Hey Foodies I am Priyanka & welcome to mychefathome Her I am again with my Italian cuisine Italian cooking is never complete without mention of this famed dessert Tiramisu which mean “pick me up” If you love tiramisu but hate that its made of raw eggs & alcohol then you have hit the solution right here so lets check out the ingredients first we will heat the water & then add coffee powder mix it well set it aside to cool now add custard powder in the cold milk mix it well now heat the remaining milk in a pan add castor sugar stir till it dissolves now add custard powder mixture & cook stir it contionously till it begins to thicken allow it to cool for 15 – 20 mins after 15 mins whisk it so that there should not be any lumps now take mascarpone cream cheese if you dont have mascarpone you can also use whipped cream or hung curd add cool custard mix well now goes in some coffee decoction again mix everthing well put it into the piping bag now place cake slices at the bottom of the glass pour some coffee decoction & let it soak Then pipe out a layer of custard mixture soak remaining cake slices in coffee decoction place cake slices over the custard mixture repeat the steps as i shown finally sprinkle some cocoa powder on top of tiramisu do try this classic italian dessert & share your reviews with us Thank you for watching my video Do like, share & subscribe to my channel on YouTube