But first, loan officer Julianne Dinda is
here to represent her pick for what she calls the freshest seafood in western Broward County. It’s a casual dining experience with a nautical
twist where she says everyone is treated like a VIP. From whole fish you can choose yourself to
sauces that are to die for, you’ll want to head to Sunrise to check out Tin Fish. Tin Fish is a casual, oldstyle waterfront
seafood that is done very fresh through all the relationships and connections we have,
we get fresh fish every day, and we really focus on the wow factor of the quality. Back in the 1800s, there was a tinsmith and
he was also the known fish monger that people would bring their catch to, and he would sell
fish outside of this market and that was one of the first locations we focused on. We have live lobsters, whole variety of fresh
oysters, new England clam chowder, white, creamy, thick chockfull of clams. Whole fish, with the whole fish preparation,
we prepare them crispy, cornstarch, flour, salt and pepper, and crusted, deepfried style. What I really want people to get and know
about Tin Fish is the passion. All of my staff love working with me, I drive
them crazy, we want them to feel at home. Want to have something different? Want to come try us and want to come to the
restaurant, and give us a shot to make them happy through the passion of what we do with
fish So, Julianne, tell me what you see when you
first walk into Tin Fish. So usually what I see is Joe, he’s the owner. He’s, you know, always in the middle of it
all, you know, if he’s behind the bar, or just greeting the guests, he does occasionally
go back to the kitchen to cook some stuff. But it’s a nautical vibe, you can tell that
the seafood’s fresh, they’ve got the fish on top of ice on top of the bar, it’s a really
cool, really cool spot. That’s awesome, so tell us what you had this
last time you went. [Julianne] So the last time I went, I actually
went with my girlfriend and we had the mahimahi blackened southwest salad. So it had like an avocado dressing on top
of it, beans, really nice pico de gallo, the onions and the peppers were grilled or like
sauteed, and then the mixed greens were really good, it was a perfect sized portion, it was
very good. Awesome, is that all you had? No, we actually also went for the drunken
mussels. I asked Joe, you know, what should we get,
it’s our first time, what should we do, I was thinking the drunken mussels. He was like, yeah just add some clams to it,
too. We’ll do clams and mussels. So what made it drunk? They sauteed them… Brazed in broth sometimes Yes exactly. David, what did you think? [David] So, I had the fish tacos and for me
it was… I’m a big fish taco fan, huge fish taco fan. Although their fish tacos were good, they
didn’t necessarily stand out to me like oh wow they put avocado in there, they flavored
it with mango, or they did something maybe a little more creative, it would’ve made it
stand out more. It was fresh, very fresh cod and I would eat
it again. You had it too, didn’t you, Billie? I did, I did. I usually don’t order anything fried, I had
my heart set on getting a baked stuffed lobster because I was so excited to see it on the
menu. However, the smallest lobster available was
a three and a half pound, so… Without having someone to share that with. [Billie] Right, right. Yeah, it’s a tough sell. But during our wait, they had at the hostess
stand, they had some samples of the fried wild Alaskan cod. I had a taste, it was amazing, so I said,
oh my god this is what I’m gonna get. So I had the fried cod and that came with
french fries and coleslaw, and the fish was delicious. Very, very fresh. We also had a kaboom shrimp appetizer which
was fantastic, it was a very, very light like flashfried coating with a sweet and spicy
chili sauce. Now you had dessert, too. [Billie] Key lime pie. [Michelle] How was it? [Billie] It was delicious. [David] Good. [Billie] And you could tell that it was homemade. I had a carrot cake that was to die for. It was a homemade carrot cake and it almost
taste like they put cinnamon on it and it was like a cinnamon roll and a carrot cake
put together, maybe a little bit of butterscotch in there somewhere. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better carrot
cake before. Wow. Phenomenal, like I would go back just to get
that. yeah it’s good, their desserts are excellent. Did anybody drink anything fun? [David] Yes, I had a Moscow mule. Made very well, very, very good. It had that extra citrus in it, but that’s
how I like my Moscow mules. I don’t like them with too much alcohol in
them, I like that nice balance, the sweetness and sourness in there. Very well done. And you had some wine, right? How was the wine list? I had chardonnay, and it was very good. They have a pretty good wine list. I thought the prices were very reasonable. I mean, to have fresh fish like that, and
it was amazing. I was very happy with it. I would just like to add that we sat outside
and they had live entertainment and that was so nice to sit out there. [Michelle] What was the entertainment that
night? It was gentleman singer and he just sang easy
listening songs and it was very good, it was very enjoyable and you don’t feel like you’re
at a strip mall because there were tons of foliage and fencing surrounding the area where
we ate. So once you walk in, you kind of forget where
you are? Yes definitely. Kind of like a hidden gem. I sat inside, but the decor really screams
Tin Fish. You feel like… I hate to use the word sardine camp, when
you walk in it’s a rustic, like you’re inside of a ship almost. A lot of wood and a lot of tin colors and
metal, so it was very nice. Well that sounds fun. Well Julianne, Tin Fish was your pick, give
us a summary. So Joe’s amazing. You go in, you get a seat, you feel like you’re
at home, you’re looking for seafood out west, that’s the place to be for sure. David? Tin Fish, great location, very personal customer
service, and a carrot cake that I would travel all the back to go get. Billie? A place where you can get fresh fish, and
very good service, the food is nice and hot, and I’m intending to go back to try that baked
stuffed lobster that looks amazing. Nice. So if you’re craving a fresh catch, visit
Tin Fish restaurant located at 10053 Sunset Strip in Sunrise with an additional location
in Port St. Lucie open for lunch and dinner daily, reservations are not accepted and the
average price for dinner without drinks is about $40.