delicious, I love it. I love the sweet potato one a lot. [Emily] So we have a fan here, of the sweet potato. So, we’re going to try it now. [Rachel] Alright. Doop, doop, shink! Okay, this is not earthy. It tastes amazing! [Emily] It tastes kind of… grape?
It tastes like purple. [Rachel] I’m into it. You can definitely taste the sweet potato. [Emily] We’re going to eat all of them now. So, I might have been drinking… Kyle, have you been drinking? [Kyle] Uh, not nearly as much as you have been!
I had a mixer in my drink. [Emily] No he hasn’t.
I didn’t have any mixers! Rachel. Rachel. [Rachel] Hi.
[Emily] Have you been drinking? [Rachel] Little bit.
[Emily] Little bit?
[Rachel] Little bit. [Emily] We have a panel soon. [Rachel, after a pause] We’re going to do the thing.
[Emily] We’re going to do the thing people! We’re going to do the thing.
[Kyle] I’m going to moderate your thing… [Emily] No you’re not. We’re getting ready for our panel!
*two popping noises* K-drama panel [Rachel] Come see us!
[Emily] Come see us. [RuPaul] You betta work! *clink noise* [Nicki] Oh, hi there. I didn’t see you. I was too busy fighting against the Nether realm. And I’m just out here with Seoulmates Podcast. *clink noise* [Nicki] Oh, hi there. I didn’t see you. I’m just lounging by the pool, dressed as Princess Kitana. [Emily] We out here at the TigerCon pool. I’m in cosplay. Nick’s in cosplay. Rachel is in light cosplay.
Kyle’s in cosplay. We’re having a good time!
Oh, the sun. [Kyle] It’s really bright.
[Emily] It’s really bright! *owl hoot noise* [Emily] Raw cookie dough. I got some too.
I got some blue raw cookie dough. [Rachel] So good! [Emily] I can’t wait to eat this! I am so excited! *clanging noise* [Emily] So, uh, we have top shelf water. Top shelf Publix accoutrements and sandwiches. We’re very important guests and we’re living the life. *upbeat music* *Seoulmate’s theme song,
“Shiny Spaceship” by 8-Bit Ninjas plays*