yeah man your boy Eliza him you know okay I just did it to talk about we’ll kick bong market place as you can see right now I’m gonna show you guys how it work after this morning I receive an email I receive an even this email is from a company and this company wants me to promote their product which is great for me okay so this is the email click one notification see I was on TV okay okay so this is the the email so they’re telling me this email is inform you that your account another hint has been added to affiliate whitelist for Clickbank vendor and he says my hop link is right here okay and I could reach them out there their website there and he’s from Clickbank to view my VH and stuff so when I click on this C code it takes me straight to it’s a better way because it’s secure more because it’s still from the company that’s what I’m trying to pinpoint right now that’s what I’m trying to pin find right now because it works better even without Clickbank so that link straight in my email takes me straight to this company where I have everything the videos I have the books I have all the pictures I have all the details I have everything right there we don’t going to Clickbank so this this was one of my first one so if I click there to buy this product let’s see if my name is already ready standard product without me doing anything automatically and I think this is what it’s going on right now and I appreciate that from that company and that’s a great way of me being success and see that company companies companies are reaching out to me okay as you see under the bottom here I’m gonna highlight as he says it already last him 24 that’s so great to have me on it already without me promoting anything so I could have this paper button as as a weapon to look my traffic and had had my words in my google adword and make money with just this simple by a button right there as a all product with details that a lot of ways of gaining from it so as you can see I already go to my website and I have really created I already created account for it already our page so let’s go to my website perfect so I mean Lhasa block does a hint blog because my website right here and I do a lot armors and stuff I’m a fighter for Amazon okay so you gotta die all great it is you know look at it I got the book called nice I have a nice video there I have everything in so sweet of the I could read and I have different stuff up on my website too so I promote a lot of stuff as you can see if you touch it there I don’t really have to do nothing everything is just is well set you know that’s just why Angela is different and that’s what I love I ain’t is different I’m different you know yes yes I am Angie Williams but I have a side of Las a hint it is different and see he gives you somewhere from my website on your gaudiya and you purchase the product this is more detail you could read more and if if you want the product you could buy it if you don’t want it you leave it is up to you you know and this product is great you know this product is referral by Lassa hint you know some friend of people this is where I could teach you guys how to get everything together like that so when you shared your friends on their bike you get money don’t worry about what people saying on the internet who can do affiliate market could and who’s the person who is that is what it is all about what works that’s the whole point what works and if and you see you don’t need a lot of stuff a lot of boat plugin just need something to nice stuff you know and look I have a lot of different plugins I have one here how about a video there on YouTube I have a Clickbank one here huh so I have another one there all of those are lazy I don’t have one dear from Amazon best-selling products and they all follow the same category books foods products someone’s all type of stuffs you know a sequence straight to Amazon where you guys school buy products and even though you see he sends you to Amazon no just watch it’s not just the same Jesse’s alone I have as I said the best selling products for the summer on Amazon as you can see he says all summer popping up and he says up atop Amazon summer he see already strollers everything come off far this summer because it’s all about the summer and as you can see right now yes let’s see what’s happening in Amazon in just two little minutes okay so they giving you baby strollers the whole category pop up in Amazon if you’re on your phone you will get the direct products as I speak I don’t know what hell is this loaded only tablet scream to get that after that again back to what we need get that off I’m a big perfect so we will go back to his stuff now and try to buy again perfect they suppose the puppet you write her talk as I speak so as you see these are the best products right here you got it summer closes she sees all of that yeah so you know there’s ago face I don’t know why I was on exact you know and his laptop his Hawk you know so you see they have the gesture to and the particle you know you know everything that I put there it’s in the same category just is glass sitting not working with this laptop you know thank you guys for watching please subscribe and for next update as you can see everything is going good now um next update will be coming shortly you know just watch out for some more stuff and we have a lot of stuff for this um thank you again Eliza hint we get our first offer yep